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Brisco - The Life & Times of National Collegiate and World Heavyweight Champion Jack Brisco Jack Brisco is on the short list in the discussion of the greatest NWA World heavyweight champions ever. He was one of the few men to hold both the World professional championship and the NCAA championship. He lost only one match in his career for Oklahoma State and won the NCAA championship in 1965. This is the book about Jack's battles both on and off the mat. Author Bill Murdock has spent countless hours with Jack, helping Jack write his amazing story about his travels through amateur and professional wrestling. All the big names in wrestling history parade through the book as Jack tells some of the greatest stories never heard. "One of the very best books on pro wrestling I've ever read," said Mike Chapman, executive director of the International Wrestling Institute and Museum, Iowa. Softbound, 286 pages, lots of photos.

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Week of June 30

Double Main Event
Johnny Valentine vs Red Bastien

Bearcat Wright vs Stan Stasiak

Dallas, Texas
June 27, 1972

American Heavyweight Championship
Gino Hernandez vs. Maniac Mark Lewin 

June 27, 19

9-Man Battle Royal
Johnny Valentine, Wahoo McDaniel, 
Tim Woods, Professor Toru Tanaka, Thunderbolt Patterson, Chris Markoff, Bronko Lubich, Two Ton Harris, 
George Gaiser 

Bobby Shane vs Skandar Akbar

Ft. Worth, Texas
June 28, 197

Main Event
Moondog Mayne vs Rocky Johnson

Ft. Worth, Texas
June 28, 197

American champ vs Texas champ
Bruiser Brody vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Ft. Worth, Texas
June 28, 197

Double Main Event
Bruiser Brody vs Great Kabuki

Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich vs Ernie Ladd & Killer Brooks

June 28, 1981

Double Main Event
Wahoo McDaniel vs Missouri Mauler

Blackjack Mulligan vs Billy "Red" Lyons  

Ft. Worth, Texas
June 29, 19

Lumberjack Match
Jose Lothario vs JJ Dillon

Moondog Mayne vs Red Bastien 

June 29, 197

Texas Brass Knucks Championship
Bruiser Brody vs Maniac Mark Lewin

Mil Mascaras vs El Gran Markus

June 29, 197

American Heavyweight Championship
Gino Hernandez vs Kevin Von Erich

American Tag Team Championship
Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada vs 
El Halcon & Kerry Von Erich

June 29, 19

Texas Rules Death Match
Jimmy Garvin vs David Von Erich

I Quit Match
Kerry Von Erich vs Freebird Terry Gordy

Lubbock, Texas
June 29, 1983

Florida Heavyweight Championship
Paul Jones vs.
Johnny Valentine 

Florida Tag Team Championship
Mike Graham & Kevin Sullivan vs
Samoans (Tio & Tapu) 

June 30, 19

Texas Heavyweight Championship
Al Madril vs John Tolos 

Superstar Billy Graham & Steve Strong vs Red Bastien & Jos Leduc

Ft. Worth, Texas
June 30, 1975

8-Man Tag Team Match
Fritz Von Erich & Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich & Kerry Von Erich vs Professor Toru Tanaka & JJ Dillon & 
Mr. Hito & Mr. Sakurada

Ft. Worth, Texas
June 30, 19

NWA World heavyweight title
Harley Race vs. Terry Funk
Body Slam Battle Royal
Bruiser Brody, Jimmy Snuka, Big John Studd (Big John), Iron Sheik (Mohammed Farouk), Moondog Spot (Randy Colley), Jose Lothario, Tommy Seigler
Houston, Texas
July 1, 1977

Tag Team War
Fritz Von Erich & Bruiser Brody vs. Maniac Mark Lewin & Spoiler

July 1, 1979

Brass Knucks Title!
Taped Fists - No DQ!

