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Celebrate the milestones of professional wrestling!

Every week we remember the great stars, great matches and great moments that have defined professional wrestling.

Richard Sullivan provides special insight for this week's highlights. Special thanks to David Williamson for his contributions to the exhibits.

You can click the images to see a larger version of the photo. Click the hyperlink in the text to get more information about the memorabilia.

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Special Edition!

Here is some extra coverage of some major events:

North American Box Office Record Set at Shea Stadium

Steel Cage Match 
Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zbyszko

New York City
Shea Stadium
Aug. 9, 1980

It was the ultimate act of betrayal against the most beloved legend in wrestling history. And it led to a North American box office record.

Larry Zbyszko was Bruno Sammartino's personal protégé. He had created a solid career for himself including multiple WWE tag team championships. But Zbyszko started talking about being in Sammartino's shadow. One day he challenged Sammartino to a match. Sammartino won the match, but Zbyszko was far from finished. He layed out his mentor with a chair that sent shockwaves through the Northeast.

Zbyszko immediately became one of the most hated men in wrestling. 

The showdown at Shea set box office records.

Star Wars in Fort Worth!

Four Titles on the Line

Six-Man Tag Team Steel Cage Match
(seconds will be inside cage)
Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich & Bruiser Brody
(seconded by Fritz Von Erich)

Great Kabuki & Chang Chung & Ten Gu
(seconded by Gary Hart)

Ft. Worth
Will Rogers Coliseum

Aug. 3, 1981

The summer of 1981 saw the height of Von Erich's and Bruiser Brody's feud with the Gary Hart stable. A few weeks earlier, Hart's combination of Great Kabuki & Chang Chung & Ten Gu beat Kevin and David Von Erich & Bruiser Brody in a six-man tag match. The Von Erichs claimed that Gary Hart's interference was the key to the upset. The rematch was inside a steel cage. Because of the controversy, Fritz Von Erich and Gary Hart were also inside the cage seconding their teams with a special stipulation.

Also, four championship matches highlighted this special edition of Star Wars.

August 3

Hart vs Dillon
Moondog Mayne vs Lord Al Hayes

Aug. 3, 1976

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Harley Race vs. Rocky Johnson

Bullrope Match
Dusty Rhodes vs.
Buddy Wolff

Miami Beach
Aug. 3, 1977

Loser Gets Painted Yellow
Special Referee: Wild Bull Curry

Gino Hernandez vs. Jose Lothario

Texas Brass Knucks Championship
Bruiser Brody vs. Mark Lewin

Aug. 3, 1979

Double Main Event
Kevin Von Erich & 
Sweet Brown Sugar vs. 
Gino Hernandez & Gary Young

Dog Collar Match
Kerry Von Erich vs. Killer Brooks

Oct. 3, 1980

Main Event
Jerry Lawler vs. JJ Dillon

Southern Heavyweight Title
Kamala vs. Ron Bass

Aug. 3, 19

Steel Cage Match 
Junkyard Dog vs. Butch Reed

North American Title
No Disqualifications 

Magnum TA vs.
Ernie Ladd

Aug. 3, 19

Taped Fist Match
Superstar Billy Graham vs. 
Jose Lothario

Mad Dog Vachon vs. Al Madril

Ft. Worth
Aug. 4, 1975

Texas Rules Death Match
(Kerry Von Erich handcuffed to Gary Hart)

Kevin Von Erich vs. 
Gino Hernandez 

Ft. Worth
Aug. 4, 1980

Texas Brass Knucks Championship
Superstar Billy Graham vs. 
Mad Dog Vachon

Aug. 5, 1975

American Heavyweight Title
Spoiler vs. El Halcon

Texas Tag Team Championship
Bruiser Brody & Kerry Von Erich vs. Mark Lewin & Killer Brooks

Aug. 5, 19

Main Event
Kamala vs. Bruiser Brody

Aug. 5, 1983

Double Main Event
Wahoo McDaniel vs. 
Blackjack Mulligan

Texas Tag Team Championship
Black Gordman & Goliath vs. 
Jose Lothario & Ivan Putski

Ft. Worth
Aug. 6, 1973

Main Event
Sheik vs. Jackie Fargo

No Disqualification Grudge Match
George Gulas & Rufus R Jones vs Bounty Hunters

Aug. 6, 1974

Main Event
Superstar Billy Graham vs. 
Moon Dog Mayne

Aug. 6, 1976

Main Event
Andre the Giant vs. Sheik

Texas Tag Team Championship
Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich vs. Terry Funk & Dory Funk Jr.

