The WAWLI Papers # 051...


CHICAGO, Feb. 11 (AP) -- Wrestling fans were wondering today whether it was part of the act or whether former heavyweight champion Jack was really mad when he slugged golden-haired Georgeous George last night.

Dempsey, acting as referee in a match between the pretty boy and Chief Don Eagle, struck George a forearm blow to the head. George fell to the mat and Don Eagle jumped on him, pinning him down for a count of three and the deciding fall.

Dempsey, according to the drama, became angry when George tore his shirt in a fit of unruliness. Nearly 11,000 fans watched the fracas.


(from the vast files of Don Luce)

Promoter Billy Atkinson

Jan. 9--Vic Christy def Ron Etchison, Otto Kuss def Seelie Samara, Mike Sharpe def Tarzan (Killer) Kowalski DQ, Farmer Jones def Frankie Murdock

Jan. 16--Mike Sharpe def Tarzan Kowalski, Andre Adoree (Al Baffert)-Lee Henning def Ron Etchison-Vic Christy, Otto Kuss def Frankie Murdock, Farmer Jones def Jules (Speedy) LaRance

Jan. 23--Bill Longson def Vic Christy (Strangler Lewis referee), Lee Henning def Otto Kuss, Speedy LaRance def Andre Adoree, Sky Hi Ross def Frankie Murdock

Jan. 30--Bill Longson def Vic Christy, Lee Henning def Farmer Jones, Ellis Bashara def Tarzan Kowalski DQ (reverse decision), George Temple def Jim Dobie

Feb. 6--Lee Henning def Mike Sharpe, Vic Christy drew Tommy O'Toole, Vic Holbrook def Ellis Bashara, Otto Kuss def Sky Hi Ross

Feb. 13--Vic Christy-Vic Holbrook def Lee Henning- Tommy O'Toole DQ, Mike Sharpe def Otto Kuss, Ellis Bashara drew Peter Peterson, Pete Olden (pro debut) def Bill Warren

Feb. 20--Bill Longson def Vic Holbrook, Lee Henning def Vic Christy, Tommy O'Toole def Jack Hader, Otto Kuss def Pete Schuh

Feb. 27--Lee Henning def Otto Kuss, Sonny Myers def Lee Henning (handicap), Bobby Bruns drew Tommy O'Toole, Sonny Myers def Pete Schuh, Otto Kuss def Jack Hader (Vic Holbrook unable to appear against Henning in main event)

Mar. 20--Gorgeous George def Sonny Myers DQ, Lee Henning def Vic Holbrook, Tommy O'Toole def Howard Cantonwine, Walter Sirois drew Ellis Bashara

Mar. 27--Lou Thesz def Bill Longson cor (Jack Dempsey referee) (NWA title defense), Tommy O'Toole def Lee Henning DQ, Ray Gunkel def Ellis Bashara, Walter Sirois def Jack Hader

Apr. 3--Gorgeous George NC Sonny Myers, Lee Henning def Lee Gunkel, Tommy O'Toole def Walter Sirois, Mayes McLain def Howard Cantonwine

Apr. 10--Lee Henning def Sonny Myers (injury), Bobby Bruns def Tarzan Kowalski cor, Tommy O'Toole def Tiger Tasker, Walter Sirois drew Mayes McLain

Apr. 17--Lee Henning def Bobby Bruns, Sonny Myers def Roy Graham DQ, Mayes McLain def Ellis Bashara, Walter Sirois def Bob Orton

Apr. 24--Lee Henning-Roy Graham def Sonny Myers- Bobby Bruns, Tommy O'Toole def Walter Sirois, Mayes McLain def Tiger Jack Moore, Bob Orton def Ellis Bashara DQ

May 1--Lou Thesz def Lee Henning DQ (NWA title defense), Mayes McLain def Roy Graham DQ, Sonny Myers def Billy McDaniels, Jack Moore def Walter Sirois

May 8--Sonny Myers def Lee Henning DQ, Seelie Samara drew Ralph Garibaldi, Mayes McLain def Jack Moore, Jimmy Lott def Bob Orton

May 15--Emil-Joe Dusek def Tommy O'Toole-Mayes McLain, Lee Henning def Seelie Samara cor, Jack Pesek def Jack Suzek, Bob Orton def Joey Adelman

Sept. 18--Tarzan Kowalski def Tommy O'Toole, Bobby Bruns def Dick Raines DQ, Iron Talun def Walter Sirois, Frank Shofro def Bad Boy Brown

Sept. 25--Tarzan Kowalski def Iron Talun, Joe Pazandak def Bobby Bruns DQ, Pat O'Connor def Jerry Meeker DQ, Frank Shofro drew Walter Sirois

Oct. 9--Orville Brown-Karl Davis def Pat O'Connor-Joe Pazandak, Great (Mr.) Moto def Fritz Schnabel, Leo (Daniel Boone) Savage def Walter Sirois, Jerry Meeker drew Chico Garcia

Oct. 23--Orville Brown def Joe Pazandak, Great Moto def Ron Etchison, Leo Savage def Jerry Meeker, Fritz Schnabel def Chico Garcia

Oct. 30--Great Moto def Karl Davis, Sky Low Low def Mighty Fritz, Fritz Schnabel def Bob Clay, Chico Garcia def Benny Trudell

Nov. 13--Otto Kuss-Leo Savage def Emil-Joe Dusek, Karl Davis def Chico Garcia, Jerry Meeker def Lou Sjoberg, Walter Sirois def Gene Reardon

Nov. 20--Great Moto def Leo Savage, Otto Kuss def Karl Davis, Jerry Meeker def Chico Garcia, Walter Sirois drew Fritz Schnabel

Nov. 27--Chief Lone Eagle def Ivan Bulba, Tarzan Kowalski drew Otto Kuss, Joe Benicassa def Dick Raines DQ, Jerry Meeker def Bob Stafford

Dec. 4--Dick Raines def Otto Kuss, Dennis Clary def Jerry Meeker, Bill (Red) McIntyre def Walter Sirois, Joe Benicassa def Paul (Bob) Stafford

Dec. 11--Lou Thesz def Dick Raines (NWA title defense), Dennis Clary def Otto Kuss, Bill McIntyre drew Jerry Meeker, Joe Benicassa def Walter Sirois

Dec. 18--Antonino Rocca def Joe Dusek, Dennis Clary drew Dick Raines, Otto Kuss def Kola Kwariani, Bill McIntyre def Joe Benicassa

(ED. NOTE--There were no cards on the missing dates, plus no cards throughout the summer...and a question: Jim Melby, in one of his splendid "Wrestling Facts" series, shows that Frankie Murdock sometimes worked as Farmer Jones. Perhaps he did, but it might have been difficult for him to wrestle himself as he did in Wichita early in the above year. Any ideas . . . or clarifications?) ____________________________________________


(reprinted from Milwaukee Journal, Aug. 3, 1950)

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- (AP) -- Ohio's chief film censor, Dr. Clyde Hissing, yesterday accused professional wrestling with "devaluing all the concepts of fair play" through television programs.

"During practically every wrestling match that is telecast," Dr. Hissing said, "there is demonstrated over and over that it pays to break rules, participate in poor sportsmanship and generally behave contrary to the rules of the game and thus gain advantage over a competitor rather than to play fair.

"The teaching damage to children and youth becomes all the more serious when constant repetition of 'out of bounds' behavior is not seen or is condoned by a representative in the ring who is supposed to officially check on unintentional infractions of the rules of the game.

"Cynics, of course, claim that professional wrestling matches are pure showmanship, but the children can't be told that, to them they are very real."

(ED. NOTE--On the contrary, cynics would claim that these sort of professional wrestling matches mirror life perfectly . . . and that children are keen to grasp that fact, until gradually lulled into a mindless conformity the longer they are exposed to societal deceits.)


Promoter Ed Don George

Jan. 6--Yukon Eric def Willie Davis, Sky Hi Lee drew Steve Stanlee, Nanjo Singh def Dave Armstrong, Johnny Barend drew Kay Bell, Hank Steele def Joe Christie

Jan. 13--Whipper Watson def Bob Wagner, Johnny Barend drew Steve Stanlee, Nanjo Singh def Toar Morgan, LaVerne Baxter def Dave Armstrong, Mayes McLain def Jim (Goon) Henry (dec)

Jan. 20--Yukon Eric def Nanjo Singh cor, Steve Stanlee drew Seelie Samara, Johnny Barend def Wally Dusek, Juan Hernandez def Al Korman (dec), Willie Davis drew LaVerne Baxter (Att: 12,296)

Jan. 27--Bob Wagner def Whipper Watson, Seelie Samara def Goon Henry, Chest Bernard def Willie Davis, Johnny Barend drew Juan Herandnez, Steve Stanlee def Toar Morgan

Feb. 3--Yukon Eric def Nanjo Singh, Chest Bernard def Goon Henry, Johnny Barend def Joe Christie, Steve Stanlee drew Pat Flanagan, LaVerne Baxter drew Hank Steele (Att: 10,502)&127;

Feb. 10--Yukon Eric def Seelie Samara, Chest Bernard def Mayes McLain, Johnny Barend drew Sky Hi Lee, Hank Steele def Joe Christie, Steve Stanlee drew Bobby Nelson

Feb. 17--Bob Wagner def Yukon Eric, Fred Atkins def Seelie Samara, Willie Davis drew Warren Bockwinkle, Steve Stanlee def Juan Hernandez, Bobby Nelson drew Mayes McLain

Feb. 24--Fred Atkins def Bob Wagner, Chest Bernard def Bobby Nelson, LaVerne Baxter def Mayes McLain, Johnny Barend def Les Ryan, Steve Stanlee drew Kay Bell

Mar. 3--Yukon Eric def Fred Atkins, LaVerne Baxter drew Seelie Samara, Kay Bell def Tiger Tasker, Len Hall def Bobby Nelson, Warren Bockwinkle def Juan Hernandez

Mar. 31--(12th Parade of Champions)--French Angel def Kay Bell, Lord Blears def Johnny Barend, Suni War Cloud def Willie Davis, LaVerne Baxter def Roy McClarty, Steve Stanlee drew Len Hall, Ali Bey def Tiger Tasker (Att: 11,085)

Apr. 7--Suni War Cloud def LaVerne Baxter, Chest Bernard def Warren Bockwinkle, Al Mills def Bobby Nelson, Johnny Barend def Sky Hi Lee (dec), Fred Von Schacht def Roy McClarty

Apr. 21--Lord Blears def Johnny Barend, Suni War Cloud def Fred Von Schacht, Steve Stanlee def Joe Christie, LaVerne Baxter drew Sky Hi Lee, Kay Bell drew Roy McClarty

Apr. 28--Gorgeous George def Lord Blears, Suni War Cloud def Howard Cantonwine, Yvon Robert def Willie Davis, Roy McClarty def LaVerne Baxter (dec), Kay Bell drew Warren Bockwinkle

May 5--Yukon Eric def Yvon Robert, Ernie Dusek def Warren Bockwinkle, Sky Hi Lee drew Roy McClarty, Johnny Barend drew Mickey Gold, Hank Steele def Kay Bell (dec)

May 12--Yukon Eric def Ernie Dusek, Steve Stanlee def Kay Bell, Johnny Barend def Ali Bey, Roy McClarty drew Mickey Gold, Hank Steele drew Warren Bockwinkle

May 19--Gorgeous George def Steve Stanlee, Suni War Cloud def Natie Brown, Johnny Barend def Howard Cantonwine, Kay Bell def Bobby Nelson, Al Korman def Ali Bey (dec)

June 2--Steve Stanlee def Bob Wagner (dec, curfew), Suni War Cloud def Goon Henry, Sky Hi Lee drew Mickey Gold, Johnny Barend def Bobby Nelson (dec), Earl McCready drew Warren Bockwinkle

June 9--Steve Stanlee def Bob Wagner, Suni War Cloud def Kay Bell, Roy McClarty drew Mickey Gold, Johnny Barend drew Goon Henry, Hank Steele def George Butler

June 16--Suni War Cloud def Steve Stanlee, Bob Wagner def Mickey Gold, Sky Hi Lee drew Goon Henry, Johnny Barend def Toar Morgan, Kay Bell drew Hank Steele

June 23--Yukon Eric def Bob Wagner, Suni War Cloud def Abe Zvonkin, Mickey Gold def Jack Moore, Roy McClarty def Earl McCready

June 30--Frank Sexton def Steve Stanlee, Willie Davis def Roy McClarty, Johnny Barend def Jack Moore, Abe Zvonkin drew Hank Steele, Mickey Gold drew Kay Bell

July 7--Yukon ERic def Sky Hi Lee, Willie Davis def John Stack, Warren Bockwinkle drew Goon Henry, Johnny Barend def George Butler, Steve Stanlee def Abe Zvonkin

July 14--Primo Carnera drew Frank Sexton, Suni War Cloud def Warren Bockwinkle, Dan O'Connor def Hank Steele, Johnny Barend def Abe Zvonkin (dec), Steve Stanlee def Jack Moore (dec)

July 21--Suni War Cloud def Willie Davis, Steve Stanlee drew Dan O'Connor, Don Marlin def Abe Zvonkin, Kay Bell def John Stack, Johnny Barend def Bull Montana

July 28--Suni War Cloud def Kay Bell, Don Marlin def Dan O'Connor, Steve Stanlee def Goon Henry (dec), Johnny Barend def Jack Moore (dec), Warren Bockwinkle drew Bull Montana

Aug. 4--Gorgeous George def French Angel, Suni War Cloud def Bull Montana, Don Marlin def Howard Cantonwine, Joe Savoldi drew Kay Bell, Johnny Barend def Tiger Joe Marsh (dec) (Att: 10,935)

Aug. 11--Gorgeous George def Johnny Barend DQ, Suni War Cloud def Joe Savoldi, Don Marlin def Willie Davis, Steve Stanlee drew Joe Marsh, Dan O'Connor def Howard Cantonwine

Aug. 18--Gorgeous George drew Johnny Barend, Lord Blears def Steve Stanlee, Don Marlin def Joe Marsh, Kay Bell def Howard Cantonwine, Willie Davis def Dan O'Connor (dec)

Aug. 25--Lord Blears def Steve Stanlee, Johnny Barend def Willie Davis, Don Marlin def Jack Moore, Joe Marsh drew Seelie Samara, Hank Steele drew Kay Bell

Sept. 1--Johnny Barend def Don Marlin, Steve Stanlee drew Lee Henning, Dan O'Connor def Warren Bockwinkle, Kay Bell def Joe Marsh (dec), Hank Steele drew Jack Moore

Sept. 29--Johnny Barend def Kay Bell, Steve Stanlee drew Dan O'Connor, Dizzy Davis def Joe Marsh, Hank Steele def Pat O'Shocker, Donn Lewin drew Al Korman

Oct. 6--Suni War Cloud def Dan O'Connor, Steve Stanlee def Danny McShain, Dizzy Davis def Al Korman, Lucky Simunovich def Jack Moore, Joe Marsh def Pat O'Shocker

Oct. 13--Dizzy Davis def Johnny Barend (dec), Danny McShain def Steve Stanlee, Lucky Simunovich def Joe Marsh, Pat Flanagan drew Jack Moore, Donn Lewin def Pat O'Shocker

Oct. 20--Danny McShain def Dizzy Davis, Bobby Managoff def Goon Henry, Lucky Simunovich def Willie Davis, Don Marlin def Joe Christie, Joe Marsh drew Dick Trout

Oct. 27--Lou Thesz def Steve Stanlee (NWA title defense), Danny McShain drew Don Marlin, Great Togo def Dick Trout, Lucky Simunovich def Sky Hi Lee (dec), Dan O'Connor drew Pat Flanagan

Nov. 3--Dizzy Davis def Danny McShain (dec, curfew), Suni War Cloud drew Lucky Simunovich, Fred Blassie def Great Togo DQ, Don Marlin def Joe Marsh (dec) Sandor Kovacs drew Dick Trout

Nov. 17--Gorgeous George def Dizzy Davis, Suni War Cloud drew Steve Stanlee, Sandor Kovacs def Danny McShain, Lucky Simunovich def Howard Cantonwine, Larry Moquin def Joe Marsh

Nov. 24--Gorgeous George def Danny McShain, Lucky Simunovich def Dan O'Connor, Sky Hi Lee def Ray Gunkel, Suni War Cloud def Joe Marsh, Larry Moquin def Howard Cantonwine

Dec. 1--Lucky Simunovich def Sky Hi Lee, Great Togo def Jack Terry, Larry Moquin def Jim Wright, Dizzy Davis drew Steve Stanlee, Don Marlin def Joe Marsh

Dec. 8--Great Togo def Larry Moquin (Jack Dempsey referee), Dizzy Davis def Jack Terry, Don Marlin def Jack Moore, Joe Marsh drew Joe Millich, Jim Wright def Bobby Nelson (Att: 11,059)

Dec. 15--Great Togo def Dizzy Davis, Suni War Cloud drew Jim Wright, Lucky Simunovich def Jack Moore, Gypsy Joe def Bobby Nelson, Don Marlin drew Steve Stanlee

Dec. 22--Great Togo drew Don Marlin (curfew), Dizzy Davis def Gypsy Joe, Johnny Barend def Joe Marsh, Jim Wright def Larry Moquin, Suni War Cloud def Bobby Nelson

Dec. 29--Great Togo def Danny McShain, Lucky Simunovich drew Jim Wright, Dizzy Davis drew Sandor Kovacs, Steve Stanlee def Herb Larsen, Hank Steele def George Butler

(ED. NOTE--Probably the last major promotion in the country not to be infected with "tag team disease.") _____________________________________________


(reprinted from New York Daily News, March 7, 1950)

By Hy Turkin

Antonino Rocca, who shelved his university degree to enter professional wrestling, made more money in three-quarters of an hour at the Garden last night than many college professors do in a year. For kicking and embracing and twisting and tumbling to a draw with Gene Stanlee, Rocca collected exactly $6,161.26.

