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Brisco - The Life & Times of National Collegiate and World Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco Jack Brisco is on the short list in the discussion of the greatest NWA World heavyweight champions ever. He was one of the few men to hold both the World professional championship and the NCAA championship. He lost only one match in his career for Oklahoma State and won the NCAA championship in 1965. This is the book about Jack's battles both on and off the mat. Author Bill Murdock has spent countless hours with Jack, helping Jack write his amazing story about his travels through amateur and professional wrestling. All the big names in wrestling history parade through the book as Jack tells some of the greatest stories never heard. "One of the very best books on pro wrestling I've ever read," said Mike Chapman, executive director of the International Wrestling Institute and Museum, Iowa. Softbound, 286 pages, lots of photos.

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May 2 - May 8

United States Championship

Blackjack Mulligan vs 
Dino Bravo

Greenville, S.C. 
May 2, 1977

United States Championship
Johnny Valentine vs 
Paul Jones

Ric Flair vs Avenger

Greenville, S.C.
May 5, 1975

Texas Tornado Match
Anderson Brothers vs Superstar & Paul Jones

Tommy Rich vs Iron Sheik

Columbia, S.C.
May 5, 1981

5/2/64 - (Maurice) Mad Dog Vachon captures the AWA World title in his adopted hometown of Omaha; pinning longtime foe and future partner Verne Gagne. Vachon and Gagne would later team to capture the AWA tag straps.

5/2/73 - Pat Patterson (Pierre Clermont) and Rocky "Soulman" Johnson (Drew Glasteau) capture the World tag championship as recognized by the NWA promotion in San Francisco, downing Kenji Shibuya and the Great Mephisto (Frankie Caine) in Sacramento, CA.

5/2/87 - Curt Hennig pins Nick Bockwinkel (thanks to outside help from Larry Zbyszko and a roll of quarters) to win the AWA World title at Super Clash II in San Francisco.

5/2/94 - The self-proclaimed "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko (Larry Whistler) leaves the broadcast booth to challenge Lord Steve Regal (Darren Matthews) for the WCW television championship at Center Stage in Atlanta. Zbyszko is impressive in thrashing his Lordship and comes away with the gold.

5/2/96 - Dean Malenko (Dean Simon) beats Shinjiro Ohtani at Disney/MGM studios in Orlando to capture the WCW World cruiserweight belt for the first time of his career. Ohtani had become the first holder of that belt, beating Malenko's tag partner Chris Benoit in a tournament final in Japan.

5/3/57 - Don McIntyre pins Kurt Von Brauner to win his seventh Southern heavyweight championship as recognized by the NWA offices in Tampa, Atlanta, Mobile, and Charlotte.

5/3/98 - Booker T regains the WCW TV strap in another "invisible" title switch, pinning Chris Benoit in Savannah, GA.

5/3/87 - Greg Wojokowski beats a pre-"Papa Pump" Scott Steiner (Scott Rechsteiner) in Toledo, OH to capture the WWA heavyweight championship.

5/3/93 - Papa Shango (Charles Wright) beats Jerry "The King" Lawler to win the "Unified World title" as recognized by the USWA in Memphis. Shango would later put down the smoking skull and head for the streets, changing his name to the Godfather and finding out that "Pimpin' Ain't Easy."

5/4/56 - Ben and Mike Sharpe Sr. bring their San Francisco-based NWA World tag straps to Japan and lose the gold to Rikidozan and Koukichi Endo in Osaka.

5/4/92 - Jerry Lawler pins Kimala the Ugandan Giant (Jim Harris) in Memphis to take his 12th "Unified World title" as recognized by the USWA. Interesting to note that Lawler was the man responsible for giving Kimala his gimmick, taking his name from a doctor featured in National Geographic and even shooting his first promo videos (supposedly originating from "deepest, darkest Africa") in Lawler's own backyard.

5/4/98 - The WCW television crown changes hands for the fifth time in five days as "The Belfast Bruiser" Dave "Fit" Finlay pins Booker T in Indianapolis, IN. This time, the switch is televised, making it impossible to ignore.

5/5/84 - (Ed) Wahoo McDaniel and Mark Youngblood (Mark Romero) regain the World tag title as recognized by Jim Crockett Promotions (NWA member), beating Jack and Gerald Brisco at the Coliseum in Greensboro, NC.

5/5/90 - Jerry "The King" Lawler beats Boogie-Woogie Man Jimmy Valiant (Jim Valen) in Memphis to win his fifth "Unified World title" as recognized by the USWA.

5/6/63 - Rikidozan and Toyonoboro best Fred Atkins and (Walter) Killer Kowalski in Sapporo, Japan to win the vacant All-Asia tag team title. Seven months later, Rikidozan, the Babe Ruth of Japanese pro wrestling, falls victim to an alleged gangland slaying.

