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Bullies, Babes, & Brawn 

The biggest and the smallest; the strongest and the smartest; the prettiest and the loudest; the meanest and the maddest all get together for one spectacular Pay Per View - Bullies, Babes, and Brawns in February and March, only on iN DEMAND.

If you like violence, you get to see the Sheik, Dick the Bruiser, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bruiser Brody, Ox Baker, Crusher, and more. If you like powerhouses, you’ll see the 7-foot-4 Eighth Wonder of the World, Andre the Giant. If you believe in the power of the mind, see Bobby “the Brain” Heenan in an incredible encounter. If you believe that it’s the size of the heart that counts, watch some of the greatest midget wrestlers ever such as Sky Lo Lo and Little Bruiser. And if you like your wrestlers on the distaff side, the women are in action. Hosted by Mean Gene Okerlund.

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Feb. 1 - Feb. 7


Coal Miners Glove Match
Tim Woods vs Mr. Wrestling II

Georgia Tag Team Title
Ron & Terrence Garvin (seconded by Jim Garvin) vs 
Rufus R Jones & Rick Gibson

Loser Leaves Town
Jerry Lawler vs Roberto Soto

Feb. 1, 1974

One Night Tournament for Brand New 
1982 Ford Econoline Van

Jos Leduc vs Robert Fuller
Jim Duggan vs 
Jacques Rougeau
Jimmy Golden vs Jon Boyd
Tony Charles vs Luke Williams

Feb. 1, 1982

Handicap Tag Match
Bill Watts & Fred Blassie vs 
Tarzan Tyler & Norvell Austin & Dandy Jack Donavan

Feb. 2, 1973

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Dory Funk Jr. vs 
Johnny Valentine

St. Louis
Feb. 2, 1973

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Return Match

Superstar Billy Graham vs 
Bruno Sammartino

WWE Tag Team Title
Tony Parisi & Louis Cerdan vs 
Crusher Blackwell & 
Bugsy McGraw

New York City
Jan. 28, 1975

Smoky Mountain Title
Dirty White Boy vs 
Buddy Landel

Smoky Mountain Tag Title
Rock 'N' Roll Express vs 
Eddie Gilbert & Unabomb

Feb. 3, 19

Southern Tag Team Title
Tojo Yamamoto & 
Tommy Gilbert
Bill Dundee & George Barnes

Coal Miners Glove Tag Team
Danny Hodge & Dale Lewis
Dennis Condrey & Steve Kovac

Feb. 4, 1975


Double Main Event
Hulk Hogan & Tito Santana vs
Ken Patera & Bobby Duncum

Mad Dog Vachon & 
Baron Von Raschke vs 
Crusher Blackwell & 
Sheik Adnan El Kaisey

Feb. 4, 1982

Six-Man Tag Team Match
Ric Flair & Ricky Steamboat & George Scott vs 
Ivan Koloff & Roddy Piper & Greg Valentine

Blackjack Mulligan vs 
Iron Sheik

Feb. 5, 19

Triple Main Event
Tommy Rich vs Superstar

Roddy Piper vs 
Freebird Michael Hayes

Kevin Sullivan & Lord Al Hayes vs Blackjack Mulligan & 
Johnny Weaver

Feb. 5, 19

Loser Leave Town
"I Give Up Match"

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs 
Austin Idol

Feb. 6, 197

Feb. 1, 1972 - King Curtis Iaukea & Baron Mikel Scicluna down Karl Gotch & Rene Goulet in Philadelphia to win the WWE tag team title as recognized by the Capital Wrestling Corporation. Iaukea was last seen as Kevin Sullivan's "Father" in those bizarre "Dungeon of Doom" skits in WCW a few years back. Goulet is a road agent for the WWF. Gotch is regarded as one of the greatest "shooters" of all time and helped train Dean Malenko.

You can see Rene Goulet in action in February and March on iN DEMAND Pay Per View as WrestlingClassics.com presents Babes, Brawls, and Bullies. Goulet wrestles under the name of Sgt. Jacques Goulet as he teams with the Sheik to take on Dick the Bruiser and Sailor Art Thomas. It is believed to be the only meeting on video between legendary wild men Sheik and Bruiser. Click here for complete details about WrestlingClassics.com Pay Per View events.  

Feb. 1, 1973 - "Texas" Bob Geigle & Rufus R. "Freight Train" Jones (Carey Lloyd) take the Central States tag straps in Kansas City, downing "Handsome" Harley Race & "Nature Boy" Roger Kirby. Geigle would go on to become a promoter and several-term president of the NWA, while Race would hold the NWA World title on eight occasions. Kirby is a former NWA World junior heavyweight champion. Jones died in 1993.

Click here to see all the great Central States action.

