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The Bushwhackers

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The Bushwhackers

The Bushwhackers are considered Superstars with other wrestlers as well as by their fans.

The Bushwhackers are going to have some of the biggest names in wrestling visit their Website in the next few weeks. Mark Nulty will be conducting interviews that are available in Real Audio.

In the upcoming weeks, some of the stars that will be appearing are Road Warrior Hawk of the Legion of Doom, Honky Tonk Man, Maleia Hosaka and King Kong Bundy.

Bookmark the Bushwhackers site and check often for added interviews.

This week's guest:

George Napalitano


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George Napalitano has been one of the most respected professional wrestling photographers and journalists for decades. Few people have as many promoters and wrestlers phone numbers in their rolodex as George. In this interview, he talks about Antonio Inoki's new fighting group in Japan, the future of Sid and the ECW, his favorite wrestlers to deal with and his least favorite to work with.

You can see George's work at the newsstand in Wrestling All-Stars, TV Wrestlers, Superstar Wrestlers and Ringside Wrestling.

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