Fluent in six languages, the native Italian muscleman started yelling, "We wuz robbed!" in all of them when the officials voted the main event a standoff. Rocca didn't draw much sympathy from the near-capacity house of 16,979, however, because his foe is a popular blonde who goes under the pseudonym of Mr. America . . . and how un-American can one dare to be?

Statuesque Stanlee, who had bowed to Rocca in two earlier "exhibitions," literally was saved by the bell. In the last minute leading up to the 11 p.m. curfew, Rocca had sent Gene reeling with a series of six flying kicks (barefoot) to the head and chest. Then Rocca picked up his 225-pound foe -- now lying limp across Tony's shoulder -- and proudly paraded around the ring with his trophy. But the bell clanged just before Rocca could dump his man into the resin.

On our scorecard, Rocca had the edge and should have been given the verdict. He had his man down 44 times and was knocked to the canvas only 37 times. But the judges saw it differently, and thereby interrupted a winning streak that had gone past the 250 mark. The last time Rocca had failed to win was Nov. 12, 1949, when he also drew with former world heavyweight boxing champ Primo Carnera.

In a house scaled up to $5, the rabid fans poured $51,962.81 into the till ($41,075.05 net) for the untelevised card. They saw . . . in addition to the Rocca-Stanlee workout of 46 minutes, 21 seconds . . . a colorful prelim card in which Marvin Mercer threw Francois Miquet (11:29), Frederic Von Schacht slammed Kola Kwariani (7:38), George Becker decisioned Mike Mazurki (20 minutes), Johnny Barend downed Rocco Colombo (9:18), Lord Carlton stomped on Wally Dusek (17:01) and Chief Don Eagle felled Gino Martinelli (14:11). P.S.: No one was hoited.

The WAWLI Papers # 052...

IN THIS ISSUE: From my personal files--day-by-day highlights from 1940, with top stars and personal favorites in caps--I maintain these files on a day-by- day basis for all years between 1908 and 1966 . . .

Jan. 1

Cleveland--GEORGE ZAHARIAS (back from recent Aussie tour) def Dutch Heffner 21:53; RAY STEELE def BILL LONGSON 21:15;

Jan. 2

Minneapolis--Ernie Dusek def DICK RAINES 20:29; Hamilton-- ALI BABA drew George Dusette; Canton--RAY STEELE def Ivan Rasputin, BILL LONGSON drew Mayes McLain; New York--BOBBY BRUNS def ORVILLE BROWN, MICHELE LEONE drew Maurice LaChapelle; Wilmington CA--DANNY McSHAIN-Duke Pettigrove def Sugy Hayamaka-Taro Ito

Jan. 3

Boston--JIM LONDOS def Bibber McCoy 2-0; Harrisburg-- ORVILLE BROWN def Gino Martinelli 46:00; Cleveland--DICK SHIKAT def Olaf Olson 33:30; Portland OR--GEORGE WILSON def Dave Levin; Hempstead NY--STEVE CASEY def Reb Russell, GUS SONNENBERG drew Tom Casey; Bakersfield CA--DANNY McSHAIN def Red Lyons;

Jan. 4

Hartford--MARV WESTENBERG def Rudy Dusek 2-1, Gene Bowman def TIGER JOE MARSH 18:15; White Plains--STEVE CASEY def Reb Russell; Brooklyn--BOBBY BRUNS drew DICK SHIKAT, ORVILLE BROWN drew Great Tristan, MICHELE LEONE def Raoul Lopez; Toronto--BILL LONGSON def DANNO O'MAHONEY 38:20, JOE SAVOLDI def FRANK SEXTON 24:32, LEO NUMA def Cy Williams; Vancouver BC--GEORGE WILSON def Dave Levin 2-1;

Jan. 5

Philadelphia--STEVE CASEY def Don Evans 32:34; Buffalo--ED DON GEORGE def Cy Williams, JOE SAVOLDI def Raspoutin, DANNO O'MAHONEY def John Katan, FRANK SEXTON def Tommy Nilan; Jamaica NY--GUS SONNENBERG def Ralph Garibaldi; Seattle--Terry McGinnis def GEORGE WILSON;

Jan. 6

Brooklyn--STEVE CASEY def Rudy Dusek 25:00;

Jan. 7

Harrisburg--ORV BROWN def Gino Martinelli 46:00;

Jan. 8

Charlotte--MILDRED BURKE def Gladys Gillem; Bronx NY-- STEVE CASEY def Bob Wagner;

Jan. 9

Minneapolis--BRONKO NAGURSKI def Ernie Dusek 32:08, DANNO O'MAHONEY def Joe Dusek 12:38; Indianapolis--LOU THESZ def Tom Zaharias 2-0, Billy Thom def Kiman Kudo 2-1; Hamilton--BILL LONGSON drew LEO NUMA, TED COX NC Elmer the Great, Jerry Monahan def JOE MARSH; Canton-- FRANK SEXTON def Chief Saunooke; New York--MICHELE LEONE def John Melas, ORVILLE BROWN def Karol Krauser; Modesto--DANNY McSHAIN def Jesse James;

Jan. 10

Cleveland--MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN def Turp Grimes 1:54; Portland OR--EARL McCREADY def Barto Hill 2-0; Boston-- STEVE CASEY def Reb Russell 2-0; Hempstead--GUS SONNENBERG def Ralph Garibaldi; Bakersfield CA--DANNY McSHAIN def Red Lyons;

Jan. 11

St. Louis--RAY STEELE def Len Macaluso 44:21; Salinas CA-- HANS STEINKE drew Pan Manlapig; Brooklyn--ORV BROWN def Gino Martinelli, MICHELE LEONE drew Bruno Zagurski; Vancouver BC--EARL McCREADY def Pat Meehan 2-1; Kansas City--BOBBY BRUNS def Andy Meixner 2-0, DICK SHIKAT def Ed White 2-0; Santa Barbara--Steve Strelich def DANNY McSHAIN dq;

Jan. 12

Philadelphia--JIM LONDOS def Jim Casey 41:13, YVON ROBERT def Bibber McCoy; Buffalo--TED COX def LEO NUMA, Lee Henning def FRANK SEXTON; Fall River MA-- STEVE CASEY def Charley Strack 2-1; Toronto--BILL LONGSON def JOE SAVOLDI 40:05 cor, GUS SONNENBERG def Mark Hosely 16:35; Seattle--EARL McCREADY def Hal Rumberg; Huntington Park CA--DANNY McSHAIN def Paul Bozzell (as Black Dragon);

Jan. 13

Brooklyn--YVON ROBERT NC Joe Cox 28:00 dcor;

Jan. 15

Minneapolis--Hans Kaempfer def DICK RAINES 32:16; Cleveland--BRONKO NAGURSKI def GEORGE ZAHARIAS 24:27, RAY STEELE def Jack Washburn 12:15 dq, FRANK SEXTON def Tom Zaharias 20:01 dq (att: 12,357); Charlotte-- MILDRED BURKE-Mae Weston def Gladys Gillem-Babe Verner; Montreal--JIM LONDOS def Rudy Dusek 18:51; Bronx--GUS SONNENBERG drew Joe Cox; Ottawa--BILL LONGSON vs JOE SAVOLDI; Tacoma--EARL McCREADY def Joe Corbett, GEORGE WILSON vs Chief Little Wolf; Hollywood--DANNY McSHAIN def Jesse James;

Jan. 16

Indianapolis--LOU THESZ def GEORGE ZAHARIAS 2-1 dq; Baltimore--JIM LONDOS def Tommy O'Toole; New York--ORV BROWN def Karol Krauser, MICHELE LEONE def Raoul Lopez; San Francisco--HARDY KRUSKAMP drew Danny Dusek, HANS STEINKE drew Willie Davis; Wilmington CA--DANNY McSHAIN def Taro Ito;

Jan. 17

Boston--BOBBY MANAGOFF def Dutch Hefner, YVON ROBERT def Al Mills; Chicago (Coliseum)--BRONKO NAGURSKI drew EV MARSHALL 60:00, LOU THESZ def Hans Schnabel 19:16, Ed Virag def Seelie Samara, RAY STEELE drew Ruffy Silverstein 30:00, Cliff Gustafson def Herb Freeman; Cleveland--ALI BABA def Al Getz 13:50; Wichita--BOBBY BRUNS def Spencer de Martin?;

Jan. 18

Hartford--STEVE CASEY def YVON ROBERT 2-1 dq, BOBBY MANAGOFF def Al Mills 22:10; Salinas CA--Vincent Lopez def HANS STEINKE; Brooklyn--MICHELE LEONE drew Maurice LaChapelle; Houston--BRONKO NAGURSKI def Young Joe Stecher; Kansas City--BOBBY BRUNS def ORVILLE BROWN 2-1, DICK SHIKAT def Raoul Lopez;

Jan. 19

Philadelphia--Ernie Dusek def YVON ROBERT 30:43, BOB MANAGOFF drew Gino Garibaldi; Houston--BRONKO NAGURSKI def Young Joe Stecher, LOU THESZ drew RAY STEELE 60:00;

Jan. 20

Stockton--HARDY KRUSKAMP def Howard Cantonwine; Brooklyn--YVON ROBERT drew Joe Cox; Jersey City--BARON LEONE def Juan Olquivel;

Jan. 22

Cleveland--JIM LONDOS def Bob Wagner, EV MARSHALL def Rasputin dq, TIGER JOE MARSH def Jack Washburn 5:11 dq, FRANK SEXTON def Jack Zarnas (att: 10,677); Bronx- -GUS SONNENBERG def Joe Cox; Hollywood--DANNY McSHAIN def Bob Gregory;

Jan. 23

Minneapolis--ABE KASHEY drew Abe Yourist 30:00; St. Louis-- LOU THESZ def Dorv Roche, RAY STEELE def DANNO O'MAHONEY; Worcester--STEVE CASEY def Charley Strack; Hamilton--TED COX def THE ANGEL?, Elmer the Great def LEO NUMA, BILL LONGSON drew Mark Hosely; New York-- DICK SHIKAT def Benny Rosen; Jersey City--MICHELE LEONE def Juan Oliquivel; Providence--MARV WESTENBERG def BOB MANAGOFF; San Francisco--HARDY KRUSKAMP drew Cliff Thiede, KAY BELL def Jim Powell; Klamath Falls OR-- DANNY McSHAIN def LeRoy Clayton;

Jan. 24

Boston--FRENCH ANGEL def Luigi Bacigalupi 2-0, BOB MANAGOFF def Eddie Newman; (STAN ZBYSZKO managing Iron Talun); Marysville CA--DANNY McSHAIN def LeRoy Clayton;

Jan. 25

Brooklyn--BOBBY BRUNS def DICK SHIKAT; Salinas CA-- SANDOR SZABO NC Pan Manlapig, HANS STEINKE def Pat O'Shocker; Canton--JIM LONDOS def FRANK SEXTON; Toronto--BILL LONGSON def JOE SAVOLDI 51:00, TED COX def LEO NUMA 20:48 cor; Vancouver BC--GEORGE WILSON drew Bill Sledge; Kansas City--ORVILLE BROWN def Sockeye McDonald 2-0; Hartford--MARV WESTENBERG def Gene Bowman 1-1 cnc; Chico CA--Bob Montgomery def DANNY McSHAIN;

Jan. 26

Buffalo--Elmer The Great Slagel def Ivan Rasputin, LOU THESZ drew TED COX, Ben Shalom def Mayes McLain, Lee Henning def Pat Reilly; Seattle--EARL McCREADY def Bill Sledge;

Jan. 27

Stockton--SANDOR SZABO def HARDY KRUSKAMP, KAY BELL def Joe Kogut; Houston--BRONKO NAGURSKI def Bill Lee dq (MIKE MAZURKI referee);

Jan. 29

Camden--JIM LONDOS def Gino Garibaldi 2-0; Montreal-- YVON ROBERT def Ernie Dusek; Bronx--GUS SONNENBERG def Jack Russell; Ashland MA--FRENCH ANGEL def Al Mills, HANS STEINKE vs Frank Judson; Medford OR--DANNY McSHAIN def Prince Mihalakis;

Jan. 30

Indianapolis--BRONKO NAGURSKI def DICK RAINES 2-0; Minneapolis--DANNO O'MAHONEY drew Hans Kaempfer; Worcester--FRENCH ANGEL def Leo Lefebvre 2-0; New York--DICK SHIKAT def Dave Levin, BOBBY BRUNS def Karol Krauser, MICHELE LEONE def Bad Boy Brown; Providence--BOB MANAGOFF def MARV WESTENBERG 2-1;

Jan. 31

Boston--Ernie Dusek def BOBBY MANAGOFF; Pittsburgh-- BRONKO NAGURSKI def Rasputin, LEO NUMA def Tom Zaharias, FRANK SEXTON drew Rudy Stromberg; Harrisburg--DICK SHIKAT def Bad Boy Brown, MICHELE LEONE def Juan Olaguivel (dec); Newark--BOB BRUNS def Jack Marshall;

Feb. 1

Hartford--Ernie Dusek def MARV WESTENBERG, BOBBY MANAGOFF def Luigi Bacigalup 15:20; Salinas CA--SANDOR SZABO def Pan Manlapig, Willie Davis def HARDY KRUSKAMP; Toronto--BRONKO NAGURSKI def BILL LONGSON 35:43 dq (world title), LOU THESZ drew Elmer Estep (Sol Slagel) 30:00, Lee Henning def Jerry Monohan, LEO NUMA def Tom Zaharias; Eugene OR--DANNY McSHAIN def Ernie Piluso; Brooklyn--BOB BRUNS drew DICK SHIKAT 1:14:59 dcor; Vancouver BC--EARL McCREADY def Laverne Baxter 2-1; Kansas City--ORVILLE BROWN def Nanjo Singh dq;

Feb. 2

Jamaica NY--STEVE CASEY def Bob Wagner; Philadelphia-- FRENCH ANGEL def Emil Dusek 5:59; Buffalo--LOU THESZ def Mark Hosely; Seattle--EARL McCREADY def Hal Rumberg; Oakland--SANDOR SZABO def Billy Hansen; Portland OR--DANNY McSHAIN def Herb Parks;

Feb. 3

Jersey City--BOB BRUNS drew John Murphy 60:00, DICK SHIKAT def Benny Rosen; Dave Levin def MICHELE LEONE; Brooklyn--STEVE CASEY def Emil Dusek;

Feb. 5

Cleveland--RAY STEELE def Jack Washburn 21:14, Rasputin def JOE MARSH 16:27, FRANK SEXTON drew Hans Kampfer 30:00, LEO NUMA def Tom Zaharias dq; Charlotte--JIM LONDOS def Ray Villmer (att: 10,439); Medford OR--Prince Mihalakis def DANNY McSHAIN;

Feb. 6

Providence--FRENCH ANGEL def Bull Martin; Indianapolis-- Hans Kampfer def LEO NUMA; Worcester--BOBBY MANAGOFF def Frank Judson; Minneapolis--BRONKO NAGURSKI def DANNO O'MAHONEY 25:52; Hamilton--TED COX def Jerry Monahan; Miami--ED DON GEORGE def Carlos Rodriquez; Canton--FRANK SEXTON def Tom Zaharias dq, JOE MARSH drew Pete Baltram; New York--DICK SHIKAT def Karol Krauser, MICHELE LEONE drew ?? Boyer; Columbia SC-- JIM LONDOS def Pancho Valdez; Montreal--YVON ROBERT def LOU THESZ; Klamath Falls OR--Bob Keneston def DANNY McSHAIN;

Feb. 7

Boston--FRENCH ANGEL def Rudy Dusek, STEVE CASEY def Leo Lefebvre, BOB MANAGOFF def MARV WESTENBERG 16:00; Pittsburgh--Elmer Slagel def FRANK SEXTON, LEO NUMA def Pete Baltran, Rudy Stromberg def TIGER JOE MARSH; Cleveland--BOBBY BRUNS def Cowboy Frank Taylor 44:46;

Feb. 8

Hartford--STEVE CASEY def Ernie Dusek; St. Louis--BRONKO NAGURSKI def Len Macaluso 23:45, LOU THESZ def Ivan Managoff; Toronto--BILL LONGSON def TED COX dq, YVON ROBERT def Mark Hosley, LEO NUMA def FRANK SEXTON; Salinas CA--KAY BELL def Jack Kogut; Kansas City--ORV BROWN def Vanka Zelezniak 2-0; Eugene OR--DANNY McSHAIN def Pete Belcastro; Brooklyn--DICK SHIKAT def Dave Levin, MICHELE LEONE def Bad Boy Brown; Vancouver BC-- Bill Sledge def GEORGE WILSON 2-1; Toledo--GEORGE WAGNER def Andy Tremaine;

Feb. 9

Philadelphia--JIM LONDOS def Tommy O'Toole 46:00; Chicago (Coliseum)--BRONKO NAGURSKI def JOE SAVOLDI 10:48, EV MARSHALL def DANNO O'MAHONEY 14:20, LOU THESZ drew Jim McMillen 30:00, Ede Virag def Cecil McGill, Jack Moore drew Charles Grubmeyer 20:00 (att: 2,730,&127; $1,844.90); Buffalo--TED COX def Elmer Slagel, YVON ROBERT def Tom Zaharias

Feb. 10

Jersey City--DICK SHIKAT def Karol Krauser;

