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Jack Brisco biography available now

Brisco - The Life & Times of National Collegiate and World Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco Jack Brisco is on the short list in the discussion of the greatest NWA World heavyweight champions ever. He was one of the few men to hold both the World professional championship and the NCAA championship. He lost only one match in his career for Oklahoma State and won the NCAA championship in 1965. This is the book about Jack's battles both on and off the mat. Author Bill Murdock has spent countless hours with Jack, helping Jack write his amazing story about his travels through amateur and professional wrestling. All the big names in wrestling history parade through the book as Jack tells some of the greatest stories never heard. "One of the very best books on pro wrestling I've ever read," said Mike Chapman, executive director of the International Wrestling Institute and Museum, Iowa. Softbound, 286 pages, lots of photos.

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Much of the information in This Week In Wrestling is researched from Wrestling Title Histories. The 2000 edition is available now. It is the most complete record of over 2,000 professional wrestling titles and titleholders ever published. If you want a complete guide of who the title holders were in your favorite territories, you must own this ultimate reference book. Contains information on titles from the WWF, WCW, ECW, NWA, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Britain, Australia, New Zealand, all the old territories -- Florida, Mid-Atlantic, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Detroit, Toronto, Dallas, Portland, Kansas City, St. Louis, Atlanta, Calgary, Memphis, Knoxville, Montreal, Puerto Rico, Mid-South, San Antonio and more -- as well as hundreds of independent promotions from across the U.S. (including now-defunct favorites like Smoky Mountain, the UWF, and the USWA). The new edition includes major title changes (WWF, WCW, ECW) right up to the end of 1999. 
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May 30 - June 5

Special Edition!

Here is some extra coverage of some major events:

Dory Funk Jr. vs Fritz Von Erich
Signed for Texas Stadium

Main Event 
Fritz Von Erich & Red Bastien vs Spoiler & Stan Stasiak

Dallas, Texas
May 30, 197

053072-dallas-card.jpg (28967 bytes)

This card was the start of the buildup of one of the biggest matches in Texas wrestling history.

The program for this night announced the Fritz Von Erich would get a shot at Dory Funk Jr.'s NWA World heavyweight championship at Texas Stadium.

In under a month, 26,339 would pay just under a $100,000 to see the super card.

In the meantime, Fritz Von Erich started his march to Funk by teaming with Texas heavyweight champion Red Bastien to take on American heavyweight champion Spoiler and top contender Stan Stasiak.

Houston Crowns First UWF Champion

16-Man One Night Single Elimination Tournament
Winner Becomes First UWF Heavyweight Champion
First Round Matches
Hacksaw Jim Duggan def Freebird Buddy Roberts 
Freebird Terry Gordy def Koko Ware
Dr. Death Steve Williams def Rick Steiner
Kamala the Ugandan Giant def Bladerunner Sting (Sting)
Jack Victory def Brett Sawyer
Terry Taylor TIME LIMIT DRAW Freebird Michael Hayes (eliminated both)
Ted DiBiase def Bladerunner Rock (Ultimate Warrior)
Chavo Guerrero DOUBLE DQ Buzz Sawyer (eliminated both)

Quarterfinal Matches
Hacksaw Jim Duggan BYE 
Freebird Terry Gordy def Ted DiBiase
Dr. Death Steve Williams BYE
Kamala the Ugandan Giant def Jack Victory

Semifinal Matches
Hacksaw Jim Duggan def Kamala the Ugandan Giant 
Freebird Terry Gordy def Dr. Death Steve Williams

Championship Matches
 Freebird Terry Gordy def Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Houston, Texas
Sam Houston Coliseum
May 30, 1986

When Mid South made the decision to attempt to go national, they started by changing the identity of the company.

Mid South changed its name to UWF (Universal Wrestling Federation) and retired the historic North American heavyweight championship.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan was given the honor of retiring the belt and being the last recorded champion.

He went into a one-night 16-man elimination tournament in Houston as the number one seed, but the Freebirds and One Man Gang had other ideas.

Duggan met Freebird Terry Gordy in the finals. Before the championship match, Skandar Akbar led One Man Gang to the ring to protest that they weren't included in the tournament and challenge the winner.

Words were exchanged between Duggan and Gang and Gang sucker punched Duggan. He then rammed Duggan into the ring post and severely weakened him.

The attack made Duggan easy pickings for the white hot Gordy.

The win cemented Gordy's place as not just a member of the Freebirds, but also as one of the top singles wrestlers in the world.



World Heavyweight Title
1 Fall - 90 minute time limit
Dory Funk Jr. vs Tim Woods

St. Petersburg, Fla. 
June 3, 1972

5/30/25 - Joe Stecher beats Stanislaus Zbyszko in St. Louis, MO to capture the World heavyweight championship. This is often times incorrectly referred to as an NWA title switch. Stanislaus is no relation to "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko (Larry Whistler).

5/30/68 - (Maurice) Mad Dog Vachon beats Moondog (Ronald) Lonnie Mayne to win the Pacific Northwest heavyweight title.

