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The Bushwhackers

Bushwhacker/Sheepherder Trivia

Faces even your Grandmother can love.....

"No matter where they go, crowds love' em."
(Wrestling All Stars Magazine)

Combined Weight 499 pounds
Place of Birth Wellington, New Zealand
Birthdays Luke = January 8
Butch = October 25
Height 5'11" (each)
Hair Short
Eyes Luke = brown
Butch = blue
Favorite Wrestling Hold Battering Ram
Favorite Type of Match Outback Match
Favorite Foods Raw lamb, kiwi fruits, sardines
Favorite Hobbies Raising money for charities
Jobs Held Before Turning Pro Wrestlers Scrub clearing, wood choppers, sheep farming
Currently Reside Florida, USA

Born on a sheep farm in Wellington, New Zealand (the closest country to the South Pole), these two cousins, Butch and Luke, started wrestling in sheep shearing sheds before becoming pros and have been wrestling together practically their whole life.

Originally known as the Kiwis and later as the Sheepherders, Butch and Luke captured every tag title that existed in their native land and garnered many European championships as well. Carrying the New Zealand flag with them around the world, they quickly become popular ambassadors for their country.

During their early years, Luke and Butch were a much more vicious duo than they are today. They were frequently involved in chain matches, cage matches, scaffold matches and barbed wire matches and needless to say suffered numerous broken bones and bruised ribs and spilled plenty of blood in these battles. They often credit their "good looks" to these wild brawls.

From 1985 to 1988, they worked for the National Wrestling Alliance which is owned by Turner Broadcasting Company and viewed on TBS. This show is now called WCW.

In 1988 they joined the WWF and took to calling themselves the "Bushwhackers." Clowns in and out of the ring, these guys have helped make wrestling family entertainment.

The Bushwhackers have appeared on numerous talk shows and recently worked with a Warner Brothers television comedy show "Family Matters."

The Bushwhackers are well known characters due to their Bushwhacker Stomp (foot stomping march) and to their Battering Ram.

A superstitious pair, the 'whackers do a lot of head-rubbing and head-licking for luck.

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