Feb. 12

Philadelphia or Camden--(FOUR DUSEKS) Lou Plummer def Ernie Dusek, Gino Vagnone def Rudy Dusek, Joe Dusek def Bob Wagner, Emil Dusek drew Abe Coleman; Cleveland (Arena)--JIM LONDOS def Rasputin 25:40, LOU THESZ def Tom Zaharias 26:50, Bill Shalom def Fred Bozic 13:57, Hans Kampfer def Mayes McLain 14:02 (att: 11,884) (Tom Zaharias drew Mayes McLain, Pete Baltran def JOE MARSH??); Hollywood--Bob Gregory def DANNY McSHAIN;

Feb. 13

Worcester--BOBBY MANAGOFF def MARV WESTENBERG; Indianapolis--RAY STEELE def Hans Kaempfer; Miami--ED DON GEORGE drew Fred Bruno; New York--DICK SHIKAT def Benny Rosen; Wilmington CA--DANNY McSHAIN def Karl Grey;

Feb. 14

Boston--FRENCH ANGEL vs Bibber McCoy (canceled, snow);

Feb. 15

Hartford--FRENCH ANGEL def Gene Bowman 2-0, MARV WESTENBERG def Tom Casey 24:15; Kansas City--ORV BROWN def Nanjo Singh 2-1; Toronto--BILL LONGSON def TED COX 24:59, STEVE CASEY def Reb Russell 20:20, LEO NUMA drew Lee Henning 30:00; Brooklyn--Otto Von Schacht def DICK SHIKAT 14:20; Vancouver BC--EARL McCREADY drew Billy Hanson 1-1; Santa Barbara--Paul Bozzell (as Black Dragon) def DANNY McSHAIN;

Feb. 16

Philadelphia--FRENCH ANGEL def Joe Cox 15:21, BOB MANAGOFF drew Tom Rae; Buffalo--TED COX def Rasputin cor, STEVE CASEY drew Rudy Strongberg, FRANK SEXTON def Mayes McLain, LEO NUMA def Tom Zaharias; Miami--ED DON GEORGE def Bill Hoolahan;

Feb. 17

Brooklyn--Ernie Dusek def Gino Vagnone, Rudy Dusek drew Gino Garibaldi, Joe Dusek drew Don Evans, Emil Dusek def Maurice LaChappelle (THOSE FOUR DUSEKS!);&127;

Feb. 19

Bronx--JIM LONDOS def Gino Garibaldi; Cleveland--LOU THESZ def Hans Schnabel; Hollywood--DANNY McSHAIN def Bob Gregory;

Feb. 20

Indianapolis--RAY STEELE def Milo Steinborn 2-0; Minneapolis- -DANNO O'MAHONEY def Roy Graham (dec), Hans Kaempfer def DANNO O'MAHONEY, ABE KASHEY on card; Hamilton-- YVON ROBERT drew Elmer Estep, FRANK SEXTON def JOE MARSH, Lee Henning def TED COX; Miami--ED DON GEORGE def Fred Bruno dq; San Francisco--SANDOR SZABO def Willie Davis 2-0, KAY BELL def Fred Meyers

Feb. 21

Boston--FRENCH ANGEL def Bibber McCoy; St. Louis-- BRONKO NAGURSKI def LOU THESZ 30:19; Pittsburgh--JIM LONDOS def FRANK SEXTON 37:16; Cleveland--ORV BROWN def Harry Kent 37:25, DICK SHIKAT def Olaf Olson 8:28, Morris Shapiro def TIGER JOE MARSH;

Feb. 22

New York--MICHELE LEONE def Felix Slovikowski; Salinas CA- -SANDOR SZABO def Joe Pazandak; Kansas City--BOBBY BRUNS NC Karol Krauser dcor; Toronto--Elmer Eastup def BILL LONGSON 39:54, YVON ROBERT def Ivan Rasputin dq, Jerry Monohan def JOE MARSH, FRANK SEXTON def Tom Zaharias; Brooklyn--MICHELE LEONE def Felix Slovikoski;

Feb. 23

Philadelphia--BOB MANAGOFF def Abe Kaplan 12:08; Seattle-- GEORGE WILSON drew Pat Kelly; Huntington Park CA-- DANNY McSHAIN def Tony Morelli;

Feb. 24

Brooklyn--FRENCH ANGEL def Joe Cox 17:20, BOB MANAGOFF drew Bob Wagner;

Feb. 26

Worcester--FRENCH ANGEL def Jim Coffield; Hollywood-- LEROY McGUIRK def DANNY McSHAIN;

Feb. 27

Minneapolis--EV MARSHALL def Jacques Moxell, Ede Virag def Ron Escheson, Abe Yourist def Jerry Meeker (dec), Mayes McLain def Gaius Young (dec), GUS SONNENBERG def Dave Morrow, LOU THESZ def Andy Moen (dec), Eddie Virag def Warren Bockwinkel (dec), Tom Zaharias def Abe Yourist (dec), EV MARSHALL def Mayes McLain (dec), LOU THESZ def GUS SONNENBERG (dec); Indianapolis--BRONKO NAGURSKI def Dorv Roche cnc; Canton--DANNO O'MAHONEY def JOE MARSH, FRANK SEXTON def Jack Washburn; Springfield MO- -Gorilla Poggi def GEORGE WAGNER;

Feb. 28

Pittsburgh (Feb. 29?)--DANNO O'MAHONEY def LEO NUMA; Cleveland--BOBBY BRUNS drew DICK SHIKAT 60:00; Boston-- FRENCH ANGEL def Dutch Hefner; Bakersfield CA--DANNY McSHAIN def Yukon Jake;

Feb. 29

Hartford--FRENCH ANGEL def Leo Lefebvre 2-0, BOBBY MANAGOFF out with infected arm; Salinas CA--Cy Williams def KAY BELL; Kansas City--ORV BROWN def John Grandovich; Brooklyn--BOBBY BRUNS def Fred Otto Von Schacht 42:00; White Plains NY--YVON ROBERT drew Joe Dusek;

Mar. 1

Philadelphia--JIM LONDOS def Tommy O'Toole 49:06; Toronto- -TED COX NC Elmer Eastup 54:04 dcor, DANNO O'MAHONEY def Ivan Rasputin cor; North Bergen--ED DON GEORGE def SANDOR SZABO 50:13; Phoenix--HANS STEINKE drew Lee Wyckoff;

Mar. 2

Brooklyn--JIM LONDOS def Joe Dusek, YVON ROBERT def Al Mills;

Mar. 4

St. Paul--BRONKO NAGURSKI def JOE SAVOLDI 26:38, ABE KASHEY def GUS SONNENBERG; Cleveland--Ernie Dusek def Joe Cox, LOU THESZ def Emil Dusek 17:43, Rudy Dusek def Tiger Tasker, Joe Dusek def Pete Baltran, Jack Washburn def Jack Zarnas (att: 7,165) (FOUR DUSEKS APPEAR)

Mar. 5

Indianapolis--LOU THESZ drew EV MARSHALL 1-1 90:00; Dayton--BOBBY BRUNS def Turp Grimes dq; Hamilton--TED COX def Mark Hoseley, Tor Johnson def LEO NUMA; San Francisco--Cardiff Giant def HARDY KRUSKAMP, KAY BELL def Joe Kujot; Springfield MO--GEORGE WAGNER def Chin Lee;

Mar. 6

Boston--DANNO O'MAHONEY drew Ernie Dusek; Cleveland-- BOB BRUNS def Frank Taylor dq, DICK SHIKAT drew Roland Kirchmeyer; Oklahoma City--GEORGE WAGNER def Larry Kasaboski, Jesse James def DANNY McSHAIN dq;; Toronto-- LOU THESZ def Nanjo Singh;

Mar. 7

Hartford--STEVE CASEY NC YVON ROBERT, BOBBY MANAGOFF no show; St. Louis--RAY STEELE def BRONKO NAGURSKI 34:11 (won nwa title); Brooklyn--MICHELE LEONE def Hans Schwarz, BOBBY BRUNS def Fred Von Schacht; Salinas CA--SANDOR SZABO def Joe Pazandak; Toronto-- FRENCH ANGEL def Jerry Monohan 10:15, BILL LONGSON def FRANK SEXTON 19:30 cor, TED COX def LEO NUMA 33:48 (att: 11,000); Kansas City--ORV BROWN def Kola Kwariani 1-1 cnc; Vancouver BC--EARL McCREADY def Chief Little Wolf 2-1;

Mar. 8

Jamaica--JIM LONDOS def Bob Wagner; St. Louis--LOU THESZ def MIKE MAZURKI; Phoenix--HANS STEINKE drew Pat Fraley;

Mar. 9

Brooklyn--YVON ROBERT drew Ernie Dusek 60:00;

Mar. 11

New Haven--FRENCH ANGEL def Charley Strack; Camden-- JIM LONDOS def Lou Plummer 36:35; Cleveland--BRONKO NAGURSKI def LOU THESZ 28:22 cor (deep cut), JOE SAVOLDI def BILL LONGSON 20:29 dq, LEO NUMA drew Rudy Strongberg, Jack Washburn def Mark Hosely, Harry Kent def Walter Podolak;

Mar. 12

Indianapolis--EV MARSHALL def LOU THESZ 2-1; New York-- BOBBY BRUNS def Otto Von Schacht; San Francisco--DEAN DETTON def Tommy Nilan, SANDOR SZABO def Cardiff Giant, KAY BELL def Pat O'Shocker, HARDY KRUSKAMP def Jim Powell; Springfield MO--RED BERRY def GEORGE WAGNER, DANNY McSHAIN def John Swenski;

Mar. 13

Boston--FRENCH ANGEL def Gino Garibaldi 2-0; Harrisburg-- Irish Angel def MICHELE LEONE; Oklahoma City--GEORGE WAGNER def Dick Trout, Jesse James def DANNY McSHAIN;

Mar. 14

Salinas CA--HARDY KRUSKAMP drew Pete Petersen; Kansas City--ORV BROWN def Karol Krauser 2-1 dq; Brooklyn--BOBBY BRUNS def Swedish Angel, MICHELE LEONE drew&127; Otto von Schacht; Hartford--YVON ROBERT def Dutch Hefner 2-1, MARV WESTENBERG def Al Mercier 23:10, BOBBY MANAGOFF def George Linehan 23:30; Vancouver BC--EARL McCREADY drew John Katan 1-1;

Mar. 16

???--JIM LONDOS def Gino Garibaldi 32:20;

Mar. 18

Cleveland--RAY STEELE def TED COX 44:41, LEO NUMA def BILL LONGSON 23:58 dq; Charlotte--JOE SAVOLDI def Bill Bartush; Bronx--JIM LONDOS def Joe Cox;


Mar. 19

St. Louis--FRENCH ANGEL def Leo Lefebvre 6:20; Minneapolis--Hans Kaempfer def EV MARSHALL (default), LOU THESZ def Alf Johnson (dec), Ede Virag def Joe Komar (dec), Abe Yourist def Roy Graham (dec), LOU THESZ def Hans Kaempfer (dec), Ede Virag def Tom Zaharias, Abe Yourist def Ray Eckert (dec); Hamilton--TED COX def Tor Johnson, BILL LONGSON def Bobby Roberts; San Francisco--SANDOR SZABO def DEAN DETTON dq, Cardiff Giant def KAY BELL, HARDY KRUSKAMP drew Willie Davis; Springfield MO-- Great Mephisto def GEORGE WAGNER, RED BERRY def DANNY McSHAIN;

Mar. 20

Chicago--FRENCH ANGEL def Rudy Dusek 15:04, LOU THESZ drew Hans Kampfer, Seelie Samara vs Leo LeFebvre, Ruffy Silverstein vs Olaf Olson, Karl Pojello vs Rudy Kay (att: 6,000); Boston--MARV WESTENBERG NC BOBBY MANAGOFF, DANNO O'MAHONEY def Bull Martin 14:57, STEVE CASEY def Charley Strack 24:55; Oklahoma City--Taro Ilami def GEORGE WAGNER, DANNY McSHAIN def Hugh Nichols;

Mar. 21

Milwaukee--FRENCH ANGEL def GUS SONNENBERG 2-0; Brooklyn--MICHELE LEONE def Fred Von Schacht; Salinas CA- -DEAN DETTON def Cy Williams, Bob Wagner def HARDY KRUSKAMP, KAY BELL def Pat Rooney; Kansas City--BOB BRUNS def Karol Krauser 2-1 dq; Toronto--BILL LONGSON def ED DON GEORGE 44:15, TED COX def FRANK SEXTON 21:22; Hartford--Dutch Hefner def MARV WESTENBERG 2-1, DANNO O'MAHONEY def Frank Judson;

Mar. 22

Cleveland--FRENCH ANGEL def Dutch Hefner 15:41 (said to be 27-0), EV MARSHALL def Leo Lefebvre 18:02;

Mar. 23

Danielson, CT--DANNO O'MAHONEY def Eddie Newman;

Mar. 25

Charlotte--JOE SAVOLDI def Ellis Bashara;

March 26

Baltimore--FRENCH ANGEL def Joe Dusek 13:00; Providence-- STEVE CASEY def Dutch Hefner 1-1 (dec), DANNO O'MAHONEY def MARV WESTENBERG; San Francisco-- DEAN DETTON def Geo. Richards, Cy Williams def HARDY KRUSKAMP; Wichita KS--Roy Dunn def LOU THESZ;

Mar. 27

Cleveland--JIM LONDOS def LEO NUMA 32:16, LOU THESZ def Jack Washubrn, Elmer Estep def Ivan Rasputin dq, Frank Taylor def Fred Bozic, Ralph Garibaldi def Ted Christie (dec); Oklahoma City--Karl Grey def GEORGE WAGNER, RED BERRY def DANNY McSHAIN;

Mar. 28

Brooklyn--MICHELE LEONE def Fred Von Schacht; Boston-- FRENCH ANGEL def DANNO O'MAHONEY 2-0, MARV WESTENBERG def Karl Pojello 25:40; Salinas CA--Bob Wagner def KAY BELL, Pan Manlapig def DEAN DETTON; Canton--EV MARSHALL def Frank Taylor; Hartford--STEVE CASEY def Rudy Dusek 2-1; Kansas City--ORV BROWN drew BOBBY BRUNS (double kayo); Toronto--ED DON GEORGE def BILL LONGSON 37:00 dq, Rasputin def LEO NUMA 21:25; Vancouver BC--GEORGE WILSON def Geo. Villa 1-0;

Mar. 30

New York--FRENCH ANGEL def Abe Coleman; Bronx--JIM LONDOS def Rudy Dusek;

April 1

Cleveland--LOU THESZ def Jack Washburn, JIM LONDOS def LEO NUMA, Elmer Estep def Ivan Rasputin dq


The WAWLI Papers # 053...


(a typical week of wrestling matches from that era)

March 27, 1950 Bronx Winter Garden

Kenny Ackles W Miguel Torres, Chick Garibaldi v John Melas, Fritz Ziegfried v John Heideman, Sammy Cohen v Henry Piers

March 27, 1950 Sunnyside Gardens

Tarzan Hewitt W Wally Dusek, Babe Sharkey v Hans Kampfer, Sammy Berg W George Harben, Murray Rothenberg W Eddie King, Alvino Lucenti v Mickey Cortolano

March 28, 1950 Baltimore Coliseum

Billy Darnell W Dutch Schweigert, Masked Phantoms W Kenny Ackles-Ivan Kameroff, Tiny Mills D Steve Gob

March 28, 1950 St. Nicholas Arena

Antonino Rocca W Golden Superman, Buddy Rogers W Super Swedish Angel, Sandor Kovacs v Dutch Schweigert, Tony Martinelli W Kola Kwariani, Marvin Mercer v Steve Gob

March 28, 1950 Eastern Parkway Arena

George Becker W Babe Sharkey, Ray Schwartz W The Wolfman, Sammy Berg W Rocco Colombo, Ovila Asselin W Angelo Savoldi, Al Alexander D Red Kirkpatrick

March 29, 1950 Hempstead Garden

Antonino Rocca W Tony Martinelli, Golden Superman W Chick Garibaldi, Super Swedish Angel W Tiny Mills, Hans Hermann v Miguel Torres, Mike Paidousis W Kola Kwariani

March 30, 1950 Ridgewood Grove

Antonino Rocca W Ali Baba, Tony Cosenza v Hans Hermann, Marvin Mercer v Tony Morelli, Golden Superman v Billy Darnell, Jesse James W Kola Kwariani

March 31, 1950 Jamaica Arena

Primo Carnera D Sandor Kovacs, Dutch Rhode v Francois Miquet, Chick Garibaldi v Ivan Vakturoff, Ali Baba v Steve Gob, Ace Freeman v Harry Finkelstein

April 1, 1950 Teaneck Armory

Buddy Rogers W George Lenihan, Emil-Wally Dusek, Abe Coleman-Sammy Berg, Gene Dubuque-Ovila Asselin, Rocco Colombo-Angelo Savoldi (tag tourney)

April 1, 1950 Broadway Arena

Lord Carlton W George Becker, Tarzan Hewitt W George Babich, Babe Sharkey W Ray Schwartz, Mike Clancy W Al Alexander, The Wolfman W Alvino Lucenti

April 1, 1950 Renaissance Casino

Gene Stanlee W Super Swedish Angel, Ivan Kameroff W Tiny Mills, Jesse James W Les Ruffin, Wally Dern W Mano Melas, Harry Finkelstein W Mike Kilroy

(ED. NOTE--Ridgewood Grove, Eastern Parkway and Broadway Arena were in Brooklyn; Jamaica Arena and Sunnyside Gardens were in Queens; Hempstead's Island Gardens were a little farther out on Long Island; the Bronx Winter Garden, natch, in the Bronx; Teaneck is just across the river in New Jersey; you could take the train down to Baltimore -- and to Washington and Philadelphia for bouts not listed here, not to mention Newark, North Bergen, Paterson and Jersey City bouts, also just across the river in New Jersey; or there was the Westchester Center up in White Plains; hoary old St. Nick's was on the Upper West Side in Manhattan; regular shows were starting to take place about every six weeks or so in Madison Square Garden, at the instigation of William Johnston -- who died this same spring, with eventual promotional control falling into the hands of Willie Gilzenberg, Rudy Dusek, Toots Mondt and Vince McMahon Sr.; "The Wolfman" was Soldat Gorky, aka John Smith of "Coughdrop Brothers" fame, aka William Allen, one of my all-time favorites -- and Al Alexander would become Ivan Gorky, aka Al Smith, the other Cough drop brother, and eventually he would come back to New York as "Jolly Cholly"; the "Masked Phantoms" were Abe Zvonkin and Irish Jack Dillon; Johnny "Dutch" Schweigert gained a measure of renown as "The Great Scott" and "Texas" Babe Sharkey was an old Temple University football player named Charles Kemmerer; Kenny Ackles was double-jointed and a delight to watch wriggle out of opponents' holds; "Super Swedish Angel" was Tor Johnson, soon to start making a living in Hollywood; Chick Garibaldi and Rocco Colombo would die of heart attacks right after wrestling matches in the 1960s; Herman "Dutch" Rhode was still making the transition to the legendary "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, switching the names back and forth from night to night; Steve Gob and Ivan Kameroff would team up and have a good run in the late '50s- early '60s as Nicoli and Boris Volkoff in the Midwest; the "Golden Superman" was Walter Podolak, here enjoying his "15 minutes" of fame; George Becker and Ray Schwartz later teamed up as the Becker brothers, George and Bobby; Tiny Mills was huge when teamed with "Lord" Al Mills for Verne Gagne's AWA in the early '60s; Angelo Savoldi and Mike Clancy both were to hold the NWA junior heavy title later on; "Lord Carlton" was a West Coast preliminary man named Tug Carlson, who put on a monacle and became a main eventer; Harry Finkelstein shortened his name to Harry Lewis and became Argentina Rocca's road agent when Kola Kwariani retired to play chess in Chicago; Rocca, of course, was less than a year into what would become nearly a 15-year reign as wrestling's brightest box office attraction; altogether, there is a mix of wrestlers listed above who, between them, had careers ranging from the 1920s to the 1970s -- but already, with television cameras blazing almost every night, the game was beginning to change into something else . . .)


