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Jack Brisco Shoot Interview in Stock Now! Jack Brisco was a major player in the ring in the 70s and a major player behind the scenes in the 80s. In this professionally produced video Jack talks about his remarkable life in professional wrestling. In this no-holds-barred interview he talks about:
  • The conspiracy to try and double cross him out of the NWA World heavyweight championship.

  • The story of why he and his brother Jerry sold their shares of Georgia Championship Wrestling to Vince McMahon resulting in the famous Black Saturday for WTBS wrestling fans.

  • The death threats he received afterward.

  • The story of the time he and Billy Robinson nearly crippled each other in a shoot in an Australia hotel.

  • Why he dropped the NWA World title to Giant Baba during a Japanese tour.

  • How he discovered Hulk Hogan and how instrumental he was in other stars' careers.

  • His sudden departure from the wrestling business.

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Celebrate the milestones of professional wrestling!

Every week we remember the great stars, great matches and great moments that have defined professional wrestling.

Richard Sullivan provides special insight for this week's highlights. Special thanks to David Williamson for his contributions to the exhibits.

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Special Edition!

Here is some extra coverage of some major events:

Jack Brisco defends NWA World title
in Texas Rules Death Match

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Texas Rules Death Match
No Time Limit - No Disqualifications
Falls Do Not Count - 30 Seconds Between Falls
Match Continues Until One Man Can Not Answer Bell

Jack Brisco vs. Al Madril

Dallas, Texas
Aug. 19, 1975

One of the hottest feuds in Texas was an incredible series of matches where Alberto Madril challenged Jack Brisco for the NWA World heavyweight championship. Brisco won the first meeting in Dallas in a match so good that the fans clamored for a rematch. Their second Sportatorium meeting was a 60-minute draw. That led to a 90-minute time limit match which went to another incredible draw. The 90-minute draw is a match that Dallas area fans would talk about decades later.

The feud settler was unprecedented in Texas wrestling history. A Texas Rules Death Match for the NWA World heavyweight championship. 

Like most promotions the deep background for a match was usually printed in the program the week before. The idea was to give the big buildup to sell tickets. 

The first program cover is from Aug. 12, 1975 with the cover story detailing the Texas Death match. The second program cover is from the historic Aug. 19, 1975 night. Then there is the card from the program detailing the results of the match as well as the rest of the card.

August 18

Odd Couple Tag Team Match
Jack Brisco & 
Superstar Billy Graham vs.
Jose Lothario & Red Bastien

Ft. Worth, Texas

Aug. 18, 1975

Double Main Event
Jose Lothario vs. Moondog Mayne

Rocky Johnson vs. Lord Al Hayes 

San Antonio, Texas
Aug. 12, 19

Texas Brass Knucks Championship
Stan Stasiak vs. Ox Baker

Six-Man Tag Team Main Event
Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich & Kerry Von Erich vs. 
Gino Hernandez & Pak Song & Gary Young

Ft. Worth, Texas
Aug. 18, 1980

Georgia Junior Heavyweight
Championship Tournament

Wayne Cowan (Dutch Mantell; Argentina Apollo; Champ; 
Ted Oates; Bearcat Wilkerson;
Wildman Jack Armstrong

Ox Baker; Ray Candy; 
Tarzan Tyler; El Mongol

Columbus, Georgia
Aug. 19, 19

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Harley Race vs. Dory Funk Jr.