Feb. 1, 1980 - Ted DiBiase bests Mike George in Shreveport, Louisa. to capture the North American heavyweight championship as recognized by Bill Watts' Mid-South Sports.

Click here to see all the Mid-South action.

Feb. 2, 1977 - Ted Oates garners the Central States heavyweight belt as recognized by Bob Geigle's Heartland of America Promotions, beating Sgt. Slaughter (Bob Remus) in St. Joseph, MO.  Slaughter is regarded by many as one of the true innovators of the '70s and '80s.  He would go on to capture the WWF title from the Ultimate Warrior in 1991.

Click here to see all the great Central States action.

Feb. 2, 1986 - The Midnight Express ("Beautiful" Bobby Eaton & "Loverboy" Dennis Condrey) down The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) in Atlanta, GA, to win the "NWA" World tag team title as recognized by Jim Crockett Promotions. This is part of the historic "SuperStars on the SuperStation" show co-produced by JCP and Turner Broadcasting that would evolve into the popular "Clash of the Champions" series. Also on this card, Ric Flair defends the NWA World title against Ron Garvin and Tully Blanchard challenges Dusty Rhodes for the "NWA" National title.

You can see the Midnight Express in action and Ricky Morton prepare to challenge Nature Boy Ric Flair for the NWA World heavyweight championship in Mid-Atlantic Tape 4. The tape is part of the big sale on all tapes in Mid-Atlantic Collection that includes savings and free domestic shipping.

Feb. 2, 1987 - The Dingo Warrior (Jim Hellwig) avenges a previous tournament loss by beating Bob Bradley in Ft. Worth at a taping of Championship Sports to capture the Texas State title as recognized by Fritz Von Erich's Southwest Sports. Hellwig would go on to gain fame as the Ultimate Warrior.

Feb. 3, 1990 - "The U.S. Male" Curtis Thompson takes the Pacific Northwest heavyweight belt with a win over Scotty the Body (Scott Levy) in Portland, Ore.  Levy would go on to become known as Scotty Flamingo and Johnny Polo before finding his niche as Raven, while Thompson's career would stall following a stint in WCW with the embarrassing gimmick of "Chip the Firebreaker."

Curtis Thompson is featured throughout the South Atlantic Collection.

Feb. 4, 1969 - Antonio Inoki & Shohei "Giant" Baba defeat Wilbur Snyder & Danny Hodge (the perennial NWA World junior heavyweight champion) in Hiroshima to win the "NWA" International tag straps as recognized by the Japan Wrestling Association. Inoki and Baba would later become promotional rivals, founding New Japan Pro Wrestling and All Japan Pro Wrestling respectively.

Giant Baba scores the greatest victory of his career when he upsets Jack Brisco for the NWA World heavyweight championship in Jack Brisco in Japan.

One of the rare matches on video featuring Danny Hodge is on Florida Tape 3 when he defends the NWA World junior heavyweight championship against Jerry Brisco.

Feb. 4, 1979 - Bob Armstrong (Bob James) & Ken Lucas down Jerry "Crusher" Blackwell & The Invader (Bob Orton Jr.) in Knoxville, Tenn. In doing so they win the Southeastern tag team belts. Armstrong is the father of former WWE superstar "Road Dog" Jesse James (Brian James) and underrated WCW talent Brad, Scott, and Steve Armstrong. Blackwell died in 1995.

Bob Armstrong defends the North American heavyweight championship against Buddy Colt in Legend of Buddy Colt.

Ken Lucas teams with Ricky Morton to battle Tully Blanchard and Gino Hernandez throughout the Texas Collection.

Feb. 5, 1971 - El Mongol becomes the Georgia State champion for the seventh time, pinning two-time champ Nick Bockwinkel in the finals of a tournament in Atlanta. Bockwinkel would go on to become the AWA World heavyweight champion and is generally regarded as one of the most respected wrestlers in the history of the business.

Nick Bockwinkel defends the AWA World heavyweight championship in a great match against Jerry “The King” Lawler in Memphis Main Events.

Feb. 5, 1978 - Wahoo McDaniel beats Greg "The Hammer" Valentine (John Wisniski Jr.) in Greensboro, N.C. to regain the Mid-Atlantic heavyweight title as recognized by Jim Crockett Promotions. This came after an eight-month feud that began on June 22, 1977, when Valentine broke McDaniel's leg in a legendary televised match on Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling.

Wahoo McDaniel and Greg Valentine are both featured throughout the in Mid-Atlantic Collection, currently on sale plus free domestic shipping.