Tulsa, Oklahoma

October 2, 1950

Ivan Kalmikoff W Billy Varga, Verne Gagne W Danny Savich

October 9, 1950

Great Balbo W Eddie Gossette (Graham), Sonny Myers W Antone Leone

October 16, 1950

Angelo Savoldi W Rito Romero, Tony Morelli W Ali Pasha, Angelo Martinelli W John Swenski

October 23, 1950

Verne Gagne W Angelo Martinelli, Ivan Kalmikoff W Johnny (Great) Balbo, Sonny Myers W Tony Morelli

October 30, 1950

Ivan Kalmikoff W Sonny Myers, Verne Gagne W Angelo Savoldi

November 6, 1950

Sonny Myers W Ivan Kalmikoff

November 13, 1950

Verne Gagne W Sonny Myers

(ED. NOTE--Gagne held the belt for a smidge over a year, finally dropping it to Dangerous Danny McShain in Memphis.)


August 16, 1950

Nick Carter W Killer Kowalski DQ (Joe Louis referee), Tommy O'Toole W Whitey Whittler, Dark Secret (Joe Pazandak) W Jack Hader

August 23, 1950

Whipper Watson W Nick Carter, Sky Low Low W Pee Wee James, Al Lovelock D Tommy O'Toole, Cherry Vallina W Jack Britton

August 30, 1950

Bill Longson W Red Vagnone, Tommy O'Toole W Joe Pazandak, Whitey Whittler W Cherry Vallina

September 6, 1950

Ray Eckert W Al Lovelock, Jean Holland W Beverly Lehmer, Nell Stewart W Carol Cook, Tommy O'Toole W Bert Rubi

(Ralph Garibaldi's five-year-old daughter, Lucia, was killed 9- 12-50 when hit by a truck.)

September 13, 1950

Buddy Rogers W Red Vagnone, Nell Stewart-Beverly Lehmer W Carol Cook-Jean Holland, Bert Rubi D Whitey Whittler

September 21, 1950

Ray Eckert W Al Lovelock, Great Humphrey W Carlos Rodriguez, Tom Marshall W Whitey Whittler

September 27, 1950

Ray Eckert W Killer Kowalski, Bobby Bruns D Ralph Garibaldi, Great Humphrey W Tom Marshall

October 4, 1950

Ray Eckert W Bill Longson (Strangler Lewis referee), Al Lovelock W Red Vagnone, Tommy O'Toole D Warren Bockwinkle

October 11, 1950

Killer Kowalski W Ray Eckert DQ, Little Beaver-Tom Thumb W Irish Jackie-Jimmy Little, Fred Atkins W Warren Bockwinkle

October 18, 1950

Fred Atkins W Bobby Bruns, Ray Eckert W Joe Pazandak, Jim Dobie W Whitey Whittler

October 25, 1950

Whipper Watson D Fred Atkins, Ella Wladek W Dot Dotson, Bobby Bruns W Jim Dobie

November 1, 1950

Fred Atkins-Ray Eckert W Killer Kowalski-Warren Bockwinkle, Tommy O'Toole W Dick Raines DQ

November 8, 1950

Gorgeous George W Tommy O'Toole, Fred Atkins W Howard Cantonwine, Dick Raines D Al Lovelock

November 15, 1950

Fred Atkins W Killer Kowalski, Ray Eckert D Bobby Bruns, Red Vagnone W Cherry Vallina

December 6, 1950 (card canceled when only 250 show up in inclement weather)

Gorgeous George v Bobby Bruns, Jim Dobie v Howard Cantonwine, Al Lovelock v Warren Bockwinkle

December 13, 1950

Lou Thesz (with Ed Lewis) W Bill Longson 2-1 (NWA title defense), Karol Krauser W Jim Dobie, Ellen Olson-Carol Cook W Dot Dotson-Ann Laverne

December 20, 1950

Ray Eckert-Pat O'Shocker W Ray Villmer-Warren Bockwinkle, Red Vagnone NC Karol Krauser

December 27, 1950

Karol Krauser W Bill Longson DQ, Jim Dobie D Cherry Vallina, Ralph Garibaldi W Hal Keene, Red Vagnone W Pat O'Shocker DQ

January 3, 1951

Bill Longson W Ray Eckert, Red Vagnone W Tom Marshall, Ralph Garibaldi W Pat O'Shocker

January 10, 1951

Killer Kowalski D Whipper Watson, Ray Gunkel W Red Vagnone, Karol Krauser W Jack Moore

January 17, 1951

Bill Longson W Karol Krauser DQ, Green Phantom W Ralph Garibaldi, Dick Raines D Ray Gunkel

January 24, 1951

Karol Krauser W Dick Raines, Green Phantom W Ray Gunkel, Red Vagnone W Bob Geigel

January 31, 1951

Lou Thesz W Karol Krauser, Mildred Burke W June Byers, Jim Dobie W Lou Britton, Sky Low Low W Mighty Fritz


(from Burt Ray's Matmania)

Civic Auditorium & International Center Arena

Promoter: Ed Francis

February 1, 1967

Kongozan D Harry Fujiwara, Jim Hady W Steve Stanlee, Karl Gotch D Eddie Morro, Johnny Barend-Hans Mortier W Neff Maiava-Missing Link (Pampero Firpo), Beauregarde W Ripper Collins (handicap)

February 8, 1967

Ripper Collins D Tosh Togo, Hans Mortier W Dean Higuchi, Eddie Morro W Kongozan, Masked Executioner (Vic Christy) W Steve Stanlee, Jim Hady W Johnny Barend

February 15, 1967

Karl Gotch W Masked Executioner, Curtis Iaukea W Kongozan, Johnny Barend-Hans Mortier W Jim Hady-Steve Stanlee, Ripper Collins W Eddie Morro

February 22, 1967

Ripper Collins-Masked Executioner W Beauregarde- McRonald Kamaka, Jim Hady W Kongozan, Harry Fujiwara W Johnny Barend DQ, Eddie Morro D Hans Mortier, Curtis Iaukea W Karl Gotch

March 1, 1967 (International Center Arena)

Masked Executioner-Beauregarde D Tosh Togo-Kongozan, Hans Mortier W McRonald Kamaka, Ripper Collins NC Ciclon Negro, Skull Murphy D Karl Gotch, Curtis Iaukea W Johnny Barend, Ray Stevens-Pat Patterson W Jim Hady-Eddie Morro

March 8, 1967

Curtis Iaukea W Eddie Morro, Jim Hady D Karl Gotch, Johnny Barend W Kongozan, Ripper Collins W Beauregarde

March 15, 1967

Paul Diamond W Kongozan, Hans Mortier D Karl Gotch, Johnny Barend W Dean Higuchi, Curtis Iaukea W Masked Executioner, Jim Hady W Ripper Collins

March 22, 1967

Ripper Collins W Kongozan, Karl Gotch W Beauregarde, Curtis Iaukea D Jim Hady, Hans Mortier-Johnny Barend W Nick Bockwinkle-Paul Diamond

March 29, 1967 (International Center Arena)

Karl Gotch-Kongozan W Beauregarde-Don Duffy, Ripper Collins NC Hans Mortier, Jim Hady D Mongolian Stomper, Paul Diamond W Ciclon Negro DQ, Ray Stevens-Pat Patterson W Nick Bockwinkle-The Missing Link

April 5, 1967

Nick Bockwinkle W Kongozan, Dean Higuchi D Great Fuji (Harry Fujiwara), Curtis Iaukea-Ripper Collins W Karl Gotch- Dean Higuchi, Johnny Barend-Hans Mortier-Beauregarde W Nick Bockwinkle-Paul Diamond-Jim Hady

April 19, 1967

Karl Gotch-Paul Diamond D Beauregarde-Hans Mortier, Jim Hady W Tojo Yamamoto, Curtis Iaukea W Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Barend W Ripper Collins

April 26, 1967 (International Center Arena)

Beauregarde W Harry Fujiwara, Ripper Collins W Paul Diamond, Karl Gotch W Kongozan, Johnny Barend-Hans Mortier W Pepper Gomez-Pedro Morales, Ciclon Negro- Mongolian Stomper W Ray Stevens-Ripper Collins, Curtis Iaukea W Jim Hady

May 3, 1967

Kongozan D Beauregarde, Jim Hady W Tosh Togo, Paul Diamond D Karl Gotch, Ripper Collins-Curtis Iaukea W Hans Mortier-Johnny Barend

May 10, 1967

Curtis Iaukea W Paul Diamond, Karl Gotch-Beauregarde D Kongozan-Harry Fujiwara, Jim Hady W Ripper Collins, Johnny Barend W Hans Mortier

May 17, 1967

Kongozan W Paul Diamond, Karl Gotch D George Drake, Missing Link-Lord Blears W Hans Mortier-Beauregarde, Jim Hady-Johnny Barend W Curtis Iaukea-Ripper Collins _______________________________________________


May 15, 1967 (Madison Square Garden)

Bruno Sammartino W Gorilla Monsoon, Spiros Arion-Tony Parisi W Luke Graham-Baron Scicluna, Bobo Brazil W Jesus Ortega, Toru Tanaka W Ox Baker, Irish Jackie-Jamaica Kid W Fuzzy Cupid-Little Brutus, Arnold Skaaland W Smasher Sloan

(The following is Burt Ray's summary of that card, reprinted from Matmania.)

. . . And now a bit of news that really hurts. It has finally happened. On the 15th, I went to the Garden to see the matches and became so bored with it all that I got up and felt early. That was left early. The matches had become so repetitious that I could not be bothered with it all. Not only could I predict the winners, I could also predict the time of the match, it had gotten to be so bad. The match in question, highlighting a rematch betwixt Sammartino and Monsoon, was one of the worst drawing in the history of the Garden, as less than 13,000 flooded the historic old dump. The promoters expected a sellout no matter what, and presented the worst card I have ever seen or read about and I, for one, could not be bothered. It was five dollars down the drain and will probably be the last five dollars they ever get out of me. I am disgusted with it all.

(ED. NOTE -- Could this have been the 'official' end of Wrestling As We Liked It? Maybe. Notably, none of the boys on the card were in the big time prior to 1950....that was the year Skaaland began working for the New York office.)

The WAWLI Papers # 054...


(reprinted from Saturday, March 30, 1957 edition)

A real-life Goliath who literally "reaches into the confines of the upper stratosphere" -- to the extraordinary height of 8' 2"; boasts an astounding weight package of 415 pounds; and, who, when traveling, must protract his gangling frame on the floor of a hotel room to insure a restful night sleep (his bed at home is 9' in length) -- is, without any stretch of the imagination, the most gigantic being ever to don wrestling tights!

But most of all, Paul Bunyan, the lumberjack who calls Walla Walla, Washington his home; has a bull-neck measuring 21" (around); and wears a size 18 pair of shoes (the Florsheim Shoe Company of Chicago had to first make a special cast of Bunyan's foot before they were able to mould his shoe size -- a total cost of $165.00), is certainly "the greatest wrestling sensation to wander into professional wrestling's modern arenas in the last 20 years!"

Actually, this giant can be classified a mere "rookie" in this colorful mat year of 1956; having only been wrestling as a professional for two years! And yet, because of his enormous size, Bunyan has already attained a degree of immortality that, at most, many only achieve after tedious years of climbing up the ladder of success . . . one rung at a time.

How does this giant operate in the ring? In what sensational manner does a man of so huge a stature overwhelm his opponents? In answer, we will quote from a newspaper story that appeared in Omaha, Nebraska's "World Herald," date-lined October 23, 1956: "In the semi-windup, Paul Bunyan, 415-pound, 8- foot 2-linch "economy package," defeated Frank Hickey in 2:50 by falling on his opponent." -- That, fans, is exactly the way he disposes of his foes . . . by falling on them!

To sum up the "tall tale" of a giant who certainly has no peer in our professional world of sport today, we would like to quote from the lead paragraph of a story announcing Bunyan's future appearance in Milwaukee's 12,000-seat Arena: "About once in two decades a wrestler zooms on the horizon, and captures the fancy of the mat patrons to such a degree that he boosts attendance in the sport to amazing proportions." -- Such is the saga of Paul Bunyan . . . past, present and future!

New York, Madison Square Garden, March 30, 1957

Antonino Rocca-Miguel Perez def Wildman Fargo-Don Stvens 2-1, Ricki Starr def Paul Bunyan 3:55, Dick the Bruiser def Karl Von Hess 9:37 DQ, Gino Garibaldi def Cowboy Rocky Lee 20:00 (decision), Oyama Kato def Jack Wilson 6:43, Reyes Rodriguez (later Ciclon Negro) def Harry Lewis 12:52, Chief Big Heart def Skull Murphy 15:00 (decision)

And, now, one of those weeks that was . . .


April 25, 1957

Sheik of Araby-Aldo Bogni def Mitch Lassen-Roy Rogers, Ed Carpentier def Duke Demetri, Bill Melby def Ned Taylor ___________________________________________


April 22, 1957

Bull Montana-Kurt Von Poppenheim drew Luther Lindsey-Herb Freeman (Schiff), Luigi Macera def Jack Bence, Tito Carreon def Red Donovan

April 26, 1957

Ed Francis-Bill Savage def Luigi Macera-Herb Freeman, John Witte def George Drake, Tito Carreon def Jack Bence, Bull Montana def Pierre DeGlane, Luther Lindsey drew Kurt Von Poppenheim ____________________________________________


April 26, 1957

Lou Thesz def Red McIntyre 25:00 (NWA title defense), Don Whittler def Pierre LaSalle, June Byers def Penny Banner, Kurt Von Brauner (Jack Wilson) def Paul Bunyan _____________________________________________


(reprinted from Los Angeles Times, April 23, 1957)

Sky Hi Lee defeated Joe Blanchard in the main wrestling exhibition at Hollywood Legion Stadium Monday night. Other matches saw Shag Thomas pin Carlos Moreno, Great Togo top Juan Hernandez, Vic Christy draw with Lee Grable and Tommy Martindale beat Enrique Romero.


(reprinted from Los Angeles Times, April 24, 1957)

Sky Hi Lee and Shag Thomas, the two-man riot squad, put their International TV tag-team title on the line tonight at the Olympic against the new combo of Bobo Brazil and Sandor Szabo. The match goes on at 7:30 p.m. and won't be televised.

Sky Hi and Shag form a rugged duo. Lee towers 6 feet 9 inches and weighs 290 pounds. He's an ex-pugilist. Shag, a former All-American from Ohio State, is constructed like a fire hydrant and weighs a mere 240.

In Bobo, though, the Lee-Thomas team will be meeting a formidable foe. Bobo hits 270 pounds on the scales and stands 6 feet 7 inches. Szabo represents the science of this combo.

In the TV main event, Paul Baillargeon, a French- Canadian renowned for his feats of strength, makes his Olympic debut by meeting Irish Pat Fraley. Other matches: Billy Varga vs. Joe Blanchard; Dr. Lee Grable vs. Gene LeBell; Tommy Martindale vs. Great Togo; Nick Bockwinkle vs. Leo Garibaldi; Carlos Moreno vs. Vic Christy.


(reprinted from Baltimore Sun, April 23, 1957)&127;

Chief Big Heart and Dr. Jerry Graham renew their wrestling feud tonight in the top mat attraction at the Coliseum.

