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Week of Oct. 17

NWA World heavyweight title
Terry Funk vs. Rocky Johnson

Oct. 19, 1976

NWA World heavyweight title
Harley Race vs. Bruiser Brody 

Mil Mascaras vs. Gino Hernandez

Dusty Rhodes vs. Mark Lewin

Oct. 19, 1979

Six-Man Tag Team Match
Von Erich & David Von Erich & Bruiser Brody vs. Pak Song & Gino Hernandez & Gary Young

Oct. 19, 1980

NWA World heavyweight title
Ric Flair vs. Al Madril

Ft. Worth
Oct. 19, 1981

Southern heavyweight title
Lex Luger vs. Ron Bass

Oct. 19, 1986

Main Event
Peter Maivia vs. 
Mad Dog Vachon

Handicap Match
Rick Martel vs.
John Tolos & Hans Schroeder

Ft. Worth
Oct.20, 1975

Pre-Midnight Express Tag Match
Bobby Eaton & Dennis Condrey vs. Dutch Matell & Ken Lucas

Battle of the Titans!
George Gulas vs. Missing Link

Chattanooga, Tenn.
Oct. 20, 1979

Main Event
Kevin Von Erich & David Von Erich vs. Killer Brooks & Stan Stasiak

Ft. Worth
Oct. 20, 197

NWA World heavyweight title 
Jack Brisco vs. Jose Lothario

Chief Peter Maivia & Al Madril vs. John Tolos & Hans Schroeder

Oct. 21, 197

Main Event
Mil Mascaras & El Halcon vs. Spoiler & Killer Brooks

Kerry Von Erich vs. Mark Lewin

Oct. 21, 1979

Double Main Event
Kamala vs. Junkyard Dog

Kevin Von Erich vs. Terry Gordy 

Avenger (Chris Adams) vs. 
Jimmy Garvin

Oct. 21, 1983

NWA World heavyweight title
Jack Brisco vs. Ivan Putski

Ft. Worth
Oct. 22, 1973

Battle of the Masked Men
Mil Mascaras vs. Spoiler

Bruiser Brody & Kerry Von Erich vs. Mark Lewin & Killer Brooks

Ft. Worth
Oct. 22, 19

Non-Title Match
Nick Bockwinkel vs. Tony Atlas

Southwest heavyweight title
Dick Slater vs. Gino Hernandez

Oct. 22, 1982

Tag Team Match
Jack Brisco & Blackjack Mulligan vs. Fritz Von Erich & Ivan Putski

Oct. 23, 1973

Main Event
Fritz Von Erich vs. Bruiser Brody

Rocky Johnson vs. White Knight
(unmasked as Dick Steinborn)

Ft. Worth
Oct. 23, 1978

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