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It is not known whether Wild Bull Curry looked down at his newborn son's face on June 12, 1943 in that Hartford hospital, thinking that he was looking at one of the next great wrestlers to enter the world, but that is certainly what he got. Born Fred Thomas Koury Jr., the young boy would grow up to become an outstanding athlete, football player, man, and yes, wrestler. Not just any wrestler, but an outstanding wrestler. One would think that it was no small task to fill his father's shoes and they were right. So, instead, this CURRY would create his own legacy, adopting a completely different style and image. As opposed to the brawling, bone crushing style of his father, FLYING FRED, as he would come to be known, honed in on his technique and took to the air. Long before the world would see the likes of the Hardy Boyz, Shawn Michaels, Brian Pillman or Rey Misterio Jr., "THE WORLD'S GREATEST BABYFACE," was soaring from post to post taking the fans up and down on his mighty wings for the entire trip.

In High School Fred was involved in Wrestling, Track and Football. He was an All District, All State and All American football player at Hartford Public High School. He was also Captain of his High School and College Football Teams. Attending the University Of Connecticut on a Football Scholarship, he earned a degree in Education.

He began his Pro Wrestling career in the mid 60's when he teamed up with his dad Wild Bull Curry. He was lucky enough to have a dad who was an active wrestling star at the time.

Growing up in the business made it easy for FLYING FRED to fit in. His High Flying fast and aggressive style got him over in a hurry. He established his name in Detroit, Michigan where he would throw up to 20 dropkicks in a row in a matter of seconds.

He was involved in many wrestling titles. His first title was the Junior Heavyweight Title he won over Tito Carreon in Austin, Texas. He also was involved as part of the World Heavyweight Tag Team Title with Bobo Brazil, Tony Marino, Billy Red Lyons and others. FLYING FRED teamed with Fritz Von Erich and together they held the North American Tag Team Title in the Dallas territory. He also held the Hawaiian Heavy weight Title and was voted the Most Popular Wrestler in 1972 by P.W.I.

FLYING FRED has headlined wrestling cards in Detroit, Texas, New York, California, Australia, Japan, Canada, etc.

The Currys are high in tradition and ability. Hopefully, the third part of the triangle will make the Curry name soar to new and greater heights. Whatever the case, FLYING FRED's legacy will always be in tact and the memories of him soaring like an eagle in and out of the ring will stay with wrestling fans forever.

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