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Here is some extra coverage of some major events:

Grudge Match

Main Event 
Johnny Valentine & Chief Wahoo McDaniel
Toru Tanaka & Killer Kowalski

Fort Worth, Texas
Will Rogers Coliseum
January 11, 1971

Texas was one of the homes of one of the most enduring feuds in the history of professional wrestling, Wahoo McDaniel vs. Johnny Valentine. But for a short time, they were actually partners. When Valentine started being cheered in Texas, he feuded with Professor Toru Tanaka. Tanaka also had an issue with McDaniel. Here, four tough guys get together to try and settle the score as Wahoo McDaniel and Johnny Valentine team against Professor Toru Tanaka and Killer Kowalski

Jan. 11- Jan. 17

Arkansas Death Match
Moon Dog Mayne vs
Lord Alfred Hayes

Plus: Hank James, Scott Casey, Les Thornton, Ivan Putski, Jose Lothario, Black Gordman, Tony Charles, Gran Goliat

Dallas, TX
January 11, 1977

No Disqualification
Dick Murdoch vs 
Bruiser Bob Sweetan

January 11, 1979

Double Main Event
Fritz von Erich vs The Stomper

Alberto Madril vs Buddy Wolfe

Plus: Stan Hansen, Rocky Johnson, Rick Martel

Fort Worth, TX
January 12, 1976

Special Event
Mad Dog Vachon
vs Roddy Piper

Fritz von Erich vs 
Blackjack Lanza

Joe Blanchard, Bob Bruggers

Fort Worth, TX
January 13, 1975

Tag Team Match
Fritz von Erich & Chief Maivia
The Mongolian Stomper & Buddy Wolfe

Dallas, TX
January 13, 1976

Rematch of the Claws
Fritz  Von Erich vs  
Blackjack Lanza

Alberto Madril & Don Muraco
Angelo Mosca & El Gran Marcus

Dallas, TX
January 14, 1975

US Tag Team Championship
Kevin Von Erich & 
David Von Erich
Gino Hernandez & Mark Lewin

Dallas, TX
January 14, 1979

Main Event
Fritz Von Erich vs 
Missouri Mauler

Fort Worth, TX 
January 15, 1973

Manager Grudge Match
Robert Duncum vs 
Missouri Mauler

Handicap Match

Ivan Putski vs Joltin' Joe Blanchard & Bill Lehman

Dallas, TX 
January 16, 1973

Brass Knucks Title
Mongolian Stomper vs 
Fritz Von Erich

Houston, TX 
January 16, 1978

Six Events
Cowboy Bob Ellis vs Karl Krupp


David Von Erich, Tim Brooks, Ox Baker, Al Madril, Dutch Mantel, Jake Roberts

Fort Worth, TX 
January 16, 1978

World Heavyweight Title
Terry Funk vs Les Thornton

Tag Team Match
Gran Goliat & Black Gordman
Moon Dog & Mil Mascaras

Fort Worth, TX 
January 17, 1977

Texas Heavyweight Title
Al Madril vs Karl Krupp

Tag Team Match

David Von Erich & Cowboy Bob Ellis
Ox Baker & Tim Brooks
Dallas, TX 
January 17, 1978

Jan. 11, 1962 -A team long-time fans still talk about on the East Coast: Johnny Valentine and Cowboy Bob Ellis beat the Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan) in Washington, D.C. for the United States tag team championship.

Jan. 11, 1966 - Antonio Inoki is a legend in Japan, but things don't go well this date in Nashville, Tenn. Wrestling under the name Kanji Inoki, he teams with another Japanese superstar Hiro Matsuda in a tournament for the Tennessee version of the Southern tag team championship. However, it's the combo of Len Rossi and Mario Milano that take the belts.

Jan. 11, 1981 - After several months of hype, Gary Hart debuts the Great Kabuki in Dallas and Kabuki destroys Don Diamond. Part of the intrigue over Kabuki was because of a Mark Lewin television interview. Lewin, who had main evented in Dallas for three years, announced he was leaving the area because Kabuki was too dangerous to try and deal with. He begged Diamond not to take the match.

Jan. 11, 1981 - One of the most underrated teams in Texas history was Kerry Von Erich and Bruiser Brody. Brody had taken Kerry under his wing when Kerry left college to become a full-time pro in 1979. On this date, they win the American tag team championship from the Gary Hart combination of Gino Hernandez and Gary Young. Kerry Von Erich had won the American heavyweight championship two weeks earlier.

Jan. 11, 1985 - Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey) become the top team in World Class Championship Wrestling by winning the American tag team championship from the Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers).

Jan. 11, 1986 - Sam Houston captures the Mid-Atlantic heavyweight championship, beating Krusher Khruschev in Atlanta.

Jan. 11, 1991 - Nature Boy Ric Flair rules the NWA/WCW again. Flair regains the WCW World heavyweight championship from Sting at the Meadowlands.

Jan. 11. 1993 - Dustin Rhodes knocks off Ravishing Rick Rude in Atlanta, Ga. for the United States heavyweight championship.