Feb. 5, 1988 - Pro wrestling returns to network TV as Andre the Giant pins Hulk Hogan in Indianapolis, Ind. to win the WWE title as recognized by Titan Sports in the main event of NBC's Main Event. Immediately following the match, Andre and his manager, Bobby "the Brain" Heenan, sell the belt to "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase. Figurehead WWE president Jack Tunney later declares the title vacant, citing that Andre had vacated the title when he declared he was retiring as WWE champion. The match was also famous for the use of an "evil twin referee." Referee Dave Hebner had been tied up in the back, allowing his brother, the unscrupulous Earl Hebner, to toll the count, giving Andre the win.

You can see Andre and Heenan on opposite sides of the ring when Heenan manages Baron Von Raschke against Andre the Giant in Before They Were Stars.

You can see both Andre the Giant and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan in action February and March on iN DEMAND Pay Per View as WrestlingClassics.com presents Babes, Brawls, and Bullies. Andre teams with Dick the Bruiser to take on the monster team of Ox Baker and Killer Karl Krupp. In an unusual match, Heenan teams with the Blackjacks (Mulligan & Lanza) to meet Bruiser & Crusher and their partner, midget star Little Bruiser. Click here for complete details about WrestlingClassics.com Pay Per View events.  

Feb. 6, 1965 - The Sheik (Ed Farhat) tops Johnny "The Hammer" Valentine (John Wisniski Sr.) in Detroit to win the "NWA" United States crown as recognized by Farhat's World Wide Sports. Valentine's career would end 10 years later following a plane crash, while The Sheik just keep going and going like the Energizer bunny. The Sheik is the uncle of former NWA World champion and ECW World champion Sabu (Terry Brunk).

Johnny Valentine has a brutal battle with Number One Paul Jones in Mid-Atlantic Tape 1, currently on sale in the Mid-Atlantic Collection.

The Sheik is featured throughout the Detroit Collection.

Feb. 6, 1973 - Buddy Colt downs Mark Lewin in Tampa to capture the "NWA" Southern heavyweight championship as recognized by Championship Wrestling from Florida.

You can see this great match in Legend of Buddy Colt.

Feb. 6, 1976 - The Spoiler (Don Jardine) mows down "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes (Virgil Runnels) in Atlanta to take the Georgia state title as recognized by Georgia Championship Wrestling. Today, Jardine runs a non-wrestling business in Nova Scotia, while Rhodes still wrestles for his own promotion, Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling.

The Spoiler, (wrestling under the name Super Destroyer) battles it out with Number One Paul Jones in Mid-Atlantic Tape 1, currently on sale in the Mid-Atlantic Collection.

The American Dream Dusty Rhodes is seconded by Baby Doll as he has a brutal confrontation with the Four Horsemen in Mid-Atlantic Tape 4.

Feb. 6, 1984 - "Outlaw" Ron Bass & Black Bart beat Mike Rotunda & Mike Davis in West Palm Beach to win the "NWA" U.S. tag belts as recognized by Championship Wrestling from Florida.

Ron Bass defends the Southern heavyweight championship against Mike Rontunda in Florida Tape 2.

Feb. 7, 1969 - El Mongol captures the Georgia title for he fifth time, beating the renowned Dale Lewis in Atlanta. The special referee for this bout is the legendary Hans Schmidt.

Feb. 7, 1984 - The Dynamite Kid (Tom Billington) captures the WWE junior heavyweight title, downing the Cobra in Tokyo. This is part of a three-man tournament involving Dynamite, Cobra, and Davey Boy Smith following the retirement of previous champion Tiger Mask (Satoru Sayama). Today, Sayama is involved in shootfighting in Japan, while Billington is now confined to a wheelchair, paralyzed from the waist down as a result of the insane punishment he took over the years.

Feb. 7, 1986 - Leo Burke and Ron Ritchie are victorious over Armand Rougeau and Dan Kroffat (Phil LaFon) to win the International tag team belts in Montreal.

Feb. 7, 1987 - Terry (Paul) Taylor and Gentleman Chris Adams beat Sting (Steve Borden) and Rick Steiner (Rob Rechsteiner) in the finals of a tournament in Ft. Worth, Texas to garner the UWF tag belts as recognized by Bill Watts' Mid-South Sports.

Terry Taylor defends the Southern heavyweight championship against Cocoa Samoa (wrestling under the name Sabu) in Memphis Main Events.

Richard O'Sullivan has been following professional wrestling for nearly 27 years and saw many of today's 'legends' like Ric Flair and Randy Savage compete in small high school gyms and recreation centers when they were just starting out. His first foray into serious wrestling journalism pre-dated publications like The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and he has done play-by-play wrestling announcing on the radio. After a brief stint as an independent promoter, Sullivan has settled into a role as a well-paid wrestling historian, who openly laughs in the face of anyone who hasn't heard of Spaceman Frank Hickey. Richard Sullivan is also the creator of Lost Colony Entertainment. 

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