Superstar Billy Graham vs. 
Jose Lothario
July 2, 197

Eight-Man TagTeam Match
Bruiser Brody & Kevin, David, Kerry Von Erich vs. Spoiler, Maniac Mark Lewin, Killer Tim Brooks & Playboy Gary Hart 
Ft. Worth, Texas
July 2, 197

Texas heavyweight championship
Bruiser Brody vs. Al Madril
Texas heavyweight championship
Kevin & David Von Erich vs. 
Leroy Brown & Kiler Karl Krupp 
Ft. Worth, Texas
July 3, 197

$1000 Challenge Lights Out Match 
David Von Erich vs. John Studd
Ft. Worth, Texas
July 4, 197

Double Main Event
Bruiser Brody vs. Killer Karl Krupp

Kevin & David Von Erich vs. Gino Hernandez & Killer Tim Brooks 
July 4, 19

22-man Two-ring Battle Royal

American heavyweight title
Gino Hernandez vs. Mark Lewin
July 4, 19

Double Main Event
Rocky Johnson vs. Killer Brooks

Moondog Mayne vs. Red Bastien 
Ft. Worth, Texas
July 4, 197

Challenge Match
Jimmy Snuka vs. Big John Studd 
July 5, 1977

All-Asian Tag Title?
Kevin & David Von Erich vs. 
Chang Chung & Ten Gu 
July 5, 19

Bounty Match
Dusty Rhodes vs. Big John Studd

Texas Death Match
Dory Funk Jr. vs. David Von Erich
West Palm Beach, Fla.
July 5, 1981

Tag Team Main Event
Moondog Mayne & Killer Brooks vs. Rocky Johnson & Red Bastien 
July 6, 19

Brass Knucks Championship
Bruiser Brody vs. Mark Lewin 

Special Challenge Match

Mil Mascaras vs. Gino Hernandez
July 6, 197

Six-Man TagTeam Match
Bruiser Brody & Fritz Von Erich &  David Von Erich vs. Kabuki & Chang Chung & Ten Gu 
Ft. Worth, Texas
July 6, 19

6/27/35 - Danno O'Mahoney beats "The Golden Greek" Jim Londos in Boston to take the World heavyweight championship as recognized by both the National Wrestling Association. (The National Wrestling Association is not to be confused with the National Wrestling Alliance, although there is a direct lineage between the two NWAs and their titles) O'Mahoney also earns recognition from the influential New York State Athletic Commission. O'Mahoney goes on to defeat Ed Don George in the same city a month later for the AWA World title (a change that has been reported elsewhere as being for the NWA title).

6/27/45 - Herb Welch downs the Red Masked Marvel in Nashville to take the World junior heavyweight championship.

6/27/58 - Al "Tiny" Mills & Hombre Montana beat Ramon Torres & Dick Warren in San Jose, CA to capture the NWA World tag-team championship. Warren would go on to hold the AWA World title on four occasions, using his real name Nick Bockwinkel. The name "Warren" of course comes from the first name of his father, wrestler Warren Bockwinkel.

6/27/61 - (Rolland) Red Bastien teams with "brother" Lou (Klein) to beat Ray Shires (Ray Stevens) & Art Neilson to win the Indiana version of the AWA World tag-team championship.

6/27/68 - Bobo Brazil (Houston Harris) ends a two-day reign as NWA International heavyweight champion, as Shohei "Giant" Baba regains the belt in Tokyo. Today, that title is part of All Japan Pro Wrestling's prestigious Triple Crown.

Bobo Brazil is an absolute legend in Detroit and he appears in the Detroit Collection.

6/27/72 - Professor Toru Tanaka (Hidecki Tanaka) & Mr. Fuji (Harry Fujiwara) beat Sonny King & Chief Jay Strongbow (Joe Scarpa) in Philadelphia to win the WWF tag-team straps.

Chief Jay Strongbow has a brutal encounter with Bulldog Don Kent in Detroit Tape 5.

6/27/77 - Iron Mike Sharpe beats "Bobby Heenan's brother" Guy Mitchell (later known as the WWF's Gentleman Jerry Valiant) in Vancouver to win the NWA Pacific Coast title.