The two grapplers have accepted terms to don boxing gloves for ten two-minute rounds, so that a definite winner can be established.

Secondary feature to the main bout will be a midget tag-team match, with the team of Tom Thumb and Pee Wee James matching wits with the duo of Tito Infante and the Brown Panther.

The tag team match will as usual be a two-out-of-three- fall match, with a one-hour time limit.

Two preliminaries are also slated on tonight's card. Czaya Nandor, a newcomer from Hungary, will meet Rocky Lee, the Texas star, in a one-fall, one-hour limit test, while Lou Klein and Oyama Kato tangle in the first match of the evening.


(reprinted from the Syracuse paper, April 22, 1957)

A 22-year-old Syracuse wrestler will perform before hometown fans for the first time tomorrow.

Joey Swiderski, a 225-pounder, has been added to the undercard of the War Memorial program. Swiderski, groomed on the West Coast by Utican Joe Malcewicz, will tangle with Alex Mulko.

Malcewicz was once a barefoot grappler in Utica and says Swiderski is ready to hold his own among the tops in the trade.

Headlining the card is a tag-team scrap pairing Pat O'Connor and Wilbur Snyder against the Reggie Lisowski-Art Neilson combination. Toronto's Tex McKenzie and Abe Zvonkin are matched in the semi- final. ___________________________________________


(reprinted from N.Y. World-Telegram, Apr. 24, 1957)

Last night's feature professional wrestling exhibition at St. Nicholas Arena was won by Antonino Rocca who gained the decision when Karl Von Hess was disqualified in 14:25.

The semifinal saw Miguel Perez pin Skull Murphy after Wild Man Jack Fargo and Don Stevens teamed up to beat Miguel Torres and Lenny Montana in the best two- out-of-three falls in the Australian tag team match.

The Great Scott used a Highland fling and a body press to subdue Gene Dubuque. The opener was won by Gino Garibaldi of Lindenhurst, who pinned Larry Simon with a knee lift and body press in 18:17.

Next week's show will headline all the top mat sensations, including Ricki Starr and Rocca. ____________________________________________


April 24, 1957

Ed Francis-Jack Bence def Kurt Von Poppenheim- Buddy Knox, Luther Lindsey def Reg Parks, Pierre DeGlane drew Bud Rattal, Tito Carreon def Jim LaRock ___________________________________________


Amarillo, June 27, 1957

Lou Thesz drew Dory Funk (NWA title defense), Mike DiBiase def Tokyo Joe, Bob Geigel def Danny Plechas, Sonny Myers-Rip Rogers def Great Bolo-Ivan Kola, Thor Hagen def Rocco Colombo&127;

Bristol, Tenn., June 27, 1957

Bob Clay-Chick Garibaldi def Pete Petersen-Walter Sirois, Lady Angel def Mars Bennett

Columbus, Ohio, June 27, 1957

Frank Talaber-Bearcat Wright def Paul DeGalles-Zebra Kid, Chris Averoff def Bill Scholl, Leon Graham def Charlie Hoover

New Orleans, June 27, 1957

Al Galento drew Pat O'Hara, Barbara Baker drew Corinne Cordero, Jules LaRance drew Nelson Royal

Ottawa, June 27, 1957

Andre Bollet-Don Eagle drew Great Togo-Tosh Togo, Mighty Ursus def Maurice LaPointe, Larry Moquin drew Mike Paidousis, Eddie Auger drew Dan Miller

Regina, June 27, 1957

Pat O'Connor-Whipper Watson def Dick Hutton-Gene Kiniski

Toronto, June 27, 1957

Ed Carpentier def Fritz Von Erich, Farmer Boy (Frank Townsend) def Steve Stanlee, Bill-Ed Miller def Chris- John Tolos

Washington, D.C., June 27, 1957

Dr. Jerry Graham def Great Scott, Skull Murphy def Arnold Skaaland, Danny McShain def John Smith DQ, Roy Shire def Chief Big Heart, Rocky Lee def Al Smith

North Attleboro, June 28, 1957

Emile Dupre def Tom Zaharias, Carol Bennett def Baby Doe, Hank Waishek def Les Ruffin

Winnipeg, June 28, 1957

Guy-Joe Brunetti-Leo Nomellini def Ivan Kalmikoff- Karol Kalmikoff-Karl Steiff (Clyde Steeves) DQ, Mr. Hito def Roy McClarty, Great Mitsui def Jack Vansky, Carl Engstrom def Frank Taylor

Chicago, June 29, 1957

Boris-Nicoli Volkoff NC Reggie-Stan Lisowski, Pedro Godoy def Zack Malkov, Angelo Poffo def Jack Wilson, Bill Melby def Don Pollock, Luis Martinez def Gino Angelo

Knoxville, June 29, 1957

Wild Man Fargo-Don Stevens def Cyclone Anaya-Tex Riley, Tony Martin def Chick Garibaldi, Guy LaRose def Walter Sirois

Honolulu, June 30, 1957

Al Lolotai-Lucky Simunovich def Kokichi Endo- Toyonobori, Fuzzy Cupid def Lord Littlebrook, Brown Panther def Ivan the Terrible, Tom Rice def Martino Angelo, Abe Zvonkin def Earl Rasmussen

Boise, July 1, 1957

Mike Mazurki def John Pavich, Ferrin (Sandy) Barr def Don Anderson, Larry Montgomery def George Strickland

Fort Worth, July 1, 1957

Johnny Valentine def Ray Gunkel DQ, Duke Keomuka def Red Bastien, El Medico def Gory Guerrero, Danny Savich def Farmer Jones, Billy Wicks def Chris Zaharias, Jim Hady drew Chet Wallick

Providence, July 1, 1957

Vilmer Snyder def Tony Enos, Paul Paree def Jack marshall, Ramona Simon def Fern LaVern, Carlos Mendoza-Buzz Orio NC Nature Boy Ricco-Nick Valley

Sacramento, July 1, 1957

Ben-Mike Sharpe drew Bobo Brazil-Enrique Torres, Karl Von Schober def Art Michalik, Hans Schnabel drew Suni War Cloud

Edmonton, July 2, 1957

Ike Eakins-Dick Hutton def John Foti-Danno O'Shocker, Adrian-Tony Baillargeon NC Al Costello- Roy Heffernan, June Byers-Ethel Johnson def Penny Banner-Betty Jo Hawkins, Mike McGee def Sam Menacher

Los Angeles, July 3, 1957

Hans Hermann def Bobo Brazil, Ilio DiPaolo-Tex McKenzie def Lord Blears-Mr. Moto, Sammy Berg def Gene Dubuque, Mike Lane def Ted Christy, Shag Thomas drew Sandor Szabo, Pat Fraley def Tommy Martindale

Pocatello, July 3, 1957

Kenny Mayne def Roger Mackay, Bill Cole def Jacques Cypers, Johnny Goelz drew Cliff Thiede

The WAWLI Papers # 055...


(reprinted from The Referee Magazine, Feb. 18, 1939)

By Lew Porter

Once again the writer painfully shoulders the thankless task of "rating" the heavyweight mat stars of the Pacific Coast. Again, also, it is the particular duty of this scribe to point out to one and all that this ranking is not made on the basis of what might have been, or what may happen during the next few months. It is founded on victories scored in the ring and not on impressions and hopes.

It will, I imagine, be a wise move to stop here and make clear our own stand, and that of many promoters, in the Plummer-Szabo coast championship squabble. It is the humble opinion of the writer that Szabo was used badly. Referee John Calas' decision still stands, however, and we are forced to rate Plummer in the No. 1 spot. Below is the "dope." We sincerely hope you agree with at least a few of our selections.


Champion Lou Plummer, St. Louis, Missouri


1--Dean Detton, Salt Lake City, Utah 2--Sandor Szabo, Hungary


1--Ivan Rasputin, Russia 2--Otto Kuss, Bloomington, Indiana 3--Chief Thunderbird, Canada 4--El Pulpo, Mexico 5--Pat O'Shocker, Indiana


1--Jack Gacek, Poland 2--George Godfrey, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 3--George Dusette, France 4--Al Billings, Denver, Colorado 5--Art Shires, Chicago, Illinois 6--Benny Ginsberg, Los Angeles, California 7--Jack Manuel, Portugal


1--LaVerne Baxter, Pine Hill, North Carolina 2--Bronko Valdez, Mexico 3--Stanley Myslack, Poland 4--Ed Helwig, Lodi, California 5--Art Williams, Modesto, California 6--Joe Bennicassa, Stockton, California 7--Al Steinhauer, Germany 8--Charles Raineri, Italy 9--Tom Lalallini, France 10--"Silent" Tobin, San Los, New Mexico 11--Bill Kennedy, San Francisco, California 12--Frank Malcewicz, Utica, New York 13--Slim Thomas, Moscow, Idaho 14--Jack Wickstrom, Nome, Alaska

SZABO VS. PLUMMER (Referee, March 4, 1939)

By Lew Porter

1939, we fear, is going to be a hectic year in coast mat circles. Ever since Referee John Calas awarded "Larrupin' Lou" Plummer, the free-swinging Missourian, Sandor Szabo's Pacific Coast title the fans have declared "open season" on all arbiters and merry hell is blazing on the California mat front. Adding to the general hubbub, both Plummer and Szabo now claim the diadem and the uproar on both sides of the fence is terrific. The tumult has grown to such proportions, in fact, that several promoters are on the well-known spot.

Don Price, for instance, advertises Plummer as Coast champion and immediately a flock of Fresno fans are on his neck. "Where do you get that hooey about Plummer being the champion?" they ask. "Szabo is the champ and you know it. What's more, if you try any more of that 'Champion Plummer' stuff we'll stop coming to the wrestling matches." Price, worried, patiently explains that Plummer won the championship from Szabo in Salinas and receives a large, coarse razzberry for his pains. A title match must be over a two-hour time limit, best two out of three falls, according to the cash customers of the San Joaquin Valley, and Calas had a hell of a nerve to even think of giving Plummer the nod. It was a brother-in-law decision and stuff like that don't go in Fresno.

Plummer, on the other hand, has many staunch supporters in the Bay District. The referee's decision is always final, according to their reasoning, and besides, Plummer all but had Szabo pinned for another fall at the final bell. Szabo won the crown from Billy Hanson on a referee's decision, why should he squawk when the breaks go the other way? Besides, the Hungarian never saw the day he could stand up against Plummer in a two-hour match.

CLARK PACKS 'EM IN (Referee, March 4, 1939)

Seldom does the home town boy make good, but Charles Clark, the genial gentleman from Sacramento, did the other night and how. After cutting his eye teeth as mat impressario at Salinas for fourteen months, Professor Joe Malcewicz promoted Charley. He moved him up about four grades in one leap. Joe gave Clark a diploma and move him into Sacramento, which happens to be Clark's home city.

Wrestling had been delayed for six weeks in Sacramento, but that did not discourage the rotund promoter with his new diploma. Professor Malcewicz sent Charley twenty-four strong men to give his initial presentation the old carnival spirit in a title elimination tournament for Northern California.

All that Charley did with the tournament was set an attendance record. Over 4,500 people turned out to welcome the home town boy back. It was truly a great compliment for Clark, who had previously been identified in the city as the president of a couple of baseball leagues and a producer of benefits for everybody.

And, despite the fact the grappling extended into the next morning by the clock, not a single person left the auditorium. That is a pretty fair idea what sort of a tournament the wrestling gentry offered. The parade of power went through with twenty-four matches in marvelous fashion.

Hans Kampfer emerged the victor in a great tournament. The handling of the entire affair brought much praise from even the most critical wrestling patron.

Clark, who was born on a circus train, really comes by his showmanship and promotional prowess through that early environment. He boomed back into his home hamlet with a record-breaking response from his many friends, and Charles is the sort of a guy for whom the customers will keep on cracking attendance figures. _____________________________________________


(reprinted from The Referee Magazine, March 4, 1939)

By Lew Porter

Promoter Joe Malcewicz and Jack Wagner, the referee, were reminiscing the other day. They argued over the mighty mat deeds of Stecher, Caddock and Lewis for a full two hours and had just about reached the conclusion that "Old Ed" wdas the king-pin of 'em all, when Hal Bruntsch walked in and put the fuse to a ton or so additional conversational dynamite.

"How," asked Mr. Bruntsch, "do the present crop of heavyweights stack up in comparison with the old- timers?"

"It depends on whom you ask," answered Joe. "Old- timers swear that Lewis and Stecher and that bunch were the best. The younger generation of course finds it hard to believe that any of those chaps could beat the top-notchers of the game today."

"What do you think" Bruntsch queried.

"I must be an old-timer," replied Malcewicz, shaking his head. "I think Lewis and Caddock could beat anyone in the game today except . . . except . . ."

"Except who?"

"Dean Detton," snapped Joe. "I rank him with the greatest. He has proven himself time and again on the mat.

"Detton is a throwback in mat warfare. He not only is well versed in the fundamentals of grappling, but is right at home against the present-day grappler, who employs such spectacular weapons as the drop-kick and flying tackle.

"Dean is what you might term the streamline type of athlete. He is the antithesis of the old-timers in build. They were mostly short and chunky, with short, powerful arms and bull necks. Then along came Don George and Savoldi, great college stars.

"Years ago, college wrestlers were the laughing stock of the mat world. Now they come close to dominating the field. Detton, Nagurski, Sonnenberg, Don George and Savoldi are but a few of the boys who gained fame and fortune on the pad after graduating from college.

"Another thing I like about Detton," continued Malcewicz, "is his clean wrestling. No kneeing, gouging or low punching for that boy. He's rough and he has a slam-bang attack, but the dirty stuff is out. Heaven help the guy who starts anything, though. Detton really goes to town then. Why, he body- slammed a 'dirty' opponent in Australia so hard that the guy went through the floor of the ring."

"How would you bet on a Lewis-Detton match?" questioned Bruntsch, getting ready to leave.

"I wouldn't bet," shot back the Dreamland promoter. "I'd give a thousand bucks, though, for a ringside seat."

(ED. NOTE: Our records show that Lewis met Detton on at least two occasions, both pre-dating the above article. In Philadelphia, on Feb. 28, 1936, Detton flopped Lewis inside 32 minutes. The Utah star followed up with another win in his hometown of Salt Lake City, pinning Lewis on March 12, 1937. Tempering this info is the likelihood that Lewis was both half-drunk AND blind during these bouts.) _____________________________________________

CHAMPION LOU PLUMMER (Referee, March 11, 1939)

By Lew Porter

Let it be distinctly understood, I have no great love for Lou Plummer. I can get along fine and dandy if I never see his battered mug again and I hate his big "I" bluster. I can't stomach his dirty, underhand mat tactics and his constant bellyaching in the ring gives me a pain in the neck. He's a great rough-and-tumble brawler, yes. He also knows scientific wrestling from A to Z, but you would never suspicion it from watching him in action. I think he got a "favorable decision" the night he won the title from Szabo. You'll have to do a lot of high-powered vocalizing to sell me the idea that Mr. Plummer has ever been anything but an All- American heel.

It wouldn't break my trusting heart if an opponent walloped Plummer over the noodle with a stool and spent the next thirty minutes stomping him in the face. He has it coming. I know a fellow in the Northwest Plummer put through the wringer with just such tactics. I also know a young chap in Tacoma who would give ten years of his life for just one more chance at the Missourian. And I'd hate to stand on one foot until that "beef" is squared. All in all, Mr. Plummer is marked plumb ornery on my tablet, and on the writing pads of a million or so other fans, also.

But I vote a hearty "no" to the rumor that Plummer is yellow. Regardless of my personal opinion of the man, I must admit he has more guts than an army mule. No honest fan, for all of his likes or dislikes, can get around that. Plummer stood up against Szabo's punishing attack for an hour and battled through to win. He also won the nod over powerful Ivan Rasputin, with no odds asked and none given. He stands ready to defend his title against any man selected by Promoter Joe Malcewicz. These are hard, cold facts. You can't get away from 'em.

Promoter Malcewicz should experience little difficulty in finding a suitable opponent for the new champ. There are three matsters in California right now who can "give and take" with "Larrupin' Lou" until the cows come home.

Dean Detton, for instance. The former world's champion has just returned from a victorious invasion of New Zealand and Australia, and is in the well-known pink of condition. I am sure he would welcome an exchange of wallops and holds with Plummer. Dean, one of the greatest matsters of the decade, should hand "Larrupin' Lou" a much-needed wrestling lesson. He can also handle his dukes and elbows with the best of 'em, so there need be no worry along that line.

Ivan Managoff, the whirlwind Russian, is another newcomer who has the science and stamina to stand up under Plummer's wild and wooly attack. Ivan packs pure TNT in both fists and is at his best in toe-to-toe mixing. How about a Plummer-Managoff match, Mr. Malcewicz?

Hans Kampfer, the Berlin Hercules, also rates a title shot. The German is big and strong and his "bear-hug" spells curtains. Think it over, a couple or three cracked ribs might be just what Plummer needs. It would give him time to ponder over his vices for a month or two.

I have a sneaking hunch any one of the three and Plummer would pack Dreamland Auditorium in the rafters. I also have a hunch Mr. Plummer is in for a damn fine shellacking whenever Promoter Malcewicz makes one of these matches. How about it, Mr. Promoter?


(reprinted from Sports Pointers, St. Louis, 10-6-1944)

By Johnnie O'Hara

What Earl McCready failed to accomplish in two separate attempts, he hopes to accomplish twice on the same night, October 6, at Kiel Auditorium, when he meets the Champion Bill Longson in a two out of three fall match for the title.

In his two losses, McCready points out that he was on the short end of the decisions, both times by flukes. He feels that the Champ's luck won't be good enough for two fluke falls in one match, and he has something there.

