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Attack of the Giant Texan

By Frank Dusek

In the 1960’s and 70’s, few men were more physically imposing in the ring than big Tex McKenzie. At 6’10" and 280 pounds Big Tex definitely had a ring presence. Unfortunately, Tex used a high step when he moved around the ring that made him look like a cat in the snow, trying to keep his feet dry.

Because of his height, when he high stepped, his boots often came up to face level. Add to this the fact that he wasn’t, by all accounts, the most graceful man who ever entered the ring, and you have the formula for a hilarious disaster.

The legendary Carolinas booker George Scott tells the story that one night he and his brother Sandy Scott were in a six-man tag team with Tex McKenzie.

As the referee was going through the instructions, Tex was asking questions in his usual animated fashion.

At one point he waved an arm in explanation and accidentally stuck his finger into his partner Sandy Scott’s eye.

That pretty much broke up the meeting in the center of the ring so the Scott brothers and Tex returned to the corner. Still holding his eye, Sandy went to the apron.

Tex McKenzie        Sandy and George Scott

Apparently, there was some confusion as to who would start the match so Tex and George Scott tried to go through the ropes at the same time. There wasn’t enough room and Tex accidentally kicked George Scott in the face.

The bell had not rung; no one had their ring jackets off, yet both of Tex McKenzie’s partners were hurt.

Frank Dusek is a second-generation wrestler from one of the most famous wrestling families ever. He had a solid career as a wrestler and later managed several wrestlers to major titles. He also spent time as a broadcaster, promoter and matchmaker. His first memories of the wrestling business are selling programs for his father when he was 4 years old.


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