6/27/84 - "Little Nasty" Angelo Mosca Jr. beats The Outlaw (Dory Funk Jr.), managed by Playboy Gary Hart, to win his third Mid-Atlantic heavyweight championship.

6/27/88 - Max Pain (Darryl Peterson) beats Jerry "The King" Lawler in Memphis to win the CWA heavyweight title (the Triple Crown of the Jarrett promotion, made up of the old AWA Southern title, AWA International title, and NWA Mid-America title). That same night, a pre-Papa Pump Scott Steiner (Scott Rechsteiner) teams with a pre-guitar-wielding Billy Joe Travis to down Gorgeous Gary Young & Don Bass to win the CWA tag crown.

6/27/98 - Sabu (Terry Brunk) and Rob Van Dam (Rob Szatkowski) beat Lance Storm (Lance Evers) and Chris Candido in Philadelphia to win the ECW World tag belts.

6/28/79 - Bull Ramos beats Alberto Madril in L.A. for the NWA Americas crown.

6/28/80 - Shohei "Giant" Baba & Jumbo Tsuruta win a tournament in Cobo Hall to capture the Detroit version of the NWA World tag-team championship.

6/28/82 - One day after the 10th  anniversary of his WWF tag title loss (with partner Sonny King) to Mr. Fuji & Prof. Tanaka, Chief Jay Strongbow teams with his "little brother" Jules (Frank Hill) to beat Fuji and his new partner Masa Saito to win the WWF tag-team championship in New York's Madison Square Garden. It should be noted that Jules Strongbow took his name from the famed Golden Age wrestler, announcer, and promoter of the same name.

Chief Jay Strongbow has a brutal encounter with Bulldog Don Kent in Detroit Tape 5.

6/28/97 - Everybody's role model, Lionheart Chris Jericho (Chris Irvine), beats Syxx-Pac (Sean Waltman) in Los Angeles to capture the WCW World cruiserweight title.

6/28/98 - Kane (Glen Jacobs) beats Stone Cold Steve Austin (Steven Williams) at the King of the Ring pay-per-view from Pittsburgh, PA to capture the WWF heavyweight championship.

6/29/60 - The Mighty Yankee downs the great second-generation star Dick Steinborn to capture the Southern title as recognized by the NWA offices in Tampa, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Birmingham.

6/29/63 - Ray Stevens beats Wilbur Snyder at the world famous Cow Palace in San Francisco to win the NWA U.S. title.

Wilbur Snyder is featured throughout the Indianapolis Collection.

6/29/72 - Nature Boy Roger Kirby & Black Angus Campbell beat Danny Little Bear & The Mongolian Stomper (Archie Gouldie) in Kansas City for the Central States tag belts.

You can follow the Central States title in the Central States Collection.

6/29/73 - Kim Sung Ho beats Alfonso Dantes in Mexico City to capture the NWA World light heavyweight championship.

6/29/80 - Shozo "Strong" Kobayashi & Haruka Eigen beat Higo "Animal" Hamaguchi & The Mighty (Sueo) Inoue in Chiba to win the World tag-team championship as recognized by International Wrestling Enterprises.

6/29/86 - After Stan "The Lariat" Hansen goes AWOL from the AWA, Nick Bockwinkel is awarded the association's World heavyweight championship in Denver.

Nick Bockwinkel has a classic match with Jerry “The King” Lawler for the AWA World heavyweight championship in Memphis Main Events.

6/29/98 - Stone Cold Steve Austin ends Kane's one-day reign as WWF kingpin, regaining the belt during a live Raw is War in Cleveland, Ohio.

6/30/37 - Football Hall of Famer (Bronislaw) Bronko Nagurski beats Dean Delton in Minneapolis to win the World heavyweight championship as recognized by Ring Magazine.

6/30/61 - NWA U.S. champion Nature Boy Buddy Rogers (Herman "Dutch" Rohde) beats Pat O'Connor at Chicago's Comiskey Park to capture the NWA (National Wrestling Alliance) World heavyweight championship in a bout billed as "The Match of the Century." Rogers gets the pin after O'Connor misses a dropkick and crotches himself on the top rope. This match set an attendance record that stood for decades.