Aug. 6, 1978

Double Main Event
Bruiser Brody vs. Spoiler

Texas Heavyweight Championship
David Von Erich vs. Mark Lewin

Ft. Worth
Aug. 6, 1979

Main Event
Jody Arnold vs. Jack the Ripper

Aug. 6, 1982

American Heavyweight Title
Fritz Von Erich vs. Missouri Mauler

Aug. 7, 1973

3-on-2 Handicap Match
Andre the Giant & Leroy Brown vs. Gary Hart & Killer Brooks & 
Killer Karl Krupp

Ft. Worth
Aug. 7, 1978

Mask vs. Mask
Mil Mascaras vs. Gino Hernandez

Aug. 7, 1981

Main Event
Cowboy Bob Ellis vs. Tarzan Tyler

Midwest Heavyweight Title
Larry Hennig vs. Stan Pulaski

Aug. 8, 1969

Main Event
John Studd & Iron Sheik vs. David Von Erich & Skip Young

Ox Baker vs. Jimmy Snuka

Ft. Worth
Aug 8, 1977


Main Event
Bruiser Brody vs. Andre the Giant

Aug. 8, 1978

Texas Brass Knucks Title
Stan Stasiak vs. Ox Baker

Aug 8, 1980

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Bob Backlund vs. Jimmy Snuka

United States Heavyweight Title
Sgt. Slaughter vs. Angelo Mosca

Aug 8, 1982

Lights Out "I Quit" Match
Rocky Johnson vs. JJ Dillon

Main Event
Jose Lothario vs. 
Moon Dog Mayne

Ft. Worth
Aug 9, 1976

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Terry Funk vs. Dick Murdoch

North American Heavyweight Title
Cowboy Bill Watts vs. Ken Patera

Aug 9, 1976

American Heavyweight Title
Fritz Von Erich vs. John Studd

World Women's Championship
Fabulous Moolah vs. 
Vicki Williams

Aug 9, 1977

Main Event
Von Erich & David Manning vs. Killer Brooks & Arman Hussein

Aug 9, 1981

8/3/80 - Harley Race retains his NWA World title, beating Dusty Rhodes in a match with Fritz Von Erich as special ref. The night is billed as "The Last Tango in Tampa," based around Rhodes' vow to never again challenge for the championship. Naturally, he not only challenged for the belt but also wins it a year later in Atlanta, thus adhering to pro wrestling's time-honored tradition of never fulfilling stipulations.

See the greatest matches in the history of wrestling’s most coveted prize in Wrestling Classics’ special collection of NWA World heavyweight championship matches, available now.

8/3/82 - A bad night all around for Roddy Piper (Roddy Toombs), as he first loses the “NWA” Mid-Atlantic title to Jack Brisco in Raleigh's famed Dorton Arena, then is stabbed by a crazed fan in the parking lot. The wound, right beneath the heart, requires several stitches to close.

Celebrate Jack Brisco’s career at the official Jack Brisco Web site.

8/3/87 - After Sting (Steve Borden) is attacked by former Hot Stuff International stable mate Eddie Gilbert on his way to the ring in Morgan City, LA, Shane Douglas (Troy Martin) is put in as a substitute opponent and beats Gilbert (with help from Sting) to win the UWF television championship.

8/3/92 - Brian Christopher (Brian Lawler) beats Dr. Tom Prichard in Memphis to win the USWA Southern title.

8/3/96 - The Gangstas down The Eliminators in Philadelphia to take the ECW World tag team title.

8/3/97 - Two titles change hands in East Rutherford, NJ as Bret "Hitman" Hart beats The Undertaker (Mark Callaway) to win his fifth WWF World title, while younger brother Owen drops the WWF Intercontinental strap to Stone Cold Steve Austin (Steve Anderson Williams).  In this match, Austin suffers a near-career-ending neck injury due to a Hart piledriver.

8/4/69 - Fritz Von Erich (Jack Adkisson) beats Johnny Valentine (John Wisniski Sr.) in Ft. Worth, TX to capture the “NWA” American heavyweight title.

8/4/77 - Dick Murdoch wins his second “NWA” North American title, beating Cowboy Bill Watts.

8/4/79 - In a "Battle of the Bruisers," King Kong Bruiser Brody beats Dick the Bruiser in Indianapolis, IN to capture the WWA World heavyweight championship.

