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Red Black & Blue
(History of the NWA World Title)

Six NWA World heavyweight championship matches.

Six title changes.

See the greatest stars in wrestling battle for the biggest prize in the sport.

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Week of July 11

Texas Brass Knucks Championship 
Red Bastien vs. Stan Stasiak


July 11, 197

Mask vs Mask
Bruiser Brody vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Ft. Worth
July 11, 19

Mask vs Mask
El Gran Markus vs El Halcon

July 11, 19

Main Event
Moondog Mayne vs. Jose Lothario 

Ft. Worth
July 12, 197

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Ric Flair vs Hacksaw Butch Reed 

Florida Heavyweight Championship
Jimmy Garvin vs Mike Graham 

West Palm Beach
July 12, 19

American Heavyweight Championship
Spoiler vs El Halcon 

July 13, 19

Lumberjack Match
Bruiser Brody vs. Kabuki

Ft. Worth
July 13, 198

12-Man Battle Royal
Superstar Billy Graham
Red Bastien
Mad Dog Vachon
Red Bastien
John Tolos
Jose Lothario
Steve Strong
Al Madril
Gordon Nelson
El Gran Markus
Geoff Portz
Fritz Von Erich

Ft. Worth
July 14, 19

Tag Team Main Event
Kerry Von Erich & Killer Brooks vs
Stan Stasiak & Hans Schroeder 

July 14, 19

Main Event
Victor Rivera vs Professor Toru Tanaka 

Worchester MA

July 14, 19

Texas Rules Death Match
Maniac John Tolos vs Al Madril 

Superstar Billy Graham vs Jos Leduc


July 15, 197

Main Event
Wahoo McDaniel vs Missouri Mauler

Ft. Worth

July 16, 19

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Brisco vs. Superstar Billy Graham 

July 16, 19

Main Event
Bruiser Brody & Fritz Von Erich  vs. Mark Lewin & Spoiler

Ft. Worth
July 16, 197

Main Event
Fritz Von Erich vs. Missouri Mauler

July 17, 19

Double Main Event
Leroy Brown vs Killer Karl Krupp 

Al Madril vs Bruiser Brody

Ft. Worth
July 17, 19

7/11/30 - The Original Intelligent Sensational Destroyer (Dick Beyer) is born. A former AWA and WWA World champ, The Destroyer is noted for his figure four leg lock and tremendous mat skills.

7/11/52 - Art Neilson beats Angelo Martinelli for the “NWA” Southern heavyweight championship. Martinelli would go on to find work as a referee following his career as an active performer is over.

7/11/54 - "Hacksaw" Butch Reed (Bruce Reed) is born. A former Kansas City Chief, Reed has held such titles as the North American title, “NWA” International title, and the NWA World tag team championship with Ron Simmons.

7/11/58 - In a battle between two of wrestling's premier patriarchs, Angelo Savoldi beats Dory Funk Sr. in Oklahoma City, OK to regain the NWA World junior heavyweight championship.

7/11/61 - Canada's greatest athlete, "Big Thunder" Gene Kiniski, beats Verne Gagne in Minneapolis, MN to capture the AWA World heavyweight championship. Kiniski would go on to win the NWA World title, becoming the only man in history to hold both of those prestigious titles.

7/11/70 - In a battle of blond bombers, Ray Stevens beats Pat Patterson (Pierre Clermont) at the famed Cow Palace in San Francisco to win the “NWA” U.S. heavyweight championship. Stevens & Patterson would go on to become one of the top tag teams in wrestling history, holding both the “NWA” and AWA World tag team titles.

7/11/87 - Two titles change hands on the same night in two different stops on Jim Crockett Promotions' Great American Bash '87 national tour. At the famed Coliseum in Greensboro, NC, "The Total Package" Lex Luger (Larry Phofl), a member of The Four Horsemen managed by James J. Dillon (James Morrison), beats "The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff (Scott Simpson) to win the “NWA” U.S. title. Meanwhile, in Oklahoma City, OK, "Doctor Death" Steve Williams beats Big Bubba Rogers (Ray Traylor), a member of Devastation Incorporated managed by General Skandar Akbar, to win the UWF World heavyweight championship.