Wrestling experts are puzzled over McCready. By all measurements he should be champion. He has the background that few wrestlers can boast. McCready has been wrestling since he was able to walk. When ready for college he chose the school famous for its wrestling teams and matriculated at Oklahoma A & M. Here he became one of the school's legendary figures. Wrestling teams that came after McCready's graduation constantly were told of Earl's great feats, as football hopefuls at Missouri are told about Pitchin' Paul Christman.

In professional circles McCready advanced rapidly to several titles, but has never held the American heavyweight championship, although the Canadian and British Empire crowns have been his. McCready is confident that he is the best heavyweight in the game today. Certainly he is the most scientific grappler of the dreadnaught class.

McCready pays tribute to Longson's ability as an opportunist. He says that he has met men just as rough and tough as the champion but that they missed going to the heights because they did not have the ability to seize an opening when it presented itself. "That," says McCready, "is the secret of Longson's success. I'll try to leave no openings for Bill this time, and since it will be two out of three falls, he will have to watch himself so that I don't get him off guard."

The protagonists are much alike. Both weigh around 240 and are of approximately the same height. The similarity does not end there for they are as much alike in countenance that they could pass anywhere as brothers.

Longson, asked to pick the best man he has met, without hesitation, named Earl McCready. Big Bill said, "I've beat him twice, but the wins were both too close for my own comfort. That guy knows everything there is to know about the game. Yes, I expect to win again, but you can say for me that McCready is no pushover."


By Earl Brady

Lieut. Chris Zaharias is on the October 6th card, his foe being Thor Morgan, ex-Marine . . . For excitement and thrills, don't overlook the Warren Bockwinkel- Chief Saunooke battle . . . Al Massey, who made a classy debut here recently, and Wally Greb, a new face, also should furnish lots of action and thrills . . . Of course, we are anticipating one of the banner matches of the season when Wild Bill Longson and Earl McCready get on the mat in their best two out of three fall scrap, and last but not least our little pal, Tuffy Truesdell, Mexican champion, sails into Dave Feldman in a battle of 178-pounders in the opener . . . We have just been informed that Otto (Whitey) Brexler will referee the main go . . .

(ED. NOTE: This same issue of Sports Pointers, the advance program for Tom Packs' wrestling shows in St. Louis, included a picture of "ex-Coast Guardsman Lou Plummer, who did his stuff for Uncle Sam for 22 months, participating in the real battles in Casablanca, Salerno and Sicily. He received his honorable discharge from the service recently, and soon will be back in St. Louis for a mat match. He wants a shot at Wild Bill Longson.") _____________________________________________

The WAWLI Papers # 056...


(By Lawrence Block Copywright Lawrence Block 1995)

An excerpt....

"What's the program for tonight?"

"The Caine Mutiny," I said, "and Swing Your Lady."

"I remember The Caine Mutiny. He was great in that, playing with those marbles."

"Ball bearings, I think they were."

"I'll take your word for it. What's the other one? Swing Your Partner?"

"Swing Your Lady."

"I never heard of it."

"Nobody did. Bogart's a wrestling promoter in the Ozarks."

"You're making this up."

"I am not. According to the program, Reagan has a small part."

"Reagan? Ronald Reagan?"

"That's the one."

"Well, at least it's only a small party. Wrestling in the Ozarks. And square dancing, I'll bet. Why else would they call it Swing Your Lady?"

"You're probably right."

"Wrestling and square dancing and Ronald Reagan. You know what, Bern? I bet you get lucky tonight. Any woman who'd make a man go through all that has got to reward him for it."

"I don't know, Carolyn."

"I do," she said. "Better pack your toothbrush, Bern. Tonight's your lucky night."

And, after Bogart had followed his electrifying portrayal of Captain Queeg with a stint as barnstorming wrestling promoter Ed Hatch, and after his wrestler had quit the business to marry a lady blacksmith and spend the rest of his life shoeing horses, we'd gone across the street for a quick espresso and a little holding of hands and trading of long looks. Then we went outside and I hailed her a cab, and when I held the door for her she came into my arms for a kiss.

"Bear-naaard," she murmured. "Come with me."


(copyright by JessieFilm Ltd., 1995)

SWING YOUR LADY (1938) 79M. (1 1/2 stars) D: Ray Enright. Humphrey Bogart, Frank McHugh, Louise Fazenda, Nat Pendleton, Penny Singleton, Allen Jenkins, Ronald Reagan, Weaver Bros. and Elviry. Bogart promotes wrestler Pendleton; embarrassing comedy is easily his worst starring effort. Reagan appears briefly as a sportswriter.

(ED. NOTE: Odd that I would see this movie mentioned in Block's latest entry in the Bernie Rhodenbarr Mystery Series. Odd, too, that the day previous, I had pulled all of Nat Pendleton's movies off the Internet Movie Database, preparatory to launching another aspect of The WAWLI Papers, that being "Wrestlers in Movies." I may have been inspired (?) by the ghastly, modern-day wrestling movie, "Body Slam," starring, among others, Rowdy Roddy Piper and Capt. Lou Albano, with other appearances by Sam Fatu (Tonga Kid), the Barbarian, Ric Flair, Freddie Blassie, Chief Billy White Wolf (he's in here as Sheik Al-Kaisy, his real name is Adnan Kaisy, but I always liked him in his first successful wrestling incarnation as Chief Billy White Wolf) and Bruno Sammartino. Albano and Blassie, plus White Wolf/Kaisy and Sammartino, have careers that fall into the time frame of WAWLI, although only Blassie's ring tenure dates back into the pre-television era -- he began as Sailor Blassie during the wrestler-scarce World War II days. I once, in a rather fawning letter to Lou Thesz, noted that of all the modern-day workers, I thought Flair and Piper were best suited to have been around 30 or 40 years ago. Thesz didn't respond, which gave me an idea of what he thought about Flair and Piper. And, probably, he was right. At any rate, "Wrestlers in Movies" begins with a listing of Daniel Boone Savage's movies . . . only one, according to the Internet Movie Database. You guessed it. "Swing Your Lady," in which he portrays a character named Noah. Pendleton, the onetime Olympic wrestler who had a brief period where he was pushed heavily by New York-area promoters, gave up the ring before long to carve out quite a career in celluloid. Here follows the Nat Pendleton list of movie appearances.)

Nathaniel Greene Pendleton

Date of Birth (location) 9 August 1895, Davenport, Iowa, USA.

Date of death (details) 12 October 1967, San Diego, California, USA. (heart attack). Former Olympic wrestler turned actor.

Filmography for Nat Pendleton (103 films, 1924-1947)

(Name of Film, Year, ...character played ...Alternate Name of Film, Year)

Buck Privates Come Home (1947) .... Sgt. Collins ... aka Rookies Come Home (1947)

Scared to Death (1947) .... Bill "Bull" Raymond Death Valley (1946) Swing Fever (1944) .... "Killer" Kennedy

Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case (1943) .... Joe Wayman ... aka Crazy to Kill (1943)

Calling Dr. Gillespie (1942).... Joe Wayman Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant (1942) .... Joe Wayman Jail House Blues (1942) Mad Doctor of Market Street, The (1942) .... "Red"

Buck Privates (1941) .... Sergeant Michael Collins ... aka Abbott and Costello In the Navy (1941) ... aka Rookies (1941)

Top Sergeant Mulligan (1941) Dr. Kildare Goes Home (1940) .... Joe Wayman Dr. Kildare's Crisis (1940) .... Joe Wayman Dr. Kildare's Strange Case (1940) .... Joe Wayman Flight Command (1940) Ghost Comes Home, The (1940) .... Roscoe Northwest Passage (1940) .... Cap Huff Phantom Raiders (1940) .... "Gunboat" Jacklin That Golden Fleecing (1940) .... "Fatso" Werner 6000 Enemies (1939) Another Thin Man (1939) .... Lieutenant Guild

At the Circus (1939) .... Goliath ... aka Marx Brothers at the Circus, The (1939)

Burn 'Em Up O'Connor (1939) Calling Dr. Kildare (1939) .... Wayman It's a Wonderful World (1939) .... Sergeant Koretz On Borrowed Time (1939) .... Mr. Grimes Secret of Dr. Kildare (1939) .... Joe Wayman Arsene Lupin Returns (1938) .... Joe Doyle Chaser, The (1938) Crowd Roars, The (1938) .... 'Pug' Walsh

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Sing Me a Love Song (1936) .... Red ... aka Let's Pretend and Come Up Smiling (1936)

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Girl from Missouri, The (1934) .... Life Guard ... aka 100% Pure (1934)

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Chief, The (1933)... aka My Old Man's a Fireman (1933)

College Coach (1933) .... Terowski ... aka Football Coach (1933)

Goldie Gets Along (1933) I'm No Angel (1933) .... Chauffeur Lady for a Day (1933).... Shakespeare Parachute Jumper (1933)

Penthouse (1933) .... Tony Gazatti ... aka Crooks in Clover (1933)

Whistling in the Dark (1933) White Sister, The (1933) Attorney for the Defense (1932) Beast of the City, The (1932) .... Abe By Whose Hand? (1932) Deception (1932) Exposure (1932) Fool's Advice, A (1932) Hell Fire Austin (1932) Horse Feathers (1932) .... MacHardie Night Club Lady (1932) Play Girl (1932) ... aka Love on a Budget (1932) Sign of the Cross, The (1932) .... Strabo

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Blonde Crazy (1931) .... Hand ... aka Larceny Lane (1931)

Manhattan Parade (1931) Mr. Lemon of Orange (1931) Ruling Voice, The (1931)

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Spirit of Notre Dame, The (1931) .... Assistant Coach Star Witness, The (1931) .... Big Jack Big Pond, The (1930) .... Pat O'Day Fair Warning (1930) Last of the Duanes (1930) Liliom (1930) .... Bit Sea Wolf, The (1930) Laughing Lady, The (1929) Let's Get Married (1926) Hoosier Schoolmaster, The (1924)

Copyright 1990-1996 The Internet Movie Database Ltd _____________________________________________

The WAWLI Papers # 057...

(ED. NOTE: The following compilations cover the boys --and a few girls--who were working most of the major circuits, both heavyweight and lightheavy, throughout North America during the June-July-August period of 1945. It is an instructive exercise, to chart wrestlers' movements and locations thusly, if you are seeking to check the identities of masked men or wrestlers who changed names from territory to territory. The WAWLI Papers will periodically publish these kinds of lists. Obviously, as World War II was still in progress, there was limited movement during this period, save for folks like Bill Longson, Frank Sexton and Mildred Burke who were defending various belts of a "national" scope. And, naturally, most of these circuits had a supply of "locals" who filled out cards and worked mostly as jobbers.)

1945 Phoenix-Anaheim-San Diego-Bakersfield- Ventura-Huntington Park-Visalia

Miguel Torres, Danny McShain, Al Stecher, Frank Albertson, John Swenski, Mike Nazarian, Karol Krauser, Jim Londos, Jack McDonald, Red Berry, Paul Bozzell, Billy Weidner, Jimmy Lott, Mike Mazurki, Stan Hackney, Vic Christy, Abe Morris, Juan Humberto, Emir Badui, Jack Terry, Jim Harkinson, Paavo Ketonen, Red Berry, Gust Johnson, Dude Chick, Phil Romano, Red Lyons, Grey Mask (Cyclone Mackey), Sailor Hogan, The Cloud (Tex Porter), Francisco Aguayo, Vincent Lopez (next stop: LA), Dick Trout, Gorilla Ramos, Frank Hickey, Hugh Adams, Frankie Hart, Jerry Malone, Yukon Jake, Tiger Nenoff (next stop: Indy-Toledo), Bob Nelson, Bob Corby (next stop: Spokane), Tiger Tsakoff

1945 Portland-Klamath Falls-Roseburg

Jack Lipscomb, Ernie Piluso, Rufus Jones, Jack Kiser, Gorilla Poggi, Milt Olson, Tarzan Potvin (next stop: Vancouver), Ivan Jones, George Dusette, Walter Achiu, Buck Davidson, Tex Hager, Marty Petroff, Lou Franco, Antone Leone (next stop: Seattle), Paavo Ketonen (next stop: SoCal), Kenny Ackles, Silent Rattan, George Wagner, Otis Clingman, Speedy Maloney

1945 Savannah-Jacksonville

Cowboy Luttrall, Green (Masked) Hornet (Jack Singer), Roland Kirchmeyer, Wally Greb, Jim Coffield, Nick Carter, The Bat (Don Lee)/Boom Boom Lee, Dobie Osborne, Bill Collins, Tommy Todd, American Angel, George Romanoff, Charlie Harben (next stop: NC), Al Getz, Dolly West, Doris Dean, (Al) "Vincent Lopez" , Sammy Stein, Mike Chacoma, Pat Kelly, Hugh Winn, Jack Carter, Wit Hill, Tony Marcella, Jack Dillon, Babe Zaharias, Alberto Segura, Jack Bloomfield, Jack Marcello, Bill Jackson, Young Tommy Londos, Gypsy Daniels

1945 Seattle-Spokane-Tacoma-Portland-Calgary- Vancouver-Bremerton

Chief Little Wolf, Seelie Samara, Lou Thesz, Ted Christy, Lee Grable, Antone Leone, Morris Shapiro, Ed Lewis, Jim Clark, Chief Thunderbird, Lee/Bud Higgins, Bob Corby, Mildred Burke, Rose Evans, Al Mills, Hal Rumberg, Fritz Schnabel, Billy Kohnke, Les Bishop, Bob Kruse, Ali Adali, French Angel, Art English, Les Bishop, Jack Ganson, Jack Forsgren, Bill St. Clair, George Lowery, Ed Burke, Hans Baumann, Jim Diamond, Jim Wright, Norvill Stockstill, Glen Stone, Gene Bowman (next stop: NoCal), Alberto Corral, Leif Erickson, Stub Strong, Andy Londos, Al Lombardi, JIM LONDOS, Leo Burke, Hal Rumberg, Jim Lafkas, Bill Kuusisto, John Bonica (Johnny Walker), Frank Stojack, Cliff Parker

1945 Winnipeg-Minneapolis

Clif Gustafson, Ed Lewis, Earl McCready, Kola Kwariani, Steve Kozak, Stan Mayslack, Jim Parker, Chico Salazar, Jack Ganson, Bill Bartush, Joe Dusek, Bronko Nagurski, Ray Steele

1945 Detroit

Maurice Tillet (next stop: PNW), Dale Wayne (next stop: NE), Stan Buresh, Bert Rubi, Walter Roxy, Harold Chaundy, Lou Klein, Wladislaw Talun (next stop: KC)

1945 Portland Me.-Providence-Boston

Great Mephisto, Ed McNeil, Les Ruffin, Tiger Tasker, Pat Schaeffer, Jim Wallis, Manuel Cortez, John Iovanna, George Brook, Lew Diamond, Walter Lipson, Dale Wayne, Marv Westenberg, Frank Judson, Ben Butler, Chuck Montana, Ted Germaine, Fred Bruno, Jim Wallis (next stop: Montreal), Linn Robbins, Bull Curry, Stan Sykowski, George Mansor, Lew Laird, Salvatore Balbo, George Marshall, Frank Sexton, Leo Numa (next stop: Toronto), Chief Saunooke (next stop: NC), Ivan Braun, Charles Harben (next stop: Florida/NC), Walter Calhoun, Al Staples

1945 Baltimore-Washington-North Bergen-New York City-White Plains

Marv Westenberg, Ed White, John Melas, Dale Wayne, Abe Stein, Jack Smith, Hans Kampfer, George Macricostas, Fred Carone, Bill Middlekauf, Bill Hall, Bill Clark, George Bruckman, Toby Tobinsky, Lou Farino, Ed Hennigan, George Becker, Rebel Russell, Rudy Dusek, Bibber McCoy, Regis Siki, Dominic Serio, Frank Judson, Billy Klein, Jim Austeri, Herb Freeman, FRANK SEXTON, LaVerne Baxter, Scotty Dawkins, Milo Steinborn, Jack Steele, Dave Levinsky, Gus Raap, Paul Boesch, Mike Haller, Fritz Ziegfried, Abe Yourist (next stop: Kaycee), Tony Milano, Jackie Nichols, Jim Carolmi, Frank Bronowicz, Franz Laubscher, Jesse James, Ed Michaels, Frank Bruce, Duke Keomuka (Martin Panaki), Chick Garibaldi (next stop: Montreal), Ed Straeb, Matros Kirilenko, Red Carter/Irish Jack Carter (next stop: Florida?), Mike Chacoma (next stop: Florida), Michele Leone, Jack Schmidt, Jim Atlas, Murray Rothenberg, Babe Sharkey (next stop: LA), Ernie Dusek, Don Evans (next stop: Texas), Deacon Kimball, Charley Strack

1945 Dallas-San Antonio-Corpus Christi

Bobby Managoff (next stop: Montreal), LeRoy McGuirk, Buddy Rogers, Don Evans, Roy Graham, Dizzy Davis, Al Lovelock, Alberto Campos, Paul Murdock, Don Serio, Jack (Jackie) Brown, Bad Boy Brown, Johnny Becker, Gorilla Macias, Jack Kennedy, Marvin Jones, Jim Henry, Angelo Savoldi, Ray Clements, Frank Murdock, Herb Schultz, Lou Plummer, Maurice LaChapelle, Ellis Bashara, Herb (Dutch) Schultz, Swedish Angel, Golden Angel (Jack Moore), Blimp Levy, Dave Levin (next stop: LA), Jack O'Brien, Polo Cordova, Jules Strongbow, Juan Humberto (next stop: SoCal), Ralph Garibaldi (next stop: Indy/St. Louis)