5/6/82 - The original Black Tiger (Mark Rocco) pins El Gran Hamada (Haraoki Hamada) to win the WWF junior heavyweight championship in Fukuoaka, Japan.

5/6/84 - "Modern Day Warrior" Kerry Von Erich (Kerry Adkisson) captures the NWA World title at Texas Stadium in Irving, pinning Nature Boy Ric Flair (Richard Fliehr) with a backslide to top the bill at the first-ever Parade of Champions. Also on this show, dedicated to the memory of the late David Von Erich (David Adkisson), the legendary Fritz Von Erich (Jack Adkisson) comes out of retirement to team with sons Kevin and Mike in a battle against the Fabulous Freebirds. Sadly, Kevin is the only surviving member of this once-powerful wrestling dynasty.

5/7/55 - Lord James Blears and "Big Thunder" Gene Kiniski capture the World tag belts as recognized by the NWA office in San Francisco, downing Johnny Barend and Enrique Torres.

5/7/89 - Ric Flair regains the NWA World title, pinning Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (Richard Blood) at the first-ever WrestleWar PPV in Nashville. After the match, Flair is attacked and piledriven through a table by special ringside judge and former NWA titleholder Terry Funk. On the undercard, Michael "P.S." Hayes (Michael Seitz) enlists the aid of fellow Freebird Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy to upend The Total Package Lex Luger (Larry Pfohl) for the U.S. title as recognized by World Championship Wrestling (NWA member).

You can see both Ric Flair and Rick Steamboat in action in Mid-Atlantic Tape 3. This collection of Mid-Atlantic house show matches features Flair teaming with Blackjack Mulligan to challenge Paul Jones and  Baron Von Raschke for the World tag-team championship. Steamboat and Jay Youngblood show why they are a legendary team as they meet Jones & Von Raschke.

5/7/89 - Larry Zbyszko outlasts "The Z-Man" Tom Zenk to win the AWA World title in a battle royal in St. Paul, MN. This bout, televised on ESPN, was ordered by president Stanley Blackburn after Jerry "The King" Lawler was stripped of the belt.

You can see more AWA action in Canada Tape 1.

5/8/77 - Gene and Ole Anderson (Alan "Rock" Rogowski) regain the World tag title as recognized by Jim Crockett Promotions (NWA member), beating Ric Flair and Greg Valentine (John Wisniski Jr.) inside a steel cage at the old Charlotte Coliseum. A wild brawl then ensues involving special guest referee Wahoo McDaniel and the returning Paul Jones (Paul Frederick).

5/8/88 - In a match ordered by matchmaker Frank Dusek, Kerry Von Erich pins Iceman King Parsons at the annual Texas Stadium Parade of Champions to capture the World heavyweight crown as recognized by the World Class Wrestling Association.

Kerry Von Erich has one of the first matches of his career, teaming with David Von Erich, in Texas Tape 4.

5/8/84 - Don Kernodle and Ivan Koloff (James Parris) beat Wahoo McDaniel and Mark Youngblood in Raleigh, NC at Dorton Arena to capture the World tag title as recognized by Jim Crockett Promotions (NWA member). Both Koloff and Kernodle just recently came out of retirement to work independent shows in the Carolinas. McDaniel, forced into retirement due to health problems, remains one of the most popular stars on the autograph circuit.

5/8/88 - In a match ordered by matchmaker Frank Dusek, Kerry Von Erich pins Iceman King Parsons at the annual Texas Stadium Parade of Champions to capture the World heavyweight crown as recognized by the World Class Wrestling Association.

Kerry Von Erich has one of the first matches of his career, teaming with David Von Erich, in Texas Tape 4.

5/8/88 - Tatsumi Fujinami wins the heavyweight IWGP, beating Vader (Leon White) in Tokyo. The International Wrestling Grand Prix had been vacated by Antonio Inoki.

5/9/88 - Jerry "The King" Lawler beats Curt Hennig in Memphis to win the AWA World heavyweight championship.
Jerry Lawler has one of the finest matches of his career, when he challenges Nick Bockwinkel for the AWA title in Memphis, as part of the special Memphis Main Events collection.

Richard O'Sullivan has been following professional wrestling for nearly 27 years and saw many of today's 'legends' like Ric Flair and Randy Savage compete in small high school gyms and recreation centers when they were just starting out. His first foray into serious wrestling journalism pre-dated publications like The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and he has done play-by-play wrestling announcing on the radio. After a brief stint as an independent promoter, Sullivan has settled into a role as a well-paid wrestling historian, who openly laughs in the face of anyone who hasn't heard of Spaceman Frank Hickey. Richard Sullivan is also the creator of Lost Colony Entertainment.   

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