7/12/46 - Tex Riley wins the vacant World junior heavyweight championship in Nashville after previous champion Herb Welch is injured in an automobile accident. Welch later makes a comeback to regain the title a year later.

7/12/79 - Jerry Brown & The Turk beat Gama Singh & Bulldog Bob Brown in the finals of a tournament in Kansas City to win the vacant “NWA” Central States tag team title.

7/12/92 - Vader (Leon White) beats Sting (Steve Borden) at the Great American Bash '92 pay-per-view in Albany, GA to capture the WCW World heavyweight championship for the first time in his career. Also that night, reigning WCW tag champs Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy & Steve "Doctor Death" Williams beat Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes (Dustin Runnels) in the finals of a several week long tournament to win the vacant officially board-sanctioned NWA World tag team championship as well (marking the first time in history the NWA has ever sanctioned tag champions). The WCW and NWA tag titles are then "unified" until WCW drops out of the NWA the following year.

7/12/94 - Dan Kroffat (Phil Lafon), who took his name from Calgary legend Dan "King Krow" Kroffat, beats Masa Fuchi in Kagoshima, Japan to win the World junior heavyweight championship as recognized by All Japan Pro Wrestling.

7/12/95 - After the WWF restructures its Canadian operations, placing former Bret Hart confidant Carl DeMarco in charge of its operations, longtime figurehead "WWF president" and Toronto area promoter Jack Tunney "retires" from office. Tunney is the nephew of the legendary Frank Tunney, who was best friends with WWF founder Vincent James McMahon (father of current WWF owner Vincent Kennedy McMahon).

7/13/56 - Bobo Brazil (Houston Harris) & Enrique Torres beat Mike & Ben Sharpe in Oakland, CA to take the “NWA” World tag title.

7/13/68 - Kenji Shibuya & Masa Saito beat Pepper Gomez & Pepper Martin in San Francisco, CA to win the “NWA” World tag team championship.

7/13/70 - Sputnik Monroe beats Danny Hodge in Shreveport, LA to capture the NWA World junior heavyweight belt.

7/13/72 - Sean Waltman is born. The wrestler now known as X-Pac began his career in 1991 as The Lightning Kid (a name taken to pay homage to "The Dynamite Kid" Tommy Billington). He captured the GWF World junior heavyweight championship at the world famous Dallas Sportatorium before entering the WWF as underdog hero The 1-2-3 Kid. He was later at the forefront of the hottest angle in WCW history, the NWO invasion, as "Syxx-Pac."

7/13/82 - Masa Saito & Mr. Fuji (Harry Fujiwara), managed by Captain Lou Albano, beat Chief Jay Strongbow (Joe Scarpa) & Jules Strongbow (Frank Hill) in Allentown, PA during a taping of the syndicated WWF Championship Wrestling program, to win the WWF World tag team title.  

7/13/84 - Former NWA World champion Shohei "Giant" Baba beats Stan "The Lariat" Hansen in Tokyo to regain the Pacific Wrestling Federation heavyweight title. The PWF belt is now part of the All Japan Triple Crown along with the “NWA” International and “NWA” United National titles.

7/13/92 - Ricky Morton, son of Paul Morton, beats "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert, son of Tommy Gilbert, in Memphis, to win the Unified World heavyweight championship as recognized by the United States Wrestling Association.

7/13/95 - Shinya Hoshimoto & Junji Hirata beat Scott "Flash" Norton & Mike Enos in Sapporo, Japan to capture the vacant tag team International Wrestling Grand Prix (IWGP).

7/13/96 - "The Franchise" Shane Douglas (Troy Martin) beats "Lionheart" Chris Jericho (Chris Irvine) in Phliadelphia, PA to capture the ECW television title. This is the night that Douglas legitimately breaks the neck of Gary Wolfe of the Pit Bulls.