See Dick the Bruiser and other great stars in the Indianapolis Collection.

8/4/82 - One day after being stabbed by a fan, Roddy Piper makes a babyface turn during a taping of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling at WCNC studios in Charlotte. Sir Oliver Humperdink explains to Piper that he wouldn't have lost the Mid-Atlantic title to Jack Brisco or gotten assaulted if The House of Humperdink had been there to watch his back. Piper responds and gets a huge pop from the crowd as he tears up Hump's contract and throws it in his face.

8/4/89 - World Class Championship Wrestling becomes the United States Wrestling Association after Eric Embry beats PY Chu'Hi, managed by Tojo Yamamoto and General Skandar Akbar to gain control of the company. This match is televised on ESPN.

8/4/90 - The Grappler (Len Denton) beats Scotty the Body (Scott "Raven" Levy) in Portland to win the Pacific Northwest heavyweight championship.

8/4/95 - Turner Home Entertainment televises Kollision in Korea, a taped pay-per-view special shot over the course of two days in North Korea. Attendance totals 240,000 fans, as former WWF World champion Antonio Inoki beats former NWA/WCW/WWF World champ Ric Flair in the main event. The local promoters are initially very excited about the fact that they drew the biggest crowd in wrestling history until they remember they're communists.

8/5/69 - Johnny Valentine ends the one-day reign of Fritz Von Erich as NWA American heavyweight champion, winning the rematch in Dallas.

8/5/83 - Rufus R. "Freight Train" Jones beats former NWA World champ Dory Funk Jr. in Richmond, VA for the NWA Mid-Atlantic heavyweight title.

8/5/93 - Scott "Flash" Norton & Hercules Hernandez beat The Hell Raisers (Kensuke Sasaki & Road Warrior Hawk) in Tokyo to win the tag team IWGP.

8/5/94 - The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) beat Chris Candido & Prime Time Brian Lee, managed by Tammy Fytch (Tammy Sytch), at Night of the Legends in Knoxville, TN to regain the Smoky Mountain tag team title.

8/5/96 - The Great Sasuke beats Ultimo Dragon in the finals of the J-Crown tournament in Tokyo. The tournament "unifies" the WWF World light heavyweight, NWA World junior heavyweight, NWA World welterweight, WAR International junior heavyweight, British Commonwealth junior heavyweight, UWA junior light heavyweight, WWA junior light heavyweight, and junior heavyweight IWGP honors.

8/6/81 - Cowboy Bob Orton Jr. beats Don Diamond in Greenville, MS to capture the Mississippi State heavyweight championship.

In addition to his stints in the NWA, WWF, WCW, and AWA, Orton Jr. was also one of the stars of International Championship Wrestling, which is available now from Wrestling Classics.

8/6/88 - Ricky Santana (Aldo Ortiz) beats The Super Black Ninja (Keiji Muto) in San Juan to win the WWC Puerto Rico title.  Muto would go on to gain fame as The Great Muta, holding the NWA World title as well as the heavyweight IWGP.

Now you can customize matches by hundreds of other superstars in the Wrestling Classics Video Store.

8/6/92 - The National Wrestling Alliance begins an extensive tournament in Shizuoaka, Japan to crown a new NWA World heavyweight champion.  This comes one year after Ric Flair (Richard Fliehr) was stripped of the title after signing with the WWF.  Entered in the tournament are such stars as Ravishing Rick Rude (Richard Rood), Arn Anderson (Martin Lunde), Keiji Muto, Steve Austin (Steve Anderson Williams), Shinya Hoshimoto, and eventual winner, Masahiro Chono. WCW World champion Ron Simmons is not entered.

See Flair’s historic win over Harley Race for the original “Ten Pounds of Gold” in NWA World heavyweight championship matches, available now.

8/7/59 - Fred Blassie (Fred Blassman) beats Dick Gunkle in Georgia to win his 10th “NWA” Southern heavyweight championship.

8/7/65 - Handsome Harley Race & Pretty Boy Larry Hennig beat Verne Gagne & The Crusher (Reggie Lisowski) in Minneapolis to win the AWA World tag team championship.

8/7/66 - The legendary former unified World champ Ed (Strangler) Lewis dies in Muskogee, OK at the age of 66.

Now you can customize matches by hundreds of other superstars in the Wrestling Classics Video Store.

8/7/78 - "The Canadian Lumberjack" Jos LeDuc (Michael Pigeon) beats Jerry "The King" Lawler at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis to capture the “NWA” Southern heavyweight title in one of the great feuds of the 70s.

