Frank Dusek

Frank Dusek

Frank talks about his World Class days in his Real Audio Interview on Wrestling Classics.

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Frank Dusek has one of the most unique perspectives of anybody in professional wrestling because he has excelled at every position in the industry.

A second-generation wrestler, Frank is the son of Wally Dusek of the famed Dusek Riot Squad (click on icon to see larger pic of the Dusek brothers). Dusek Riot SquadWally Dusek was not only an established main eventer, but also one of the renowned shooters of his
era. While Frank makes no pretense of being a shooter himself, he received enough first-hand education from his father to understand it.

Frank is probably most famous as the television commentator and figurehead matchmaker for World Class Championship Wrestling when WCCW was televised daily on ESPN. Frank was instrumental behind the scenes as part of the WCCW booking brain trust and was responsible for the day-to-day operations of the office. He also promoted towns and worked in the office for Bill Watts' Mid-South (later UWF) promotion. It was Mid-South where Frank got his first exposure as a television commentator.

Frank was a championship caliber wrestler. He won the Southern heavyweight championship from Barry Windham. He and Bill Irwin teamed to win the WCCW tag-team championship from Kerry Von Erich and Terry Orndorff. In addition, he was a leading contender for the Texas and Pacific Northwest heavyweight championships. In Japan, he challenged Atsushi Onita for the All-Japan International junior heavyweight championship.

Because Frank could do excellent interviews, it was natural for him to become a manager. His biggest moment as a manager may have come April 18, 1981 when his team of the Grappler (Len Denton) and the Super Destroyer (Scott Irwin) won a huge tournament in the New Orleans Superdome for the Mid-South tag-team championship. They scored a pinfall victory over the presumed unbeatable team Andre the Giant and Dusty Rhodes before beating Junkyard Dog and Dick Murdoch in finals. He also led Bill Irwin to the Texas State heavyweight championship and Super Destroyer to the Louisiana title.

Frank's father was a road agent for Jim Crockett's Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling in the Carolinas when Frank was growing up. Wally Dusek used to have his son Frank assist him in the towns. One of Frank's first memories is selling programs in arenas when he was 4. As he grew older Frank began ring announcing and refereeing. Frank officiated several battles between the top stars of the Mid-Atlantic territory, including matches between Johnny Valentine and Wahoo McDaniel.

Frank brings to unmatched qualifications to analyze and discuss professional wrestling today. His father's experiences gives him a perspective and expertise on different eras of professional wrestling dating all the way back to the 30s.

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 Atlanta wrestling program
Little more than a week before the birth of his first child, Wally Dusek was battling Argentina Rocca in a tag match.
Referee for Ann Gunkel
ring career began as a referee in Georgia for Ann Gunkel. 

100_dusek_bros_wo_wally.jpg (13804 bytes)
Ernie, Emil, Rudy and Joe Dusek appear to be playing Family Feud in a photo from the early 1930s.

28program51133_hollywd_legion.jpg (37239 bytes)
Rumberg battles Santen at the Hollywood Legion Stadium. 

 29program051279_sw_dekalb_highs.jpg (28514 bytes)
Frank Dusek vs.Ted Oates is a featured match at SW DeKalb High School. 
30program051352_atl.jpg (30262 bytes)
Wally Dusek takes on Angelo Martinelli at Atlanta Omni. 
96-wally_in_parachute.jpg (15449 bytes)
Wally Dusek donning a parachute. 

98_vs_lothario.jpg (6308 bytes)
Dusek razzle dazzle against Jose Lothario.

Rudy Dusek posed
Rudy Dusek seated.

Headlock on Carl Fergie
Frank Dusek, featured in this photo restrains Carl Fergie with a head lock.