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This Week In Wrestling

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This Month:
Florida Wrestling
Glory Days!

In the early 70s the hottest promotion in the World was located in Tampa, Florida. Florida Wrestling Glory Days features some of the greatest stars in history in the legendary battles from the Homer W Hesterly Armory. As a special treat, enjoy original commentary from the great Gordon Solie and special commentary from Jack BriscoSome of the stars you'll see in action include Dory Funk Jr., Jerry Brisco, Cowboy Bill Watts, Jack Brisco, Lou Thesz, Johnny Valentine, Dusty Rhodes, Buddy Colt, Eddie Graham, Paul Jones, Bobby Shane, Bearcat Wright, Bob Roop, Danny Hodge, Harley Race, Don Muraco, Hiro Matsuda, Bob Orton Jr., The Zodiac (Bob Orton Sr.), and many more. You'll see three NWA World heavyweight championship matches, a World junior heavyweight championship match, a non-sanctioned "Lights Out" match, Florida title matches, Southern title matches, and much more.

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Jack Brisco Shoot Interview in Stock Now! Jack Brisco was a major player in the ring in the 70s and a major player behind the scenes in the 80s. In this professionally produced video Jack talks about his remarkable life in professional wrestling. In this no-holds-barred interview he talks about:

  • The conspiracy to try and double cross him out of the NWA World heavyweight championship.

  • The story of why he and his brother Jerry sold their shares of Georgia Championship Wrestling to Vince McMahon resulting in the famous Black Saturday for WTBS wrestling fans.

  • The death threats he received afterward.

  • The story of the time he and Billy Robinson nearly crippled each other in a shoot in an Australia hotel.

  • Why he dropped the NWA World title to Giant Baba during a Japanese tour.

  • How he discovered Hulk Hogan and how instrumental he was in other stars' careers.

  • His sudden departure from the wrestling business.

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Celebrate the milestones of professional wrestling!

Every week we remember the great stars, great matches and great moments that have defined professional wrestling.

Richard Sullivan provides special insight for this week's highlights. Special thanks to David Williamson for his contributions to the exhibits.

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Special Edition!

Here is some extra coverage of some major events:

Nick Bockwinkel defends belt against Dog!
Gigantic three-night tournament announced!

AWA World Heavyweight Championship 
Nick Bockwinkel vs. Junkyard Dog

Houston, Texas
Sam Houston Coliseum

Oct. 4, 1981

When Nick Bockwinkel came to Houston to defend the AWA World heavyweight championship, it was huge news. Especially when he defended against the hottest star in the Southwest, the Junkyard Dog. But on this night, the fans were talking about something that would take place in three weeks. A special tournament that would take place over three consecutive nights that would shine the wrestling spotlight on Houston. 

September 29

Texas Tag Team Championship
Jose Lothario & Al Madril vs. 
Superstar Billy Graham & 
John Tolos 

Ft. Worth, Texas
Sept. 29, 1975

NWA World Heavyweight Title
Harley Race vs. Kerry Von Erich

Ft. Worth, Texas
Sept. 29, 1980

Six-Man Tag Team Match
3-out-of-5 Falls

Jose Lothario & Red Bastien & 
Al Madril  vs. 
Superstar Billy Graham & 
John Tolos  & Hans Schroeder

Sept. 30, 1975

Battle of the Mad Men
Sheik vs. Abdullah the Butcher

Sept. 30, 1977

Tag Team Chain Match
Bruiser Brody & Fritz Von Erich vs. Spoiler & Mark Lewin

Sept. 30, 197

Tag Team Main Event 
Freebird Terry Gordy & 
Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin vs. 
Kevin Von Erich & Kerry Von Erich

Sept. 30, 19

Main Event
Wahoo McDaniel &Billy Red Cloud vs. Nikolai Volkoff & Paul DeMarco

Ft. Worth, Texas
Oct. 1, 1973

12-Man Battle Royal
Bruiser Brody;
Mark Lewin; Spoiler; David Von Erich; 
El Halcon; Dick Murdoch; 
Killer Brooks; Frank Dusek; 
Tiger Conway Jr.; Tor Kamata; Tom Jones; T John Tibbedeaux 

Ft. Worth, Texas
Oct. 1, 1979

Six-Man Tag Team War
Andre the Giant & Mil Mascaras & Junkyard Dog vs.
Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard vs.
Killer Khan

Southwest Heavyweight Title
Dick Slater vs. Mongolian Stomper

Jerry Lawler vs. Bob Sweetan

Ted DiBiase vs. Tiger Conway Jr.

Oct. 1, 1982

Main Event
Fritz Von Erich vs. Nikolai Volkoff

Oct. 2, 19

Texas Heavyweight Title
David Von Erich vs. Karl Krupp

Ft. Worth, Texas
Oct. 2, 1978

Tag Team Main Event
Mil Mascaras & Dos Caras vs. 
Gino Hernandez & Tully Blanchard

Oct. 2, 1981

Texas Tag Team Championship
Big John Studd & Bull Ramos vs. Superfly Jimmy Snuka & Al Madril

Ft. Worth, Texas
Oct. 3, 1977

WWE World Heavyweight Title
Bob Backlund
vs. Bob Orton Jr.

World Television Title
Russian Chain Match

Ivan Koloff
vs. Jimmy Valiant

Oct. 3, 1982

Double Main Event
Rocky Johnson vs. Sheik

Jose Lothario vs. Seigreid Stanke

Ft. Worth, Texas
Oct. 4, 1976

Main Event
Von Erich vs. Ox Baker

Oct. 4, 1977

Double Tag Team Main Event
David & Kerry Von Erich vs.
Kabuki & Chang Chung

Al Madril & Jose Lothario vs.
Killer Brooks & Arman Hussein

Oct. 4, 1981

Main Event
Fritz Von Erich vs. 
Seigfried Stanke

Oct. 5, 1976

Texas Brass Knucks Championship
Bruiser Brody vs. Stan Stasiak

Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich vs. Gino Hernandez & Gary Young

Oct. 5, 1980

Double Main Event
Kerry Von Erich vs. Killer Brooks

Jose Lothario vs. Kabuki

Ft. Worth, Texas
Oct. 5, 1981

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