5/30/73 - Tony Garea and (William) Haystacks Calhoun beat Mr. Fuji and Professor Toru Tanaka during a televised match in Hamburg, PA to capture the WWF tag team.

Haystacks Calhoun has a vicious brawl with Killer Tim Brooks in Detroit Tape 4.

5/30/84 - Big Nasty Angelo Mosca beats (Lawrence) Mike Rotunda in Tampa to win the Southern heavyweight title as recognized in Florida.

You can see Angelo Mosca’s son, Angelo Mosca Jr. upset Ivan Koloff for the Mid-Atlantic heavyweight championship in Mid-Atlantic Tape 2.

5/30/86 - Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy beats Hacksaw Jim Duggan in the finals of a tournament in Houston, TX to become the first-ever UWF heavyweight champion as recognized by Bill Watts' Mid-South Sports. Over the next year, this title would be held by the One Man Gang (George Gray), Big Bubba Rogers (Ray Traylor), and Doctor Death Steve Williams, before being discontinued after Watts sells his promotion to NWA member Jim Crockett Jr.

You can see Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s feud with Kimala and the return of the Freebirds in Mid-South Tape 1.

5/31/74 - Black Gordman beats Porkchop (Bobby) Cash to win the Americas heavyweight title in Los Angeles.

Black Gordman is featured throughout the Texas Collection.

6/1/96 - Pitbull II (Anthony Durante) beats "The Franchise" Shane Douglas (Troy Martin) in Philadelphia, PA to capture the ECW television championship.

6/2/60 - Cowboy Bob Ellis downs Dick the Bruiser (Afflis) in Windsor, Ontario, to capture the U.S. heavyweight title as recognized by the NWA office in Detroit.

Both Cowboy Bob Ellis and Dick the Bruiser would be popular main eventers in the Indianapolis Collection.

6/2/78 - El Faraon beats Alfonso Dantes in Los Angeles, CA to win the NWA World light heavyweight championship, one of only three titles recognized by the full board of the National Wrestling Alliance (the other two being the NWA World heavyweight title and the NWA World junior heavyweight crown).

6/2/83 - Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) beats (Kanji) Antonio Inoki in Tokyo to become the first winner of the heavyweight IWGP (International Wrestling Grand Prix) as recognized by the NWA-affiliated New Japan Pro Wrestling. Only two other Americans, Vader (Leon White) and Scott "Flash" Norton, have held that championship since then. 

6/2/87 - Honkytonk Man (Wayne Ferris) beats Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (Richard Blood) in Buffalo, N.Y. during a taping of WWF Superstars to win the Intercontinental championship. Today, Steamboat is contemplating a comeback, hoping to face his longtime rival Nature Boy Ric Flair (Richard Fliehr) one last time.

Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat is featured throughout the Mid-Atlantic Collection.

6/2/79 - The Spoiler (Don Jardine) downs Chief (Ed) Wahoo McDaniel in Houston to capture the "NWA" American heavyweight title.

The Spoiler (The Super Destroyer) battles Paul Jones in Mid-Atlantic Tape 1.

6/2/80 - Buzz Sawyer (Bruce Woyan) and Matt Borne (Matt Osborne) down Superfly Jimmy Snuka (James Reiher) and the Iron Sheik (Khosrow Vaziri) in the finals of a tournament in Greenville, SC to capture the Mid-Atlantic tag team.

Superfly Jimmy Snuka teams with Ray Stevens to defend the NWA World tag team championship against Masked Superstar & Paul Jones in Mid-Atlantic Tape 1.

6/2/90 - Scotty the Body (Levy) beats the Grappler (Len Denton) in Portland to capture vacant Pacific Northwest strap, which had been stripped from the waist of Scott "Flash" Norton. Today, Levy, now known as Raven, is one of the mainstays of NWA-TNA.

6/3/68 - In a battle of claw holds, Fritz Von Erich (Jack Adkisson) beats the Spoiler (Don Jardine) in Ft. Worth, TX to win the “NWA” American heavyweight championship.

See Fritz take on wrestling great and champion belt-maker Reggie Parks in  Wrestling Classics’ Stars of the Cauliflower Alley Club 2000.

6/3/73 - A pre-"Nature Boy" Ric(k) Flair pins Number One Paul Jones (Paul Frederick) in Raleigh, NC to capture the first singles title of his career, the “NWA” Mid-Atlantic television championship. Flair had previously held the “NWA” Mid-Atlantic tag title with his "uncle" Rip Hawk (Harvey Evers), beating Jones and Bob Bruggers. Oddly enough, Bruggers would have his career ended in the same accident that broke the back of Flair and partially paralyzed Johnny Valentine (John Wisniski Sr.). The title known as the WCW TV title can trace its roots directly back to the old Mid-Atlantic TV crown.

See classic matches featuring the likes of Flair, Valentine, then-NWA champ Dory Funk Jr. and others in the ultra-rare Paul Jones Collection, available now at Wrestling Classics.

