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Find out what it’s like in the ring, in the dressing room and on the road from people that know the inside of the wrestling industry.

Interview Guests:
Jose Lothario
Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat
Steve Keirn
Penny Banner
Paul Jones
Frank Dusek

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JOSE LOTHARIO talks about training Shawn Michaels and what made him a great wrestler. He also speaks frankly about his experiences with the Von Erich family, the direction of professional wrestling today and his legendary battles with some of the toughest wrestlers ever.

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You can see Jose Lothario feud with such stars as Gino Hernandez and El Gran Markus in the Texas catalog.
Visit the Texas catalog

Jose Lothario and Shawn Michaels are starting a wrestling academy and a new wrestling promotion in San Antonio, Texas. E-mail WrestlingClassics.com for more information. All E-mail will be forwarded to Jose and Shawn.
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RICKY "THE DRAGON" STEAMBOAT was one of the biggest stars of the '80s. He's a former NWA/WCW World heavyweight champion and WWF Intercontinental heavyweight champion. He held the NWA World tag-team championship eight times with four different partners. He held the United States heavyweight championship three times, the Mid-Atlantic heavyweight championship twice and the Mid-Atlantic/WCW World  television title four times.

His incredible feud with Ric Flair may be the best feud of that era based on longevity and the incredible number of classic matches they produced.

WrestlingClassics.com is proud to introduce Jeremy D. Hartley as it's Special Interview Correspondent. Jeremy is the Webmaster of Up Close Wrestling at www.upclosewrestling.com.

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Part II

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Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Part I

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You can see house show main events of Ricky Steamboat in action in the Paul Jones Mid-Atlantic collection tape in the Mid-Atlantic section of the  WrestlingClassics.com video store. Visit the Texas catalog.

The BUSHWHACKERS (BUTCH MILLER & LUKE WILLIAMS) talk about their career as a couple of the most popular personalities in the WWF, including their run-in with Kathie Lee Gifford and partying with Pamela Lee. They also talk about their violent past as the Sheepherders.

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WrestlingClassics.com is proud to present the Bushwhackers website! It features a spectacular online photo gallery, information about their career and more. You can also get personally autographed photos and great merchandise. If you are considering a wrestling career, learn about their training facility.
Bushwhackers online!

You can see the Sheepherders in action against the Road Warriors and other great teams in the Texas section of the WrestlingClassics.com video store. Visit the Texas catalog.
Visit the Texas catalog

You can send your e-mail to the Bushwhackers.
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STEVE KEIRN talks about his career as one of the best tag-team wrestlers of all-time. He talks about the formation of the Fabulous Ones with Stan Lane and his experiences in Tennessee. He also speaks about being his experiences breaking into wrestling and the differences in the way he trains his proteges. He also speaks frankly about one famous booker who double-crossed him.

Among Keirn's many honors include the World tag-team championship and the World junior heavyweight championship. He and Stan Lane held the Southern tag-team championship 14 times and he won Florida tag-team championship with Mike Graham 10 times.

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You can see Steve Keirn and Stan Lane in action as the Fabulous Ones in the ICW (Poffo) collection. Visit the ICW (Poffo) Catalog by clicking here.

You can send your e-mail to Steve Keirn via WrestlingClassics.com. We will forward all messages.

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PENNY BANNER talks frankly about the state of women's wrestling today, what she would do to change it. She also compares the women stars of the 60s and 70s. You will be surprised as to who she names the greatest woman wrestler of all time. Among her many titles, Banner is a former AWA women's champion and co-held the World women's tag-team championship with Lorraine Johnson. She is considered by all experts as one of the greatest woman wrestlers ever.

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You can send your e-mail to Penny Banner. Penny is especially interested on any videotape or film fans may have of her in action.

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PAUL JONES talks about being one of the premiere stars of the 70s and 80s in Florida and in the Mid-Atlantic. Jones tells the incredible story of throwing the Florida championship belt into Tampa Bay and compares the NWA World heavyweight champions of his era. Among Jones' career highlights include holding the World tag-team championship seven times with four different partners, two-time United States heavyweight champion, two-time Mid-Atlantic heavyweight champion, Southern heavyweight champion, two-time Mid-Atlantic tag-team champion, Georgia heavyweight champion, four-time Florida heavyweight champion and two-time Florida television champion. He was a leading contender for the NWA World heavyweight championship throughout his career.

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You can send your e-mail to Paul Jones via WrestlingClassics.com. We will forward all messages.

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FRANK DUSEK discusses his experiences with some of the best minds in professional wrestling history. Frank is probably best known as the matchmaker for World Class Championship Wrestling. He had a championship-level career in the ring for over 10 years. His managerial career includes multiple championships in WCCW and Mid South. In addition to WCCW, he worked in the front offices of Mid South/UWF and South Atlantic. He is a second generation wrestler. His father Wally Dusek was one of the renowned "shooters" of his era. Frank's first memories are selling programs when he was 4-years-old in towns run by his father.

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1998 Wrestling Classics: Frank Dusek, Mark Nulty
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