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WrestlingClassics.com at 
Year 2000 Cauliflower Alley Banquet and Reunion

Feb. 11 - Feb. 13 - Las Vegas Riviera Hotel and Casino

WrestlingClassics.com is excited about in its involvement with the Year 2000 Cauliflower Alley Banquet and Reunion.

Congratulations to our own Frank Dusek, who will be accepting recognition at the banquet for his father, Wally Dusek, who is being honored along with the rest of the Dusek Riot Squad.

Over 75 legends have confirmed including  Dick Beyer ( the original Destroyer), Crusher, Big K Stan Kowalski, Ole Anderson, Lou Thesz, Danny Hodge, Nick Bockwinkel, Killer Kowalski, Sputnick Monroe, Pat Patterson, Reggie Parks, Red Bastien, the unofficial first lady of WrestlingClassics.com, Penny Banner and dozens of others.

Highlights of the affair will include:

  • In what may be the most ambitious undertaking in the broadcast history of wrestling on the Internet, Ringside Live will be broadcasting from Friday's Cauliflower Alley Cocktail Party. We expect the broadcast to go several hours and we will attempt to talk to as many of the stars as possible. Special props go to Up Close Wrestling's Jeremy Hartley, who will help produce and host. We couldn't even think about doing this without Jeremy's help.
  • The Saturday night banquet will see the end of Lou Thesz' reign as Cauliflower Alley Club. Thesz is retiring as president and his successor will be announced that night. The candidates include Leo Garibaldi, Red Bastien and Nick Bockwinkel. There is no truth to the rumor that a ring will be set up in the middle of the banquet room and the three men will settle the issue between the ropes. Wrestlers being honored include Gene "Mr. America" Stanlee, The Big K Stan Kowalski, Stan Pulaski, Fritz Von Goering, The Crusher (Reggie Lisowski), Beverly Shade, Ethel Brown, Natasha, Titi Paris, the Dusek Riot Squad, Billy Anderson and Joe Marshall.
  • WrestlingClassics.com will be a big part of the Collectibles Show that will take place both Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are producing a special tape in celebration of the banquet that will feature nearly two dozen stars that will be at the Banquet and Reunion that weekend.
    Click here for details of the Stars of CAC 2000

If you are going to attend the banquet, you must have a reservation. No tickets will be sold at the door. Because of time considerations, Karl Lauer has agreed to accept phone reservations for the remaining tickets. Call (573)729-2775 to make your reservation. 

It appears that Delta Airlines is having specials to Vegas. Best bets for airfare deals are Travelocity and PriceLine.

The Las Vegas Riviera Hotel and Casino is offering special rates for people attending the Cauliflower Banquet and Reunion. Call 1-800-634-6753 for more information. 

Join us in Las Vegas for Year 2000 Cauliflower Alley Banquet and Reunion!

1998 Wrestling Classics: Frank Dusek, Mark Nulty
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Created: October 1998