6/3/91 - Stunning Steve Austin (Steve Williams) beats Beautiful Bobby Eaton in Birmingham, AL to win the WCW television championship. Austin goes on to capture the third-place position on the all-time longest reigning TV champs list, passing Tully Blanchard and trailing behind Number One Paul Jones and "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson (Marty Lunde).

6/4/64 - Bob Orton Sr. beats Cowboy Bob Ellis in Jacksonville, FL for the Southern heavyweight championship as recognized by Cowboy Luttrell's NWA promotion based out of Tampa.

See Orton’s son, Bob Orton Jr. take on wrestling’s hardcore legend in Wrestling Classics’ The Legend of Terry Funk.

6/4/81 - Kerry Von Erich (Kerry Adkisson) downs "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd in Dallas' Reunion Arena to capture the American title as recognized by the NWA-affiliated World Class promotion. It was Von Erich's first appearance as "The Modern Day Warrior," complete with new ring outfit, long hair and entrance music (Rush's Tom Sawyer).

See a young Kerry in action with older brother David in the Texas Collection,

in-store now at Wrestling Classics. Ladd, meanwhile can be seen defending the tag title of the World Wrestling Association against Living Legend Bruno Sammartino and Dick the Bruiser.

6/5/41 - Sandor Szabo beats football legend Bronko Nagurski in St. Louis to capture the World title as recognized by the original NWA (the National Wrestling Association), which is more or less the wrestling wing of the old National Boxing Association.

Szabo, Nagurski and literally hundreds of other stars are available in Wrestling Classics’ custom showroom. You pick the matches you wanna see and we’ll make your own Wrestling Classics Custom Collection according to your personal specifications. What next? A Wrestling Classics drive-through window?!

6/5/45 - The Masked Red Marvel beats Herb Welch in Nashville to win the World junior heavyweight championship. Welch is the brother of Roy Lee Welch, Lester Welch, and Jackie Fargo (Jack Welch), the uncle of Buddy Fuller (Edward Welch), and the great-uncle of Ron Fuller (Ron Welch), Bunkhouse Buck (Jimmy Golden), and Robert Fuller/Colonel Robert Parker/Tennessee Lee (Robert Welch).

See Robert Fuller battle Ricky Steamboat and Number One Paul Jones for the NAWA title, convince Ken Shamrock to turn heel, and get dissed by the true icon of wrestling, Lou Thesz, in Wrestling Classics’ awesome collection of matches from South Atlantic Pro Wrestling.

6/5/71 - Paul DeMarco beats "The Blond Bomber" Ray Stevens at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA to win the U.S. heavyweight championship as recognized by Roy Shires' NWA promotion.

Check out the legendary Stevens in six-man action along with the likes of Blackjack Mulligan, Baron Von Raschke, Dick the Bruiser, Sailor Art Thomas, and The Crusher. It’s available in the Indianapolis collection at Wrestling Classics.

6/5/80 - George Gulas, Rocky Brewer, and the Mystery Man beat Bobby Eaton, Tojo Yamamoto, and the Secret Weapon in Bowling Green, KY to capture the World six-man tag team championship as recognized by Nick Gulas' NWA promotion based out of Nashville. 

Tons of rare Nick Gulas-promoted shows are available in our Tennessee library, featuring the likes of Yamamoto, Bill Dundee and George Barnes, the Heavenly Bodies (Al & Don Greene), Jackie Fargo, Mr. Wrestling II, Mongolian Stomper, and of course, Jerry “The King” Lawler.

6/5/83 - "Living Legend" Larry Zbyszko tops Mr. Wrestling II (Johnny Walker) in Atlanta to win the vacant National heavyweight championship as recognized by the NWA-affiliated Georgia Championship Wrestling. The title was declared vacant after Killer Tim Brooks has beat Mr. Wrestling II for the belt and tried to sell it to Zbyszko.

Zbyszko can be found battling the bad man from Borger, Texas, Stan “The Lariat” Hansen on an action-packed edition of Southwest Championship Wrestling, taken from the original masters and available here at Wrestling Classics.

6/5/90 - Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy beats (Tomomi) Jumbo Tsuruta in Chiba, Japan to win the All Japan Triple Crown, which consists of the old "NWA" International title, the "NWA" United National title, and the Pacific Wrestling Federation heavyweight championship.

Before he became a Freebird, Gordy was a teenage upstart called “Terry Mecca” in the old IWA. Now you can catch a rare glimpse of his rise to greatness in Wrestling Classics’ Before They Were Stars, featuring matches from such young up-and-comers as Dick the Bruiser, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Buddy Landel, and a future WWF champ you might’ve heard of named Shawn Michaels.

6/5/98 – Former NWA World heavyweight champion Masahiro Chono and Hiroyoshi Tenzan down Shiro Koshinaka and Genichiro Tenryu in Tokyo to capture the vacant tag team IWGP.

Masa Chono, a Lou Thesz protege who holds the distinction of being his final opponent in the ring, can also be seen on video in our collection of shows from Heart of America Sports Attractions.

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