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The Bushwhackers

Luke Williams and Butch Miller are one of the most versatile and successful tag-teams in professional wrestling.

They achieved their greatest fame wrestling as the loveable and outrageous Bushwhackers. Their antics entertained millions and they capitalized on that success to make appearances on several television shows, including the highly rated "Family Matters."

Longtime fans remember a different side of "Cousin Butch" and "Cousin Luke." When Williams and Miller, along with third partner Jonathon Boyd, wrestled as the Sheepherders they were one of the most violent teams in the history of wrestling. They wrestled ECW-style before there was an ECW. South Texas had the reputation for being the bloodiest and wildest territory in the country and the Sheepherders led that style.

The wrestlers they’ve brawled with and beaten read like the "who’s who" of wrestling.

Their match against the Fantastics, Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton, in the New Orleans Superdome at the first Crockett Cup Card is considered a classic. The Sheepherders beat Steve "Dr. Death" Williams and Ted DiBiase in one of the greatest UWF tag title matches ever. The Sheepherders had a legendary feud in Oregon with Rowdy Roddy Piper and Rick Martel. The Sheepherders nearly tore down Texas buildings against the Road Warriors. Among the great teams they beat in Texas include the Grapplers and the Zambuie Express. Alabama fans still remember the Sheepherders feud against Austin Idol and Robert Fuller. The Sheepherders and the Fabulous Ones sold out buildings all over Tennessee battling over the Southern tag-team championship.

Click here to see a list of Sheepherder matches in the Texas catalog.

Here is the list of championships the Sheepherders have won and the teams they beat for them.


UWF (Mid-South) tag-team champions
...defeating Ted DiBiase and Steve "Dr. Death" Williams

Mid-Atlantic tag-team champions
...defeating Buzz Sawyer and Matt Borne

Florida tag-team champions
...defeating Steve Keirn and Mike Graham

Southern tag-team champions
...defeating the Fabulous Ones, Steve Keirn and Stan Lane

Pacific Northwest tag-team champions
...defeating Adrian Adonis and Ron Starr
...defeating Stan Stasiak and Dutch Savage
...defeating Rowdy Roddy Piper and Rick Martel

Southeastern tag-team champions
...won a one-night tournament

Southwest Texas version of World tag-team championship
...defeating the Fabulous Ones, Steve Keirn and Stan Lane

Southwest tag-team champions
...defeating the masked Grapplers, Len Denton and Tony Anthony

Stampede International tag-team champions
...defeating Bill Cody and Bob Pringle
...defeating Tokyo Joe and Great Saki

World Wrestling Council tag-team champions
...defeating Medic and Invader III
...defeating Rock ‘N’ Roll RPMs, Mike Davis and Tommy Lane ...defeating Mark Youngblood and Chris Youngblood

North American tag-team champions
...defeating the Invaders
...defeating Medic and Invader III

Canadian tag-team champions
...defeating Rowdy Roddy Piper and Rick Martel

International All-Star Wrestling tag-team champions
...defeating the Headshrinkers, Samu and Fatu


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