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Here is some extra coverage of some major events:


Event Title

Main Event 
Andre the Giant vs Sheik

Plus: Dusty Rhodes, Mil Mascaras, Ivan Putski, Jose Lothario, Moondog Mayne, Black Gordman & El Gran Goliat, Lord Al Hayes, Gino Hernandez,  Moondog Mayne, Scott Casey, Bob Orton Sr., Tiger Conway Sr., Seigfriend Stanke, Les Thornton, Tony Charles, Skip Young, Nick Kozak,  Hank James, Butcher Brannigan, and Leo Seitz

Sam Houston Coliseum
Jan. 7, 1977

Event commentary.

Some names in bold. Legendary Houston promoter Paul Boesch always pulled out all stops, as the above lineup shows. You had Andre the Giant, the Sheik, Dusty Rhodes, Mil Mascaras, Jose Lothario, Ivan Putski, and Moondog Mayne not only on the same card, but in the same ring at the same time. 


Event Title

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Harley Race vs. Andre the Giant

WWWF World Women's Championship
Fabulous Moolah vs. Vicki Williams

American Brass Knucks Championship
Maniac Mark Lewin vs. Dusty Rhodes

Tag Team Showdown
Terry Funk & Dory Funk Jr. vs.
Mil Mascaras & Jose Lothario

Hofheinz Pavillion
Jan. 7, 1979

Speaking of spectacular Houston shows... when Paul Boesch called an event a spectacular, he had reason to. 

But this lineup and the results were actually overshadowed but something that happened during a match that didn't even result in the decisive ending. Harley Race defended the NWA World heavyweight championship against Andre the Giant in a two-out-of-three fall contest. Andre won the second fall. During the second fall, Race did the unthinkable. He suplexed the Giant. It wasn't a text book suplex, but it was a suplex. Race evened the match with the move. While the Giant was slammed from time to time, Race is believed to be the only man to ever suplex Andre the Giant.

Rest of the week Jan. 4 - Jan. 10

Tennessee tag team championship
Norvell Austin & Big Butch Malone
Ron Wright & Ron Fuller

Knoxville, TN 
January 4, 1976

Battle of the Superstars!
Andre the Giant vs The Sheik

Plus: Black Gordman & El Gran Goliat, Lord Al Hayes, Moondog Mayne, Scott Casey

Dallas, TX
January 4, 1977

Lariat vs the Giant
Andre the Giant vs
Stan Hansen

Plus: Chief Peter Maivia, Red Bastien, Rick Martel, Jose Lothario

Dallas, TX
January 4, 1976

Tag Team Main Event Match
Andre the Giant & Al Madril
Blackjack Lanza & 
El Gran Marcus

Plus: Mad Dog Vachon, Don Muraco, Angelo Mosca, Black Gordman

Fort Worth, TX
January 6, 1975

Giant vs Claw
Andre the Giant vs Blackjack Lanza

Dallas, TX
January 7, 1975

Double Main Event
Kerry Von Erich vs Bill White

Gary Hart vs T John Tibbedeaux

Dallas, TX
January 7, 1979

Tag Team Main Event
Fritz Von Erich & Jose Lothario
Dory Funk Jr. & Dory Funk Sr.

Fort Worth, TX
January 8, 1973

NWA World Heavyweight Championship
Dory Funk Jr.

Jose Lothario

Dallas, TX 
January 9, 1973

Battle of the Claws
David Von Erich vs Karl Krupp

Forth Worth, TX 
January 9, 1978

Tag Team Main Event
David Von Erich & Al Madril

Ox Baker & Karl Krupp

Jake Roberts vs Dutch Mantell
Dallas, TX 
January 10, 1978

1/7/66 - "Big Thunder" Gene Kiniski defeats Lou Thesz on a St. Louis Wrestling Club show for the NWA World title, ending Lou's third and final reign as kingpin of the National Wrestling Alliance.

1/7/89 - The Southern Rockers (Steve Doll & Scott Peterson) get some assistence from Rowdy Roddy Piper (Roderick Toombs) to down The Grappler (Len Denton) and Abughdadien on a Don Owen show in Portland for the "NWA" Pacific Northwest tag title.

1/7/90 - (Bronislaw) Bronco Nagurski, who held the National Wrestling Association version of the NWA World title, dies in Minnesota at the age of eighty-one. He was an inducted member of the Professional Football Hall of Fame.

1/7/91 - Arn Anderson (Martin Lunde) downs "The Z-Man" Tom Zenk at a television taping in Perry, Georgia to recapture the WCW television championship.

1/7/95 - One of the founding members of the original Four Horsemen, Tully Blanchard, goes from one extreme (the pulpit) to another (the "ECW Arena") to hold ECW World champ Shane Douglas (Troy Martin) to a "one hour draw" at Philadelphia's Viking Hall (although the actual time was almost half that). 

1/7/2000 - Gary Albright dies in the ring at an indie show in Hazelton, Pennsylvania.

1/8/37 - Farmer Burns dies in Cedar Bluff, Iowa at the age of seventy-five.

1/8/84 – Ricky Steamboat (Richard Blood) downs Sgt. Slaughter (Bob Remus) via disqualification on a Jim Crockett Promotions show at the Charlotte Coliseum. This is one of the final stops on Steamboat’s  “retirement tour.” Also, Don Kernodle and Bob Orton Jr., managed by Gary Hart, down Dory Funk Jr. and Jimmy Valiant (James Valen) in the tournament finals to win the NWA World tag team championship (vacated by Steamboat and Jay Youngblood). That tourny also includes such teams as Jack & Jerry Brisco, Kevin & David Von Erich, Mark & Jay Youngblood, and others.

1/8/90 - Jerry “The King” Lawler tops King Cobra on a Jarrett Promotions show in Memphis to regain the “Unified World title” as recognized by the USWA.

1/8/95 – Arn Anderson beats Johnny B. Badd (Marc Mero) at Center Stage in Atlanta during a live broadcast of WCW Main Event to regain the WCW television championship.  

1/9/59 – Pat O’Connor downs Dick Hutton on a card at the Kiel Auditorium promoted by Sam Muchnick’s St. Louis Wrestling Club to win the NWA World heavyweight championship.

1/10/69 - Classy Freddie Blassie (Fred Blassman) beats Bobo Brazil (Houston Harris) on a LeBell Promotions show at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles to capture the "NWA" Americas heavyweight championship for the second time. Brazil had beaten him to win the belt three months earlier in the same venue. Both men had previously held the L.A.-based WWA World heavyweight title.

1/10/73 - Jerry Jarrett and Tojo Yamamoto win the Southern tag team championship in Memphis, beating The Sherman Tanks (Phil Hickerson & Don Greene). This match is available on Tennessee Tape 1 in the Tennessee Collection of the WrestlingClassics.com Video Store.

1/10/77 - Blackjack Mulligan (Bob Windham) takes the United States heavyweight championship from Paul Jones (Paul Frederick).

1/10/77 -"Big Thunder" Gene Kiniski beats Don Leo Jonathan to win the “NWA” Pacific Coast heavyweight championship for the sixth time.

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