7/14/58 - Ramon Torres & Dick Warren (Nick Bockwinkel) beat Hombre Montana & Tiny Mills in Sacramento, CA to take the “NWA” World tag team championship.

7/14/79 - Billy McGuire (Bill McCrary) of the famed McGuire Twins tag team (along with brother Benny) dies in Niagara Falls, Ontario. The McGuires, who rode min-bikes in the circus in addition to wrestling, were the largest tag team in the history of the business.

7/14/84 - Vincent Kennedy McMahon's Titan Sports, Inc. purchases controlling interest in Georgia Championship Wrestling, Inc. (an NWA member) from stockholders Jim Barnett and the Brisco brothers (Jack & Gerald), thus gaining access to that promotion's nationally televised program, World Championship Wrestling, on Ted Turner's SuperStation TBS.

7/14/86 - Former eight-time NWA World champ Harley Race pins former WWF World titleholder Pedro Morales in Foxboro, MA to win the second annual King of the Ring. This is before the event is televised on pay-per-view.

7/14/89 - The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael "P.S." Hayes & Jimmy "Jam" Garvin), along with Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy, beat The Midnight Express (Sweet Stan Lane & Beautiful Bobby Eaton), managed by James E. Cornette, in the finals of a tournament to crown new “NWA” World tag team champions. This match is televised live from a military base in Ft. Bragg, NC as part of a Clash of the Champions special on TBS. The show also features Gordy battling to a no-contest with future partner "Doctor Death" Steve Williams, Terry Funk losing via DQ to Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat (Richard Blood) in a battle of former NWA World champions, and the debut of the Jim Herd masterstroke known as The Ding Dongs.

7/14/91 - WCW U.S. kingpin Lex Luger, managed by Harley Race, beats Barry Windham inside a steel cage at the Great American Bash '91 pay-per-view in Baltimore, MD to win the vacant WCW World title. This match takes place after Ric Flair (Richard Fliehr) is stripped of the WCW World title (despite the fact that Flair continues to hold the completely separate NWA World title at this point).

7/15/51 - Jesse "The Body" Ventura (Jim Janos) is born. A former NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight champ and co-holder of the AWA World tag title, Ventura is currently the Governor of the state of Minnesota.

7/15/69 - Ray Stevens, the reigning U.S. titleholder, beats Bruno Sammartino via countout at San Francisco's Cow Palace, but fails to win the WWF World title.

Bruno Sammartino faced many of the top stars in the country. He teams with Dick the Bruiser to take on Ernie Ladd and Baron Von Raschke in Indianapolis Tape 3.

7/15/83 - Ric Flair (Richard Fliehr) beats David Von Erich (David Adkisson) in the finals of a tournament in St. Louis to crown a new “NWA” Missouri State heavyweight champion. The title had been vacated by Harley Race after his victory over Flair for the NWA World title a month earlier in the same city.

You can see Ric Flair’s rematch for the title with Harley Race in NWA World Heavyweight Championship 1. It was the main event of the first Starrcade.

7/15/91 - Bad Boy Billy Black & Outlaw Joel Deaton (Joe Jones) beat Kenta Kobashi & Johnny Ace (John Laurindas) for the All Asia tag team title.

7/15/96 - Brickhouse Brown & Reggie B. Fine beat Bart Sawyer & Flex Kavana (Dwayne Johnson) for the USWA tag straps in Memphis. Kavana would go on to gain fame as The Rock in the WWF.

7/16/51 - Pat O'Hara beats Bobby Lane in Tampa, FL to win the “NWA” Southern title.

7/16/77 - Two titles change hands at the Cow Palace in San Francisco as Dean Ho (Dean Higuchi) beats Alexis Smirnoff (Michele DuBois) to win the “NWA” U.S. title and Kurt & Karl Von Steiger win a tournament to crown new “NWA” World tag team champions. The tag title had been declared vacant after Alberto Madril & Pepper Gomez were stripped of the belts due to an injury suffered by Madril.

