Magazine Article 3: Page 1

"I Want a Title Shot," (taken from "Wrestling World" magazine, dated Winter 1971)

"Nobody wants to be the champion any more than I do," admits Curry. "All I want is the chance, either against The Sheik for the U.S. title or even against Pedro Morales for the world's heavyweight crown. I feel I deserve a hot. Look at my record. Who has a better one among the challengers?"

The hour was late. Over an hour before, Fred Curry had emerged successfully from his main event match at Detroit's Cobo Arena. For Curry, it was another victory in a brilliant career that has catapulted him to the very top of wrestling's charmed circle. Over the past year, Curry has been one of the hottest wrestlers on the circuit.

Although it was almost 1 a.m., Curry was hungry. He hadn't eaten since five that afternoon. He wheeled through the quiet Detroit streets in his 1971 Le Mans, his stereo deck giving out the sound of Frank Sinatra. Fred Curry was completely relaxed, totally unwound from his emotional and physical experience before a large crowd in Cobo. Because of the late hour, most of the restaurants around the city were closed. The only section of town that remained open was a four block area on the west side of the city that was known as Greek Town. In less than a five minute drive from the arena, Curry parked his dark blue Pontiac in front of a restaurant called the Grecian Gardens. Curry waited for the tape to finish inasmuch as he dug Sinatra and this was the first time he had had a chance to hear the new recording...>>>


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