Battle of the Brutes
Sheik vs. Ox Baker

Texas Tag Team Championship
Jimmy Snuka & Gino Hernandez vs. Big John Studd & Bull Ramos

Aug. 19, 19

Texas Brass Knucks Title
Texas Rules Death Match 

Bruiser Brody vs. Mark Lewin

Aug. 19, 19

Main Event
David Von Erich vs. Jimmy Garvin

Aug. 19, 1983

Double Main Event
Toru Tanaka vs. Bruiser Brody 

Adrian Adonis vs. Spike Huber

St. Louis
Aug. 19, 1983

Double Main Event
Ivan Putski vs. Nikoli Volkoff

Jose Lothario & Raul Mata vs. Black Gordman & Goliath

Ft. Worth, Texas
Aug. 20, 1973

Texas Tag Team Championship

Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich vs. Bruiser Brody & 
Gino Hernandez

Battle of the Iron Claws
Fritz Von Erich vs. 
Killer Karl Krupp

Aug. 20, 19

Mexican Death Match
(Winner gets 5 minutes with loser with no referee)

El Halcon vs. Killer Tim Brooks

Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich vs. Mark Lewin & Spoiler

Bruiser Brody vs. Gary Hart

Ft. Worth, Texas
Aug. 20, 1979

Eight-Man Tag Team Match
Wahoo McDaniel & Jose Lothario & Ivan Putski & George Scott vs.
Blackjack Mulligan & 
Nikoli Volkoff & Missouri Mauler & Gary Hart

Aug. 21, 1973

AWA World Tag Team Title
Blackjack Lanza & Bobby Duncum vs. Dick the Bruiser & Crusher

Aug. 21, 1976

Taped Fist Match
Bruiser Brody vs. Rocky Johnson

Ft. Worth, Texas
Aug. 21, 1978

Southwest Heavyweight Title
Manny Fernandez vs. Dick Slater

Aug. 21, 1981

Tag Team Main Event
Professor Boris Malenko & 
Crusher Stan Stasiak vs. 
Bearcat Wright & 
Billy "Red" Lyons

Aug. 22, 1972

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Jack Brisco vs. 
Superstar Billy Graham

NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Title
Hiro Matsuda vs. Al Mardil

Aug. 22, 1975

Main Event
Abdullah the Butcher vs. 
Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich vs. Big John Studd & 
Abdullah Farouk (Iron Sheik)

Ft. Worth, Texas
Aug. 22, 1977


Double Main Event
Ivan Koloff vs. Tony Atlas

Gino Hernandez vs. 
Chavo Guerrero

Aug. 22, 1980

Battle Royal
Jose Lothario; Lord Al Hayes; Killer Brooks; Moondog Mayne;
Gino Hernandez; Ken Mantell

Ft. Worth, Texas
Aug. 23, 1976

American Heavyweight Title
Fritz Von Erich vs. Big John Studd

Aug. 23, 1977

Double Main Event
Spoiler vs. Great Kabuki

David Von Erich & Kerry Von Erich vs. Killer Brooks & Arman Hussein

Aug. 23, 1981

Texas Tag Team Championship
Black Gordman & Goliath vs. 
Jose Lothario & Ivan Putski

Aug. 24, 1973

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Terry Funk vs. Rocky Johnson

Mexican Death Match
Jose Lothario
vs. Moondog Mayne

Aug. 24, 1976

Grudge Match
Wahoo McDaniel vs. 
Greg Valentine

American Tag Team Title
Gino Hernandez & El Gran Markus vs. Jose Lothario & El Halcon

Aug. 24, 1979

American Heavyweight Title
Bruiser Brody special referee

Spoiler vs. El Halcon

Gary Hart & Pak Song vs. 
J.J. Dillon & Bulldog Brower

Aug. 24, 1980

Main Event
Killer Brooks vs. David Manning

David Von Erich vs. 
Arman Hussein

Aug. 24, 1981

Note: All title designations denoting “NWA” are championships recognized by individual NWA-member companies and are not recognized by the full sanctioning body of the National Wrestling Alliance.

8/18/93 - Arn Anderson (Martin Lunde) & Paul Roma, two members of the Four Horsemen, beat Steve Austin (Steve Anderson Williams) & Steve Regal (Darren Matthews) in Daytona Beach, FL during a live Clash of the Champions broadcast to take both the "NWA" and WCW World tag team titles. Regal is a substitute for an injured Brian Pillman.