1945 Indianapolis-Toledo-Hamilton

Wayne Martin, Tex Riley, Martino Angelo, Rod Fenton, Young Webb, Red Strassinger, Herb Parks, Steve Nenoff, Jim Mitchell, Stocky Knielson, Ali Pasha, Angelo Martinelli, Earl Malone, Rufus Jones (next stop: Oregon?), Balk Estes, Herb Parks, Ali Ali, Irish McGee, Frank Talaber, Johnny Silvi, Rene LaBelle, Maurice Letchford, Bill Venable, Jose Manuel, Don Eagle (next stop: Montreal), Jim Mitchell, Billy Thom, Lon Chaney, Gil LaCross,

1945 Milwaukee

Cyclone Anaya, Jesus Hernandez, Pete Bartu, Count Von Busing, Fritz Von Schacht, Kola Kwariani, George Hartay, Bob Hawks, Walter Palmer, Gust Bouras, Elmer (Zeke) Estep, Abe Freeman, Chuck Karas, Mike Kilonis, Hans Buesing, Leon Kirilenko, Jack Zaravich, Gordon Hessell (next stop: Cincinnati), Joe Dorsetti, Al Williams, Tex Hager (next stop: PNW), Fred Von Schacht, Arnold Pocan, Johnny Paulin, Joe Feroni

1945 Nashville-Atlanta-Dallas-Memphis

Don Cortez, Nick Elitch, Herb Welch, Roy Welch, Dick Lever, Red Roberts, Bill Longson, Sailor Barto Hill, Jack Hader, Mae Young, June Byers, Elvira Snodgrass, Violet Valentine, Nell Stewart, Evelyn Wall, Ike Cazzell, Danno (Dan) O'Connor, Dick Shikat, Bill Longson, Al Massey, Jack Dillon, Rudy Strongberg, Bill Canny, John Carlin, Gus Wisbar, John Mauldin, Jack Purdin, Bruce White, Daffy Don Lee (next stop: Florida), Turhan Bey (John Cretoria), Tuffy Truesdale, Jack Kelly, Scotty Williams, Frank Marconi (next stop: Cincinnati), Buck Lawson, Jack Welch, Rudy Strongberg, Jack Reeder, Bill Steddum, Gorilla Poggi (next stop: PNW), Masked Marvel (Jack LaRue), Moody Palmer, Green Hornet (next stop: Florida), Creed Gunther, Chuck Ross, Ben Benincassa, Jack Dillon

1945 New Orleans

Masked Demon, Leo Jensen, Jack Curtis, Sailor Parker, Joe Wolfe, Buddy Knox, George Curtis, Swede Olsen, Alberto Campos (next stop: Texas), Jack Steele (next stop: NYC), Red Dawson, Ace Freeman, Garzo Lozano, Yaqui Joe, Billy Sandow

1945 Toronto-Hamburg NY-Buffalo

Billy Watson, John Katan, Olaf (Ole) Olson, Dr. Len Hall, Earl McCready, Toar Morgan, Walter Sirois, Jack Wentworth, Pat Flanagan, Pedro Martinez, Warren Bockwinkle, Frank Sexton, Bob Wagner, Alex Kasaboski, Al (Bunny) Dunlop, Jimmy Sims, Ivan Kalmikoff, Leo Numa, Ivan Rasputin (next stop: Cincinnati), Marv Westenberg (next stop: NYC wheel), Frank Taylor, Red Vagnone, Steve Casey, Tiger Joe Marsh, Andy Moen, Jack (Barney) Baer, Green Hornet (Jim Henry) (next stop: Texas), Frank Hewitt, Fred Peltzer, Abe Zvonkin

1945 Montreal

Joe Savoldi, Bobby Managoff, Larry Moquin, Frank Judson, Don Eagle, Al Tucker, Henry Kulkovich, Larry Raymond, Yvon Robert, Gino Garibaldi, Tony Martinelli, Jacques Trudeau, Rebel Russell (next stop: NYC wheel), Joe Devaltreau, Jean Pusie, Bob Langevin, Art LeGrand, Jim Wallis, Emil Dusek, Rudy Dusek (next stop: NYC), Chick Garibaldi, Jimmy Dolan, Al Mercier, Les Ryan, Cliff Olson, Chief War Eagle

1945 Modesto

Dutch Hefner, Dean Detton, Ted Cox, Pierre DeGlane, Gene Bowman, Pat Fraley, Joe Campbell, Angelo Cistoldi, Kay Bell, Jim Casey, Joe Benincasa, Hardy Kruskamp, George Koverly, Ben Morgan, Ted Cox, Billy Hansen, Karl Davis, Willie Davis, Pete Mehringer, Paul Pickett, Carlos Ortiz, Flash Rogers, Jimmy El Pulpo, Frank Malcewicz

1945 El Paso-Albuquerque

Tony Ross, Milt Olson, Ivan Jones, Steve Petroff, Earl Malone, Sammy Aldano (Danny Aldana), Rudy Romero, Bobby Rodriguez, Mexican Matty

1945 Wichita (Roy Dunn group)

Roy Dunn, Bob (Hans) Hermann, Ede Virag, Don Cook, Henry Piers, Abe Friedman, Ted Gilmore, Al Klein, Buzz Bailey, Chief Chewacki, Paul Nelson, Jack Suzek, Johnny Plummer, Harry Cohn, Buck Fanning, Pete Andrews, Jim Diamond (next stop: PNW), John Pesek, Bill Ely, Silent Pedro Gomez, Tex Lintol (Bill Steddum), Al Martin, Billy Keese, Bobby Adams, Jay Turner, Jim Coffield (next stop: Florida)

1945 Kansas City-Wichita

Orville Brown, Jerry Meeker, Abe Yourist, Bill Bartush, Gene Blakely, Stan Mayslack, Otto Schnabel, Larry Tillman, Al Caddell, Don McIntyre, Bill Gillette, Jay Turner, Ray Eckert, Harold (Sonny) Myers, Don McIntyre, Al Mills (next stop: PNW), Chuck Rothermill, Wladislaw Talun, Abe Coleman, Jack Ganson (next stop: PNW), Marshall Estep, Chico Salazar, Ken Fenelon, Emir Badui (next stop: SoCal), Joe Szabo, Pat O'Dowdy, Jack Hader (next stop: Nashville), Vic Holbrook

1945 Indianapolis-St. Louis

Bill Longson, Ray Eckert, Rudy Strongberg, Cherry Vallina, Ralph Garibaldi, Finis Hall, Don McIntyre, Otto Schnabel, Elmer Estep, Gene Blakely, Freddie Steele, Red Vagnone (next stop: Cincinnati), Bob Wagner (next stop: Toronto), Frank Marconi (next stop: Mason- Dixon), Jose Carrillo, Tuffy Truesdale, Finis Hall, Warren Bockwinkle (next stop: Toronto), Chief Thunderbird, Vittoria Ochoa, Ali Ali, Irish McGee, Pete Blair, Jack Dillon, Babe Zaharias, Tom Felis, Silent Pedro Gomez, George Koverly

1945 Honolulu

Harry Dellis, Ben Pilar, Jimmy Gonsalves, Kimon Kudo, Buck Lee, Francis Rawlins, Stan Miyashiro, Wimpy Willington, Blackie Adache, Al Carvalho, Don Carver, Chester Hayes, Vilai Su'a, Joe Mitchell, Fred Tam, Wally Tsutsumi, Charley Carr, Buck O'Neil, Charley Shiranuhi, Whitey Glover, Al Lolotai, Bolo Bataank Doug Corregidor

1945 Cincinnati-Hamilton

Gordon Hessell, Ali Baba, Frenchy LaRance, Eddie (Windy) Lewis, Frank Marconi, Jack Vansky, Marshall Winder/Wilder, Billy Hill, Alex Kasaboski (next stop: Toronto), Ivan Rasputin, Clete Kaufman, Jack McCoy, Gus Von Schindler, Red Vagnone, Bud Van Buskirk, Billy Weidner (next stop: SoCal), Whitey Whittler, George Bennett, Johnny Demchuk, Bill Cazzell, John Pesek, Little Tarzan, Ali Pasha

1945 North Carolina

Earl Wampler, Sailor Sammy Simms, Tom Drennan, Masked Marvel, Chief Saunooke, Charlie Harben, Ernie Johnson, Davey O'Brien, Black Panther, Fred Carone

1945 Los Angeles-Wilmington-Long Beach

Babe Sharkey, Dave Levin, Vincent Lopez, Sandor Szabo, Juan Humberto, Hank Metheny, Hans Schnabel, George Lenihan, Danny Dusek, Jack Claybourne, Golden Terror (Bobby Stewart), Vic Christy, Cliff Thiede, Frank Jares, Brother Jonathan, Terry McGinnis, Hardy Kruskamp (next stop: NoCal), Paul Matty, Mike Works, Swedish Angel (next stop: Texas), Ted Cox (next stop: NoCal), Dutch Hefner (next stop: NoCal), Chief Little Wolf (next stop: PNW), Butch Madray, Billy Hansen (next stop: NoCal)

September Moves:

Martin (Blimp) Levy, Barney (Bummy) Rogers to SoCal Leo Numa, Clif Gustafson to Pacific Northwest Sailor Simms to NYC Jack O'Brien, Fred Carone to Carolinas Ted Cox, Dominic Serio to East Texas Hans Schnabel to Kansas City Hans Schnabel to NoCal Wladislaw Talun to NYC Jose (Joe) Manuel to Milwaukee-Chicago Joe Campbell to SoCal Don Evans, Vic Christy, Olaf Olson to St. Louis Steve Casey to NoCal Pierre DeGlane to Pacific Northwest Dick Raines to Pacific Northwest Gorilla Macias to East Texas Juan Humberto to East Texas Jim Casey to East Texas Emil & Ernie Dusek to East Texas Brother Jonathan to East Texas Ray Duran to East Texas Angelo Cistoldi to East Texas Ray Eckert (Sandy O'Donnell) to Toronto Babe Sharkey to Toronto Black Wolf to New England Red Wolf to New England (?) Lou Newman to Pacific Northwest Kay Bell to Pacific Northwest Jack Kiser to SoCal George Wilcheski to NYC Ben Morgan to Kansas City Nanjo Singh to New England Pedro Gomez to NYC Lou Thesz to St. Louis (U.S. Army leave) Emir Badui to Kansas City Vic Christy to Toronto George Macricostas to Buffalo Pete Mehringer to SoCal Jim Coffield to NYC Abe Kashey to Omaha Rube Wright to Pacific Northwest Felix Miquet to Montreal Frank Valois to Montreal ______________________________________________________________

The WAWLI Papers # 058...


(from the voluminous files of Mr. Don Luce, copied from the microfilm rolls of the Charlotte News, which reported at this time that wrestling was playing to "packed houses" in Jacksonville, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Ocala, Orlando and Miami.)

Jan. 6, 1936

Rube Wright def Jim Henry, Masked Marvel def Casey Berger, Karl Schultz def Dobie Osborne

Jan. 13, 1936

Jim Browning def Rube Wright, Masked Marvel def Eli Fischer, Karl Schultz def Joe Campbell

Jan. 27, 1936

Masked Marvel def Cowboy Luttrall, Henry Graber def Jim Wright, Casey Berger def Scotty Dawkins

Mar. 2, 1936

Floyd Marshall def Rube Wright (Jim Braddock special referee), Henry Graber def Little Beaver, Eli Fischer def Karl Schultz

Mar. 9, 1936

Joe Savoldi def Floyd Marshall, Bill Middlekauf def Karl Schultz, Little Beaver def Father Lumpkin

Mar. 30, 1936

Floyd Marshall def Doug Wyckoff (Jim Heslin referee), Little Beaver def Eli Fischer, Herman Hickman def Jim Wright

May 4, 1936

Cowboy Luttrall def Floyd Marshall, Doug Wycoff drew Rube Wright, Eli Fischer def Hakil Pellivan

May 11, 1936

Cowboy Luttrall def Mike Mazurki, Dan O'Connor def Eli Fischer, Andy Rascher def Scotty Dawkins

May 25, 1936

Chief Little Wolf def Cowboy Luttrall, Bill Middlekauf def Dan O'Connor DQ, Andy Rascher drew Bruce Nolan

June 8, 1936

Dan O'Connor def Bill Middlekauf, Cy Williams def Doug Wycoff, Little Beaver def Bruce Nolan

June 22, 1936

Johnny Plummer def Little Beaver (Jack Dempsey special referee), Henry Graber def Roy (Father) Lumpkin, Abe Yourist def Scotty Dawkins

July 6, 1936

Henry Graber def Jim Henry, Al Massey (boxer) KO Johnny Plummer (wrestler) (21 seconds), Abe Yourist def Walter Logan, Bruce Nolan def Ben Logan

July 15, 1936 (Shelby, N.C.)

Herman Hickman vs. Johnny Plummer (Jack Dempsey special referee), Red Ryan vs. Bruce Nolan

July 20, 1936

Jim Henry def Herman Hickman, George Harben def Henry Graber, Red Ryan def Abe Yourist

Aug. 3, 1936

Jim Henry vs. Herman Hickman, George Harben vs. Scotty Dawkins, Ivan Vakturoff vs. LaVerne Baxter

Aug. 17, 1936

Matros Kirilenko def George Harben, Henry Graber def Ivan Vakturoff, Dobie Osborne def Tommy Malloy (Jim Heslin referee)

Aug. 31, 1936

Matros Kirilenko def Cowboy Luttrall DQ, Red Ryan def Jim Henry, Al Sparks def Everett Kibbons

Sept. 10, 1936

Dick Powell def Cowboy Luttrall, Red Ryan def Jim Henry, Dobie Osborne def Al Sparks

Oct. 5, 1936

Henry Graber def Red Ryan, Chief Saunooke def Dick Powell DQ, Alan Eustace def Al Maynard

Oct. 12, 1936

Red Ryan def Cowboy Luttrall DQ, Henry Graber def Dick Powell, Al Maynard def Jim Henry

Nov. 9, 1936

Henry Graber def Dick Powell (Jack Dempsey special referee), John Grandovich def Chief Saunooke, Everett Kibbons def Bob Wagner DQ

Nov. 23, 1936

Rudy Dusek def Henry Graber, Cowboy Luttrall def Bob Wagner, Al Maynard def Scotty Dawkins

Dec. 7, 1936

Mayes McLain def Cowboy Luttrall, Bob Wagner def Red Ryan, Jack O'Brien def Ivan Vakturoff

Dec. 14, 1936

Bob Wagner def Cowboy Luttrall, Jack O'Brien def Ed (Strangler) White, Preacher Hoque def Ivan Vakturoff

(the above represent all the cards in Charlotte that year) ____________________________________________


By Dan Parker (April 5, 1939)

At Trenton, Washington crossed the Delaware. The Wrestling Trust crossed two matches off the card there Wednesday night rather than submit to the ignominy of having its program announced in advance by the Daily Mirror.

Of the four "matches" booked for Wednesday's card, two were withdrawn in a last-minute face-saving move. The other two results were as predicted here. Red Ryan beat Ernie Powers and Kola Kwariani threw Jim Austeri. George Pencheff was supposed to beat Chief Chewacki but George was withdrawn from the card and Nick Campofreda substituted for him, being thrown by Chewacki. Ali Ghandi was withdrawn from the Ace Gordon-Ghandi bout and Red Ryan, wrestling a doubleheader, threw Ace.

Read The Mirror for advance dope on how the phony wrestling matches are going to come out. ____________________________________________


Tonight's shooting matches in Washington, arranged by the Wrestling Trust, will result as follows:

George Pencheff will beat Ernie Powers; Kazimir Symkowski will toss Jim Wright; Dr. Murphy will pin Tom Mahoney and Nanjo Singh will defeat Nick Campofreda.

'Twas Emil, not Ernie Dusek, as reported here, who flopped for the Golden Terror in Newark last week. Ernie flopped twice to Bobby Managoff instead.


Three of the four matches on the Washington wrestling card Thursday night ended as foretold in Thursday's Mirror. The fourth match was withdrawn and a substitute bout put on.

As usual, the Pencheff match was the one withdrawn since he is being built up for the Philadelphia sucker trade as an opponent for Jim Londos next Friday night.


By Dan Parker

If there are any red letter weeks left for wrestling, this is to be one of them.

In addition to starting off with a victory for Stromberries Londos -- an amazing triumph over Cliff Olsen, I might add -- the week finds a world's champion (self confessed) appearing in the preliminary to a main bout performer who was a hockey player a few weeks ago but has suddenly become an invincible wrestler.

This occurrence took place last night in Cleveland where the matches were to come out as follows, according to a forecast made at 5 p.m., three hours before the card got under way:

Jean Pusie to pin Dutch Hefner in the main bout; Steve Casey, the champion, to pin George Koverly; The Purple Shadow to throw not only a shadow but Cliff Theide; Ted Cox to beat Walter Podolak; and Hal Rumberg to wrestle 30 minutes to a draw with Don Evans.

Wednesday night's program in Trenton calls for Londos to throw Chief Chewacki for the 342nd time; Abe Kashey to beat Dave Meyer; Red Ryan to pin Jim Wright; George Pencheff and Maurice LaChapelle to go 30 minutes to a draw, and Tom Mahoney to toss Alonzo Woods.

In St. Louis Thursday night, Louis Thesz will, through the intercession of a miracle, pin Ali (B.O.) Baba; Ernie Dusek will toss Five Names Morgan as if he were a lead nickel (which he really is); George Koverly will pin George Hagen like a gardenia and Mazurki will beat Henry Piers.

Next week promises to be even a redder letter week in wrestling and many surprises are in store, including several upset victories for Dzimmie Londos.


