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The David Steele Collection

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David Steele has a terrific collection of wrestling photos and programs. He has newspaper clippings dating back to the origin of the NWA, program pages from a major card in Ft. Worth, wrestling logos and photos of Harley Race when Race was a dominant NWA champ.

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If you're a Fantasy Wrestling fan, then David's e-wrestling Website is a must visit.
Visit National eWrestling Alliance

We welcome your comments and suggestions. We especially invite museum benefactors to contact us about displaying your memorabilia with us.

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History of the
National Wrestling Alliance

When the NWA came into existence in the 40s, it was huge news. Here is a shot of Sports Facts, announcing it's formation.

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National Wrestling Alliance
tag-team champions

Several regional promotions in the 60s claimed the NWA World tag-team championship. Prior to joining the AWA, the St. Paul, Minnesota promotion claimed the title for its best drawing tag-team, Stan Kowalski and Tiny Mills.
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Harley Race

Overshadowed sometimes in wrestling's recent history is Harley Race's great run as National Wrestling Alliance World heavyweight champion. Race dominated the title between 1977 and 1981. He had one more run in 1983, trading the belt with Nature Boy Ric Flair. Race defended the title against Flair in the main event of the first Starrcade.

Here are three photos of Race during his title reign of the mid-70s and early-80s.

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Harley Race & Larry Hennig

Fans from the 60s also remember Harley Race as part of one of the greatest AWA tag-team championship teams ever, teaming with Larry Hennig.

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Star Wars
Ft. Worth, Texas
March 15, 1982

The Dallas promotion used to build to major events three or four times a year, which it billed as Star Wars.

This edition was held at the Fort Worth Will Rogers Coliseum and featured three cage matches, including a rematch of an earlier Texas Rules Death Match between Fritz Von Erich and the Great Kabuki.

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Roll Call of Champions

Included in the arena programs of many promotions was a page recognizing the territory's champions.

Here is a list of the Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling title holders as of March 10, 1986.

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Wrestling Babies Logo

Southwest Championship Wrestling, based in San Antonio, had one of the more original promotional logos. If you think the animated dancing baby is a big deal, you'll love the Wrestling Babies.


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