8/18/96 - Paul Bearer (William Moody) ends his six-year relationship with The Undertaker (Mark Callaway), hitting the man from the dark side with his own urn and helping his arch rival Mankind (Mick Foley) to victory in their famous boiler room brawl at SummerSlam in Cleveland, OH.

8/19/72 - Bobo Brazil bests Pampero Firpo at Cobo Hall in Detroit, MI to regain the “NWA” U.S. championship.

8/19/75 - Former World heavyweight champion Jim Londos (the original "Golden Greek"), dies in Escondido, CA at the age of 78.

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8/19/77 - Chavo Guerrero Sr. (Salvador Guerrero II) downs Rowdy Roddy Piper (Roderick Toombs) in San Bernardino, CA to take the “NWA” Americas heavyweight championship.

8/19/90 - Riki Choshu beats Vader (Leon White) in Tokyo to capture the heavyweight IWGP.

8/19/91 - Dr. Tom Prichard beats Lord Humongous to capture the Texas State title in Memphis, TN, proving once again that things don't have to make sense in wrestling.

8/19/96 - Longtime WWF wrestler and manager Ted DiBiase appears at ringside during a live WCW Monday Nitro, leading to speculation that he is the newest member of the NWO.

DiBiase was a protege of the Funk. Now you can own a piece of that legendary’s family’s history by ordering The Legend of Dory Funk Jr., available now from Wrestling Classics.

8/20/87 - Kuniaki Kobayashi beats Nobuhiko Takada in the finals of a tournament in Fukuoka, Japan to capture the junior heavyweight IWGP.

8/20/95 - Future WWF World champion Mick Foley downs former NWA World champ Terry Funk to win the King of the Death Match tournament at Kawasaki Stadium in Japan, ending an evening of explosive, barbed-wire, thumb tacked carnage that proves to be fun for the whole family. On the undercard, Dan "The Beast" Severn retains the NWA World crown with a submission win over Tarzan Goto.

8/20/96 - Steve Regal beats Lex Luger in Dalton, GA to capture WCW television gold.

8/21/65 - The Crusher beats Mad Dog Vachon in St. Paul, MN to regain the AWA World heavyweight title.

8/21/65 - Big Thunder Gene Kiniski beats Dick the Bruiser to capture the WWA World heavyweight championship. Kiniski is the only man in history to hold the NWA, AWA, and WWA World titles.

8/21/79 - Dusty Rhodes beats Harley Race in Tampa, FL to capture the NWA World belt for the first time.

8/21/87 - Al Perez, managed by Playboy Gary Hart, wins the WCCW World heavyweight crown via forfeit in Ft. Worth, TX over Kevin Von Erich.

8/21/97 - Steve "Mongo" McMichael beats Jeff Jarrett in Nashville, TN for the WCW U.S. title as well as the hand of the lovely pre-puppy enhanced Debra.

8/22/05 - Sam Muchnick is born Jesus Muchnick in the Ukraine. He would go on to become a St. Louis sportswriter and eventually open a wrestling promotion called the St. Louis Wrestling Club, co-founding the National Wrestling Alliance in 1948 and serving as its president for most of its first three decades.

8/22/77 - "Number One" Paul Jones & Ricky Steamboat beat Nature Boy Ric Flair & Greg "The Hammer" Valentine at the Coliseum in Greensboro, NC to capture the "NWA" Mid-Atlantic tag team championship.

8/22/79 - Paul Jones & Baron Von Raschke regain the "NWA" World tag team championship, beating Ric Flair & Blackjack Mulligan at WRAL television studios in Raleigh, NC. This bout takes place during a Wednesday night taping for the following weekend's syndicated World Wide Wrestling.

8/22/80 - "NWA" Rookie of the Year Terry Taylor is awarded the "NWA" National TV title on SuperStation TBS following a lengthy points tournament on Georgia Championship Wrestling hosted by Gordon Solie.

