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The Night Dynamite Jack Evans Took a Dive

By Frank Dusek

Dynamite Jack Evans was a prototypical New Yorker. He was a funny little guy and a good hand in the ring. Although I never understood exactly why, he had an unbelievable run once in Puerto Rico. There was a shot period when he was a hot as anyone has been on the island.

For one of the big stadium shows in San Juan the promotion arranged for Jack to arrive on the field via helicopter. The idea was that Jack would appear from the door bathed in light and go to the ring (ala Ric Flair).

At the appointed time, bathed in spotlights the helicopter landed on the field.

The helicopter door opened and out popped Jack. He was dressed in a beautiful sequined ring jacket that he had specially made for this occasion.

According to legend, Jack, looking a regal as he could, then stepped forward to leave the helicopter, only to find that there was no gang plank.

He fell, face first, on to the grass!

Of course the spell was broken and everyone in the place roared with laughter. Jack got up, dusted himself off, and gave a little bow to the people.

Kind of reminds you of the SHOCKMASTER, hey?

Frank Dusek is a second-generation wrestler from one of the most famous wrestling families ever. He had a solid career as a wrestler and later managed several wrestlers to major titles. He also spent time as a broadcaster, promoter and matchmaker. His first memories of the wrestling business are selling programs for his father when he was 4 years old.


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