You can see this historic contest in NWA World Heavyweight Championship 1.

6/30/79 - Stan "The Man" Stasiak heart punches his way to the Pacific Northwest crown, besting Rowdy Roddy Piper (Roderick Toombs).

Stan Stasiak has a brutal feud with The Sheik in the Detroit Collection.

6/30/83 - The Super Destroyer beats Colonel Buck (Phil) Robley in Kansas City, Kansas to capture the Central States title in the finals of a tournament held in Kansas City. Harley Race following his NWA World title victory over Ric Flair (Richard Fliehr) 20 days earlier in St. Louis had vacated the championship.

You can follow the Central States title in the Central States Collection.

6/30/85 - Hercules Hernandez (Ray Fernandez) beats Hector Guerrero in Orlando to win the NWA Florida title.

You can see Hector Guerrero start his climb to the Florida title in Florida Tape 2.

6/30/86 - The Great Samu (Sam Anoia) beats Dino Bravo (Adolpho Brescino) in Montreal for the International heavyweight championship. Samu would go on to become one half of the Samoan Swat Team, while Bravo would later die in an alleged mob hit.

You can see Dino Bravo take on Bill Eadie wrestling as Bolo Mongol in Before They Were Stars.

6/30/96 - Masanobu Fuchi beats Dan Kroffat (Phil Lafon) in Shizuoaka, Japan to capture the World junior heavyweight championship as recognized by All Japan Pro Wrestling. Lafon took his name from Calgary legend Dan "King Krow" Kroffat.

7/1/77 - Texas Red (Bastien) beats Armando Guerrero at the Olympic Auditorium in L.A. to capture the NWA Americas title. Bastien would go on to gain even greater fame by teaming with Mark Nulty as co-host of Jim Crockett's syndicated NWA Championship Wrestling in 1995.

7/1/84 - The Spoiler (Don Jardine) pins Brad Armstrong (Robert James Jr.) in Atlanta to capture the NWA National heavyweight championship. Today, Armstrong is "B.A." of the No Limit Soldiers. As Gordon Solie might say, "Hooty Hoo, indeed!"

7/1/91 - Nature Boy Ric Flair is stripped of the WCW World title (1991-present) following a contract dispute with Turner Broadcasting. Flair continues to be recognized as NWA World champion (1948-present) by the National Wrestling Alliance until September of the same year. Flair becomes WWF champion for the first time the following year.

7/2/79 - Outlaw Ron Bass beats Randy Tyler in Memphis to win the AWA Southern heavyweight championship.

Ron Bass has a feud with Mike Rotunda for the NWA version of the Southern title in Florida Tape 2.

7/2/80 - Kengo Kimura beats Bret Hart in a tournament final in Kitakyushu, Japan to capture the International junior heavyweight championship as recognized by New Japan Pro Wrestling.

7/2/82 - One of the most overlooked and underrated teams in history, Black Gordman & El Gran Goliat, win their 18th and final "NWA" Americas tag title, downing the Exotic Adrian Street & Diamond Timothy Flowers III.

Both Black Gordman and El Gran Goliat are featured throughout the Texas Collection.

7/3/40 - Tetsuo Higami beats Billy Venable in Honolulu to capture the Hawaiian junior heavyweight title.

7/3/86 - Velvet McIntyre beats The Fabulous Moolah (Lillian Ellison) in Brisbane, Australia to win the WWF Women's title.

Moolah and more of the greatest women wrestlers of all time are featured in Classic Womens Matches 1.

Richard Sullivan has been following professional wrestling for nearly 27 years and saw many of today's 'legends' like Ric Flair and Randy Savage compete in small high school gyms and recreation centers when they were just starting out. His first foray into serious wrestling journalism pre-dated publications like The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and he has done play-by-play wrestling announcing on the radio. After a brief stint as an independent promoter, Sullivan has settled into a role as a well-paid wrestling historian, who openly laughs in the face of anyone who hasn't heard of Spaceman Frank Hickey.

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