7/16/82 - Derek Draper beats David Von Erich to win the “NWA” Southern belt. Draper is perhaps best known as "The Polish Prince" Ed Wisowski (his real name) and as "The South African Mercinary" Colonel DeBeers.

7/16/83 - "Hacksaw" Butch Reed (Bruce Reed) beats Junkyard Dog (Sylvester Ritter) in New Orleans to win the North American heavyweight title as recognized by Mid-South Sports, Inc.

You can see Butch Reed prepare for a shot at Ric Flair’s NWA World heavyweight championship in Florida Tape 2.

7/16/84 - Jerry Stubbs & Arn Anderson (Marty Lunde) beat The RAT Patrol in Birmingham, AL to win the “NWA” Southeastern tag team title.

7/16/92 - Dangerous Danny McShane dies in Alvin, Texas at the age of 79. McShane, who beat Verne Gagne for the NWA World junior heavyweight belt in 1951, ended his career as a well-respected referee in the southwest.

7/16/94 - Sid Vicious (Sid Eudy) beats Jerry "The King" Lawler via forfeit in Memphis at the Mid-South Coliseum to win the Unified title. Lawler was unable to continue due to a pre-match attack by Vicious.

You can see Jerry Lawler face some of the biggest stars in wrestling in Memphis Main Events.

7/16/94 - WCW holds its annual Bash at the Beach pay-per-view in the sand at Hunnington Beach, CA. Among the highlights are the on-air debut of Paul Wight as “The Giant, Son of Andre” (during a pre-show interview), an unscheduled appearance by Dennis Rodman, and a steel cage match between Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea) and Vader, in which Vader suffers a shoulder injury while attempting a top rope senton splash. Footage is shot during this show for use in an episode of Baywatch featuring Hogan, Vader, Ric Flair, Randy Savage (Randy Poffo), and Kevin Sullivan.

7/17/50 - Johnny Valentine (John Wisniski Sr.) beats Danny Dusek in Tampa to win the “NWA” Southern crown.

Wrestling Classics presented a celebration of Johnny Valentine’s career in the Features Section. You will see video clips, photos, and audio interviews with some of the people Johnny Valentine knew best.

7/17/70 - The Fabulous Kangaroos (Don Kent & Al Costello) beat Dr. Bill Miller & Dick the Bruiser (Dick Afflis) to capture the WWA World tag team championship.

You can see a lot of great WWA action featuring such stars as Dick the Bruiser, The Sheik, Ernie Ladd, Baron Von Raschke, Blackjacks, Bobby Heenan, Crusher, Cowboy Bob Ellis, Bruno Sammartino, and more in the Indianapolis Collection.

7/17/76 - Pampiro Firpo beats The Sheik (Ed Farhat) in Detroit to win the “NWA” U.S. championship.

The Sheik is one of the most popular stars in the Wrestling Classics Video Store. Check out his sensational matches in the Detroit Collection.

7/17/88 - Bruiser Brody dies in Puerto Rico at the age of 42, one day after being stabbed in the dressing room by wrestler Invader I (Jose Gonzales).

7/17/90 - Terry Gordy beats Stan Hansen in Ishikawa, Japan to win the prestigious Triple Crown.

You can see perhaps Terry Gordy’s first television match when he takes on Ernie Ladd in Before They Were Stars.

7/17/93 - "Prime Time" Brian Lee (Brian Harris) beats Tracy Smothers with use of a loaded glove in Johnson City, TN to capture the Smoky Mountain heavyweight title. Lee would go on to gain WWF fame as Chainz of the Disciples of Apocolypse.

7/17/94 - Hulk Hogan pins Ric Flair in Orlando, FL at WCW's Bash at the Beach to win the WCW World title for the first time of his career. After the bout, Hogan is presented the belt by special referee Mr. T (Lawrence Teraud) and NBA star Shaquille O'Neal. A week later on TBS' WCW Pro program, commentator Larry Zbyszko (Larry Whistler) utters the line, "There's a New World Order in professional wrestling."

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