8/7/80 - Bugsy McGraw (Michael Davis) beats Don Muraco in Melbourne, FL to capture the “NWA” Florida State title.

8/7/82 - Continuing his babyface turn following a parking lot stabbing, Roddy Piper (Roderick Toombs) saves longtime announcing colleague Gordon Solie from an attack by Piper's former partner-in-crime Don Muraco, during a TBS studio taping of World Championship Wrestling in Atlanta.

8/7/83 - Perro Aguayo Sr. (Pedro Aguayo) beats Villano III (Arturo Mendoza) in Mexico City to capture his fifth WWF World light heavyweight title, a once proud championship that would eventually wind up as a prop for the man they call Gillberg (Duane Gill).

8/7/93 - Eddie Gilbert teams with his brother Doug (wrestling under a mask as The Dark Patriot) to beat Salvatore Bellomo & The Sandman (Jim "Hak" Fullington) in the finals of a tourney in Philadelphia to capture the ECW tag team championship.

8/7/96 - Jushin Thunder Liger (Keiichi Yamada), a former holder of both the WCW light heavyweight title and the junior heavyweight IWGP, calls a press conference to announce that he will undergo surgery to remove a brain tumor. Fortunately, Liger would go on to make a full recovery and return to the ring in record time.

8/8/60 - Lou & Red Bastien (Lou Klein & Rolland Bastien) beat The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan) for the “NWA” U.S. tag title in Washington, DC. That version of the U.S. tag title would eventually evolve into what is known today as the WWF tag team championship.

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8/8/61 - Verne Gagne beats "Big Thunder" Gene Kiniski in Bloomington, MN to win the AWA World title.

Kiniski was the only man in history to hold both the NWA and AWA World titles. See him in another historic title loss in The Legend of Dory Funk Jr., available now from Wrestling Classics.

8/8/63 - Verne Gagne beats Fritz Von Erich (Jack Adkisson) in Amarillo to win the AWA World title.

8/8/81 - Chief Wahoo McDaniel (Ed McDaniel) beats Rowdy Roddy Piper in Greensboro, NC to win his first of five “NWA” U.S. titles.

8/8/88 - Ken Wayne beats former partner Danny Davis in Birmingham, AL to capture the U.S. junior heavyweight championship.

8/8/90Tomomi “Jumbo” Tsuruta & The Great Kabuki (Akihisa Mera) vacate the Double (World) tag team championship as recognized by All Japan Pro Wrestling after Kabuki jumps ship and joins a new wrestling promotion called Super World Sports.

8/8/92 - Jeff Jarrett jumps the guard rail to challenge WWF Intercontinental champion Bret Hart at a WWF house show in Memphis, thus signaling the beginnings of a working agreement between Titan Sports and the USWA.

8/8/93 - Tito Santana (Merced Solis) beats Don Muraco in Philadelphia, PA to win the ECW heavyweight championship.

8/8/80 - A huge crowd packs Shea Stadium in New York to see "The Living Legend" Bruno Sammartino trounce his former pupil Larry Zbyszko (Larry Whistler) in a steel cage match. Earlier on the show, Andre the Giant (Andre Rousinmoff) downs Hulk Hogan (Terry Bollea), managed by Classy Freddie Blassie. Ken Patera retains the WWF Intercontinental title over "Mr. U.S.A." Tony Atlas (Tony White). WWF World champ Bob Backlund teams with former kingpin Pedro Morales to unseat Lou Albano's Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika Anoai) for the WWF World tag team championship.

See Afa and Sika in their formative years as The Islanders, as well as a young Andre in Wrestling Classics’ Before They Were Stars Volume One.

8/8/80 - Ron Starr downs Ed Wiskowski in San Francisco to win the “NWA” U.S. heavyweight championship.

8/9/41 - Bill Longston beats Frank Sexton for the Pacific Coast heavyweight title in San Jose, CA.

See great stars from the past in Golden Age Wrestling Volume Nine.

8/9/55 - Gene Kiniski & Lord James Blears beats Enrique Torres & Johnny Barend in San Francisco to take the “NWA” World tag team championship.

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8/9/86 - Ric Flair downs Dusty Rhodes (Virgil Riley Runnels) in St. Louis, MO to capture his fifth NWA World heavyweight title.

See the greatest matches in the history of wrestling’s most coveted prize in Wrestling Classics’ special collection of NWA World heavyweight championship matches, available now.

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