Jan. 12, 1979 - Tully Blanchard regains the Southwest heavyweight championship in Austin, beating Dale Valentine (Freebird Buddy Roberts). The two had swapped the title back and forth over the last three days.

Jan. 12, 1980 - Kevin Von Erich takes the American heavyweight championship from Ox Baker in Dallas.

Jan. 12, 1980 - Mr. Wrestling II wins his record 10th Georgia State heavyweight championship. He beats the Masked Superstar in Atlanta.

Jan. 12, 1987 - A result that's hard to imagine today. Journeyman Bob Bradley beats the Ultimate Warrior in Fort Worth in the finals of a tournament for the Texas State heavyweight championship.

Jan. 13, 1966 - Bearcat Wright and Shag Thomas beat Stan Stasiak and Mighty Ursus in Portland, Ore to win the Northwest tag team championship.

Jan. 13, 1973 - These two may have had more matches against each other than any two wrestlers in modern history. Bobo Brazil beats the Sheik for the Detroit version of the United States heavyweight championship in Detroit.

Jan. 13, 1986 - The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton & Tommy Rogers) become the Tennessee version of the Southern tag team champions. They win a tournament in Memphis.

Jan. 14, 1966 - In a bizarre World title change, Lorenzo Parante is awarded the NWA World junior heavyweight championship when Danny Hodge collapses in the ring in Tulsa, Okla. during a title defense.

Jan. 14, 1982 - Eddie Gilbert wins won his first championship, teaming with Ricky Romero in Kansas City, Kansas to win the Central States tag team championship from Jerry Brown and Ron McFarlane.

Jan. 14, 1991 - Arn Anderson wins the WCW World television for the third time. He regains the belt from Tom Zenk in Marietta, Ga.

Jan. 15, 1974 - A top feud that drew all over Texas escalates. The Great Mephisto uses his controversial loaded boot to beat Jose Lothario in Dallas for the Texas State heavyweight championship.

Jan. 15, 1977 - Before you called him Governor and before you called him "The Mind," you called Jesse "The Body" Ventura "Champ." Jesse teams with Buddy Rose in Portland to beat Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and Dutch Savage for the Pacific Northwest tag team championship.

Jan. 15, 1979 - The Universal Heartthrob skips a beat in Memphis. Austin Idol drops the Tennessee version of the Southern heavyweight championship to Ron Fuller in Memphis.

Jan. 15, 1983 - Two of the top stars in Florida history square off for the Florida State heavyweight title. Mike Graham wins the title from Kevin Sullivan in Miami.

Jan. 15, 1984 - Arn Anderson wins one of his first titles, teaming with Jerry Stubbs to win the Southeastern tag team championship in Montgomery, Ala. They win a tournament, beating Jacques Rougeau and Jimmy Golden in finals.

Jan. 15, 1986 - Check out this result: Jesse Barr beats Lex Luger for the Florida version of the Southern heavyweight championship in Tampa.

Jan. 15, 1998 - Rey Misterio Jr. wins his third WCW World cruiserweight championship, beating Juventud Guerrera in Lakeland, Fla.

Jan. 16, 1983 - Before the Rock 'N' Roll Express, Ricky Morton formed another terrific team with Ken Lucas. They regain the Southwest tag team championship from the masked Grapplers (Len Denton & Tony Anthony) in San Antonio.

Jan. 16, 1985 - Ted DiBiase stops Brad Armstrong's hot streak, beating Armstrong for the Mid-South version of the North American heavyweight championship in Shreveport, La.

Jan. 16, 1985 - Ravishing Rick Rude beats Pez Whatley for the Southern heavyweight championship in Tampa.

Jan. 16, 1987 - Kevin Sullivan, one of the most dominant wrestlers in Florida history, takes the Southern heavyweight championship from Lex Luger in Daytona.

Jan. 16, 1992 - Two of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time combine. Arn Anderson teams with Beautiful Bobby Eaton to beat Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat and Dustin Rhodes for the WCW World tag team championship in Jacksonville, Fla.

Jan. 17, 1974  - Nature Boy Roger Kirby and Lord Alfred Hayes win the Central States tag title, defeating Jim Brunzell and Mike George in Kansas City, Kansas.

Jan. 17, 1975 - S.D. (Special Delivery) Jones and Porkchop Cash upend the Hollywood Blondes (Jerry Brown & Buddy Roberts) in Los Angeles to capture the Americas tag-team belts.

Jan. 17, 1981 - Rip Oliver and the Destroyer (David Cannell) beat Jay Youngblood and Joe Lightfoot to win the Pacific Northwest tag title in Portland, Ore.

Jan. 17, 1992 - The Mountie (Jacques Rougeau Jr.) downs Bret Hart to become the new WWF Intercontinental champ in Springfield, Mass.

Jan. 17, 1990 - Atsushi Onita captures the FMW Brass Knucks crown for the first time, laying waste to Beast the Barbarian in Tokyo.

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