8/22/82 - Former "NWA" World tag champs Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood down Sgt. Slaughter's proteges Pvt. Don Kernodle & Pvt. Jim Nelson in Toronto's Maple Leaf Gardens to capture the "NWA" Mid-Atlantic tag straps.

8/22/82 - Wahoo McDaniel beats Sgt. Slaughter in a Canadian lumberjack match for the "NWA" U.S. heavyweight championship at the Coliseum in Charlotte, NC. In this match, other wrestlers surround the ring with leather straps. On the under card, Jack & Gerald Brisco down the bickering team of Rowdy Roddy Piper and Don "The Magnificent" Muraco.

8/22/92 - Mitsuhara Misawa beats Stan "The Lariat" Hansen for the All Japan Triple Crown in Tokyo.

8/23/29 - Dick Shikat beats Jim Londos in Philadelphia, PA to win the World heavyweight championship as recognized by both Pennsylvania and New York athletic commissions. Gus Sonnenberg had previously been stripped of the title by those influential sanctioning bodies.

8/23/58 - Gene DuBuque & Mike Valentino best Ramon Torres & Dick Warren  in Fresno, CA to take the "NWA" World tag team title. Warren would go on to greater fame under his real name, Nick Bockwinkel, becoming one of the greatest AWA World champions in history.

8/23/68 - The Professional (Doug "Gashouse" Gilbert) beats Tarzan Tyler in Atlanta to capture the "NWA" Georgia State title.

8/23/82 - Bruiser Brody beats Brian Blair in West Palm Beach to capture the "NWA" Florida State title.

8/23/85 - Bam Bam Bigelow makes his pro debut in New York City, at the famed nightclub, Studio 54, pinning four opponents in under 12 minutes.

8/23/91 - The Patriot (Del Wilkes) defeats former WCCW World champion Al Perez at the world famous Sportatorium to become the first North American heavyweight champion as recognized by the Global Wrestling Federation. This match is televised on ESPN.

8/24/60 - The Fabulous Kangaroos (Al Costello & Roy Heffernan) regain the "NWA" United States tag team championship from Red & Lou Bastien in Bridgeport, CT. This version of the title would eventually evolve into what is known today as the WWF tag team championship.

8/24/73 - "The Golden Greek" John Tolos beats Victor Rivera in Los Angeles, CA to win the "NWA" Americas title.

8/24/82 - Bruiser Brody's one-day reign as "NWA" Florida State heavyweight champion comes to an end after a vicious attack on former titleholder Brian Blair results in the promotion stripping him of the crown.

8/24/84 - Pistol Pez Whatley beats Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart in Sarasota, FL to capture the "NWA" Southern heavyweight crown.

8/24/85 - The Dream Team (Greg Valentine & Brutus Beefcake) beats The U.S. Express (Barry Windham & Mike Rotunda) in Philadelphia, PA to capture the WWF tag team straps.

8/24/90 - Rick & Scott Steiner beat Jim Cornette's Midnight Express (Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane) at the Meadowlands' Brendan Byrne Arena in East Rutherford, NJ to capture the "NWA" U.S. tag title.

8/24/94 - WCW presents its twenty-eighth Clash of Champions from Cedar Rapids, IA headlined by Ric Flair beating WCW World champion Hulk Hogan via countout and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat pinning Steve Austin to win the WCW U.S. crown.

Richard Sullivan has been following professional wrestling for nearly 27 years and saw many of today's 'legends' like Ric Flair and Randy Savage compete in small high school gyms and recreation centers when they were just starting out. His first foray into serious wrestling journalism pre-dated publications like The Wrestling Observer Newsletter and he has done play-by-play wrestling announcing on the radio. After a brief stint as an independent promoter, Sullivan has settled into a role as a well-paid wrestling historian, who openly laughs in the face of anyone who hasn't heard of Spaceman Frank Hickey.

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