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Article 1: Blood and Broken Bones: Bull Curry vs. Louis Tillet...A Horror in Scarlet (taken from Wrestling Revue, dated October 1963)

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Cover, Wrestling Revue (October 1963)

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Bull, showing no mercy, kicked Louis out of the ring and hot-footed right after him. The wobbly Frenchman was saved by the referee and some brave fans.

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Writhing in agony, Tillet screams, "Don't hit me!" after Bull, wrenching loose from a headlock, sent him smashing to the canvas.

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France's "Flying Chef," Louis Tillet, sniffed distastefully. "Never in all my travels," he said, "have I ever seen such an ape as Bull Curry. Science should bottle him in alcohol because he is the missing link."

Tillet Had ample reason to be bitter. For one solid month, he and Curry had been waging physical and verbal warfare. The loquacious Frenchman had won the battle of words but Bull had given him a rough time in the ring.

On this humid night last April, Louis was facing bushy-browed Curry for the third time. Their two previous matches had ended in bloody brawls, but this one promised to be the most save scraps of all - a fight to the finish.

The grapplers wanted all the room they could get so they demanded that the referee perform his duties from the ring apron. Actually, he didn't have much to do anyway - his only function was to step in and raise the winner's hand.

The first fall started out with blazing speed, with Tillet getting the best of it. But he made one big mistake - he drew blood. If there's anything Curry can't stand, it's the sight of his own gore.

Spinning around in a rage, he tore into the Frenchman with such violence that even hardened mat fans recoiled in shock. After ripping Tillet's face and hammering his body to a pulp, Curry chased Louis right out of the ring.

Caught in the spray of blood was Wrestling Revue photographer Bob Verlin, who was frantically snapping away. After the bout, Verlin needed a towel to wipe the droplets off his camera.

As for the dazed Frenchman, he was at a loss for words when he recovered in his dressing room. Rocking from side to side, he kept muttering something that sounded like "Ape."


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