By Dan Parker (N.Y. Daily Mirror, Thurs., Apr. 27, 1939)

There were cries of: "Hear, hear!" and "Bravo!" when Jim Londos pinned Abie Kashey, as predicted EXCLUSIVELY in the Mirror, Tuesday night in Newark, proving that our Kashey predictions are not only the nuts but are not to be sneezed at.

"How do you do it?" inquired Marian Byrnes and Alice Gallagher of 71-01 Colonial Road, Brooklyn. "We think you are wonderful. It was daring of you to pick Londos over Maurice LaChapelle. May we have your autograph and phone number?"

Daring to go through with a wrestling card on which we had not made a forecast, the Baltimore promoters found themselves with a riot on their hands Tuesday night. It was the species of riot known as Scheer Nonsense in Maryland, since only through the benevolence of Boxing Commissioner Stanley Scheer is such hokum tolerated.

The phony riot was staged by the Golden Tanker (in whose act the riot-ending known as 37-B and is used four times a week) and Jim Klinkstock, substituting without advance notice for King Kong. As usual, the Baltimore Police Department assisted in the riot and all the wrestlers on the supporting card got time and a half for overtime for contributing to it.

Commissioner Scheer issued a statement after the riot to the effect that this sort of thing has got to stop-- "until the next show," he added with a sly wink.

George Pencheff, who threw Maurice LaChapelle on the Baltimore card, did it again last night in Trenton. They're after the Londos-Savoldi record for consecutive performances, surpassed only by Lou Gehrig's.

Tonight in Boston, Gus Sonnenberg, miraculously recovered from the brain injuries that had him near death--well, he had a headache anyway--for several seconds after his recent encounter with his stablemate. Crusher Casey will tackle and throw Mayes McLain of Ye Olde Tank Corps. In another bout, the Great Westenberg, alias the Purple Shadow, will engage in a draw with Leo Numa, alias the Black Mask. _____________________________________________


By Dan Parker (N.Y. Daily Mirror, Apr. 28, 1939)

Some people have no sense of humor. Out on the Coast, a lot of legislators in Sacramento are trying to prove wrestling isn't on the level.

Everyone with common sense knows it is because Promoter Ray Fabiani and Larse McCurley of Philadelphia and Boxing Commissioner Stanley Scheer of Baltimore say it is.

Their word is good enough for me. Besides, if it wasn't on the level, how could I have predicted that draw in Cleveland Wednesday night between the Great Evans and Bull Komar? Or foreseen tonight's victory of the Golden Tanker over Hans Steinke in Philadelphia, after King Kong has thrown Nanjo Singh.

Of course it's on the level, which is why Dzimmie Londos has been signed up for a return bout with Joe Savoldi in Louisville on Derby eve.

Another feather, making 6,732 in all, was added to my hat Wednesday night when, in one of the most astounding upsets of the century, Londos threw Chief Chewacki Trenton. The only mistake he made was in not throwing him into the Delaware River and putting an end to this tiresome serial that dates back to the early days of "The Perils of Pauline."

On the same card, George Pencheff, Londos' protege, threw Maurice LaChapelle for the second night in succession. But the issue is still in doubt and they will engage in many a return match before Pencheff is proclaimed the better man.

Shadows are falling all over the wrestling map, in addition to those cast in the Sacramento investigations. There's a Red Shadow in Montreal and for the information of the natives, he's the old tanker, Leo Numa, who was the Black Mask in Boston. Leo's glad to be out of the black and into the red.

Cleveland's Purple Shadow is Bill Longson, whose back is still calloused from all the dives he took for fifth-raters during his wrestling career. The Purple Shadow left San Francisco recently one hop, skip and a jump ahead of Vigilance Committee.

In the Sacramento investigation, being conducted by the California State Legislature, R.H. (Tommy) Thompson, a former wrestler, testified under oath that practically all wrestling bouts of which he has had any knowledge were fixed and that wrestlers who didn't obey orders had to get out. Referees had to let wrestlers manhandle them as part of the show, he said.

Thompson chirped his biggest mouthful when he told the investigating committee that from Coast to Coast, he doesn't know of a single heavyweight wrestler who can't beat Man Mountain Dean, despite Man Mountain's long string of victories. This expert fearlessly picks Dzimmie Londos to beat Man Mountain Dean when and if they meet again.

NEW YORK DAILY MIRROR, Wednesday, May 3, 1939

By Dan Parker

Cy Williams, a world's champion in Montreal, will be only a preliminary boy in Rochester, where he will go the 30-minute limit with Hal Rumberg. George Koverly, fresh from his defeat in St. Louis last night, will take a fall out of Dave Johnson and Dutch Hefner, flagship of the tanker fleet, will pin Cliff Theide.

Miracles will happen in Trenton where Washington crossed the Delaware but where one wrestler has never been known to cross another. The Golden Tanker will win a remarkable tripleheader, throwing Red Ryan into an ashcan, Bibber McCoy into a vat of tepid pasta fazoole and Jim Wright into a state of consternation.

What the Golden Tanker, alias Bobby Stewart alias Robert Weatherly, should do after this is throw himself into a tanker bound for the Malay Archipelago and give the honest citizens of New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland a permanent rest from his counterfeit riots.

Abe Kashey (he's the nuts!) will beat Dr. Floppo Murphy and Maurice LaChapelle, facing Paddy Mack (without his socks) for the 164th time, will score an amazing victory.

The only other development on the wrestling front yesterday was a flash from Louisville that Dzimmie Londos is training on the Greek dish, ya-urti or sour cream, in preparation for his Battle of the Aeons with Joe Savoldi in Louisville on the eve of the Kentucky Derby. This will be their 378th meeting and the wrestling oracle is now trying to dope the winner. He thinks it would be better if both contestants were doped instead of the winner so they couldn't enter the ring, but in Louisville, a horse town, the saliva test is employed so there's little hope for this salvation.

The WAWLI Papers # 059...


By Dan Parker (N.Y. Daily Mirror, Aug. 19, 1939)

Si Cyrus, from Bucyrus; O.P. Dildok, of Popelika, Ala., and Flash Watchers, of Bauby's Corner-three wide spots in the road, where they turn off the radio and turn out the lights at nine thutty, met by chance at the Coney Velodrome last night.

"I swan," said Si.

"Bigosh," 'jaculated O.P.

"Geerusalem," cried Flash.

"I saw these self-same acts three years ago," whispered Si. "Same here," muttered O.P. "Old stuff," muttered Flash, as he switched the toothpick in his mouth, hitched at his flannels and hemmed and hawed a bit.

"Guess they will play Uncle Tom's Cabin here before the frost is on the pumpkin," whispered Si. "Maybe East Lynne will be offered. Right smart show, if you ask me," offered O.P., without being asked. "Rather see Ten Nights in a Barroom--or be there on a night like this," said Flash.

A bit more of hemmin' and hawin' and then Flash volunteered:

"Slickers used to come down to Bauby's Corner and take us guys for a hustle at pool, but I guess if they fall for this stuff here there's no reason why I can't sell someone down-this-a-way a bit of Brooklyn Bridge."

"That slicker's got somethin' there," said Si. "Guess I'll get rid of a few lots in Central Park to the crowd on the Boardwalk."

O.P., in dulcet tones, said:

'Suhs, befo' you all leave on your most worthy missions, may I offer you, suhs, a mint julep? Kunnel Taliaffero Ginsberg, down yonder on the avenue, makes one like Massa Riddle. By the way, could I sell you some of the water rights in the Tennessee Valley?"

Thereupon a beautiful if sudden friendship ended as quickly as it began. In separate directions went Si, O.P. and Flash.

They had been witnessing a rasslin' show that offered the old act, with variations, that once wowed 'em from coast to coast and from the St. Lawrence to the Rio Grande--once but no more.

They saw:

Alan Eustace won over Cliff Olson in seven minutes by disqualification; Gino Garibaldi pinned Frank Bronowicz in 23 minutes and Emil Dusek and Gino Vagnone drew; Yvon Robert tossed Rudy Dusek in 21 minutes; Ernie Dusek threw Abe Coleman in 18:20.


(ED. NOTE: This card took place on September 6, 1939. I'm not sure exactly where, although I suspect it was in the neighborhood of greater New York City. If anyone knows the locale, please let me know. It is one of the few cards I've discovered where three of the four Garibaldi brothers -- Tony was the other -- were on the same bill. Leo Garibaldi, of course, was the son of Gino and didn't begin his career until 1947. Jess McMahon, for those unaware, was Vince Jr.'s grandfather. His experience in promotion dated back to the pre-World War I era.)

Promoter Jess McMahon's professional wrestling show, staged last night at Thompson's Stadium for the benefit of the Men's Club of St. Christopher's Church, Grant City, failed to draw in the expected fashion, probably due to the week's postponement on account of rain or due to last night's chilly autumn breeze. Not more than 800 were present when the first pair of gladiators climbed through the ropes.

Gino Garibaldi won the Italian heavyweight wrestling championship, but nobody seemed to care. In the feature match to a finish, Garibaldi pinned Gino (Red) Vagnone in 29:55. It was a strange finish. Garibaldi had a head scissors clamped on Vagnone and, while applying the pressure, Garibaldi bent Vagnone backward,d pressing his shoulders to the mat long enough to satisfy the referee that he had scored a fall.

The boys worked fast throughout the match, Vagnone's footwork being especially pleasing to the customers. They didn't go in for the usual "hokum" handed out by the grapplers. They really worked for their money.

Angelo Savoldi threw Joe Campbell in a time-limit contest that was presented after the main event. Campbell, tall and lanky, and Savoldi, young and husky, put on an entertaining bout, putting all the tricks of the game into it, before Savoldi started a series of flying tackles and finished Campbell off with a body press.

Abie (Kabibble) Coleman and Ralph Garibaldi stole the show. They kicked each other out of the ring. Coleman put on his sprint around the ring several times with Ralph chasing him. They eventually both went out of the ring together and started slamming each other on the ground, scattering chairs and ringside customers. Both were out of the ring far more than the "ten- second rule," so both were disqualified and the contest called a draw in 10:30. The fans coaxed them to continue and Coleman appeared willing enough, but Ralph seemed satisfied to get away with a draw.

Greek George Kondylis opened the show with Farmer Ed Cook and after 30 minutes of wrestling, in which the boys did plenty of kicking, gouging and hair- pulling, even though they did little wrestling, Kondylis was awarded the decision.

Emil Dusek was too heavy and far too experienced for Chick Garibaldi, winning with a body slam in 15:40. Before Dusek put on the finisher they each had a lot of fun kicking each other out of the ring. The fans enjoyed it most when Chick kicked Dusek out.

The wise-cracks of the fans throughout the night were worth more than the price of admission. _____________________________________________


(reprinted from N.Y. Daily Mirror, Oct. 26, 1939)

By Dan Parker

Last week in Albany, Bob Wagner, of Portland, Ore., beat Bernard Vagnone in a "terrifical" wrestling match, throwing him out of the ring so that he was an easy victim for the coup de burp. Tuesday night in Reading, Bob Wagner, this time of Houston, beat Gino (Red) Vagnone in 43 minutes, tossing him out of the ring so that he was an easy victom for coup de loop. Wednesday night in Trenton, just plain "Red" Vagnone and Bob Wagner, again of Portland, Ore., wrestled to a draw. Rudy Dusek, the booking agent and master mind of the reorganized Burp Trust, is now in a huddle with himself, trying to hink up some new names and home towns for these daily rivals.

Hearing that Wagner beat Bob Managoff in two falls in Albany a few weeks ago, Ray Fabiani, the Fiddling Philadelphian, immediately signed Managoff to a two- year contract, according to his announcement of yesterday. What makes Managoff's match with the Golden Tanker in Philadelphia Friday night such a natural -- the greatest natural of the season, to quote Fabiani directly -- is that the Golden Tanker was tossed in Baltimore by Joe Cox the other night. If the Golden Tanker loses two more bouts in a row, Fabiani will sign him up for a five-year contract.

Danno O'Mahoney, once described by Paul Bowser as the greatest wrestler since Hackenschmidt and Gotch, was tossed in two falls by Shadow Westenberg, the Bowser booker, Wednesday night in Boston and will now meet his stablemate, Steve Casey, tonight, the world's champ (No. 14-C) in Boston next week -- for the title, of course. But tonight in Buffalo, the challenger for the title is in the main bout with Ed Don George, who is advertised there as the world's champion, whereas Steve Casey, the Boston world's champion, is in one of the preliminaries. All of which proves that taxation without representation is tyranny and wrestling is getting more honest by the century.


(reprinted from N.Y. Daily Mirror, Sat., Oct. 28, 1939)

By Dan Parker

When a sports writer can predict in advance of a wrestling bout that it is going to end in a draw, it is definite proof that wrestling is strictly on the level.

The Mirror's Mad Mahout of the Matmen foretold the Nanjo Singh-Don Evans 30-minute draw in Philadelphia Friday night and called the turn on three of the other four matches on the card.

Because the Burp Barons switch around their cards after the Mirror mat man makes his predictions a day or two in advance of the show, the Mad Mahout foiled them Friday night by switching his predictions, also. They were in the first edition of the Mirror, which rolls off the press at 8 p.m. in New York, whereas the wrestling show didn't start until 8:30 p.m. in Philadelphia.

The Mirror expert outsmarted himself by switching his prediction on the main event. He had it right the first time and, suspecting the boys would cross him up, shifted, only to be crossed up by himself.

All five Buffalo matches came out as predicted. In St. Louis, two of the preliminary events came out wrong for the expert, but the other three were as predicted.

In Philadelphia, the Mirror Mahout picked these bouts correctly: Singh went 30 minutes with Don Evans; Rudy Strongberg beat John Katan; Hans Kampfer threw Jack Brown; Abe Coleman pinned Henry Kulkovich, and Gino Vagnone beat Joe Maynard. In the main event, Bob Weatherly, alias the Golden Terror, beat Bob Managoff.

The Buffalo bouts came out exactly as predicted, as follows: Don George beat Shadow Westenberg; Steve Casey threw Dutch Heffner; Friedrich von Schacht beat Eddie Cook; Hal Rumberg tossed Bull Komar, and Frank Sexton beat Jim Wright.

In St. Louis, Lou Thesz defeated Ernie Dusek, George Tragos pinned Len Tocco, and Everett Marshall threw Mike Mazurki as predicted. Cheese! It's wonderful.


(reprinted from N.Y. Daily Mirror, Nov. 6, 1939)

By Dan Parker

Apparently resolved to show Buffalo all 23 world's heavyweight champions, Messrs. Paul Bowser and Jack Ganson have signed up the fourth champ within a fortnight to appear in the Bison City for Friday night.

It is Bronko Nagurski who will wrestle Hal Rumberg for the world's championship, contested for in the same ring last week by Crusher Casey and (Ed) Don George. Bronko will throw Hal Rumberg and retain the title held by 22 other guys.

In a supporting bout, another world's champion, Yvon Robert, will beat Frank Sexton, also retaining the title. Don George, who will have left the hospital by that time (having miraculously recovered from the almost fatal injuries received when he lost his title last Friday night) will sit at ringside and issue a challenge for a return bout for the title. With Nagurski or Robert, you ask? No, with Crusher Casey, who is the world's heavyweight champion when the other 22 aren't looking.

In Boston tonight, Bob Managoff will beat Danno O'Mahoney and Jim Sarandos will toss Jim Cortland. _____________________________________________


(reprinted from N.Y. Daily Mirror, November 10, 1939)

By Dan Parker

Five years ago, when Danno O'Mahoney couldn't wrestle his own vest, he was called by Paul Bowser the greatest wrestler since Gotch and Hackenschmidt. Now, five years later, when Danno actually knows something about wrestling, Paul presents Danno to his old Boston customers in the guise of a stooge for a young, unskilled wrestler named Bobby Managoff.

Managoff threw Danno in Boston as predicted by the Mirror's Mad Mahout Wednesday night and two of the other bouts came out as predicted. But the two draws forecast here didn't pan out. They are beating the Mahout to the draw lately.

Another startling development on the wrestling front yesterday was the return (triumphant, of course) of the great Stomberries Londos after a successful tour of the Hawaiian Islands in which he defeated his entire string of stooges several times each.

Montreal, meantime, was treated to one of the semi- monthly farewell appearances of Joe Savoldi, who must have smelled Jimmie coming and hustled off to get in shape for a return bout with his ancient foeman. It is understood they will now be matched for the 682nd time to decide once and for all who is the champion. In Montreal, Joe and Cy Williams put on the Czecho-Slovak Finish, in which both men fall out of the ring and are counted out.

Dutch Heffner, who wrestles Wladyslaw Talun, the big Pole, at various water stops, also serves as his chauffeur. Talun, a foreigner who can't find his way around, would get lost if someone didn't accompany him so Jack Ganson, the Buffalo czar, has appointed Dutch as his chauffeur. Thus, Heffner drives for him by day and lives for him by night.

The WAWLI Papers # 060...

IN THIS ISSUE: William A. Wilson's "Wrestling Results" bulletin from Kansas City during the 1958-59 season

(ED. NOTE: William Wilson of Kansas City published a mimeograph bulletin, usually six to eight pages in length, entitled "Wrestling Results." This mid-to-late '50s bulletin was a potpourri of results, upcoming cards, news items, fan club announcements, etc., which were provided Wilson by a network of correspondents across the land. In this particular issue, most of which is produced below, you'll note the name of Donald Luce Jr., who has become one of the great pro wrestling historians of our age. Despite a variety of typos and spelling errors--some of which I've left as originally printed--I've always enjoyed browsing through these eccentric bulletins; hope you will, too.)

Published for all that are interested in professional wrestling as a sport of strength, science & showmanship.

CORRECTION from last issue. Mike Ryan was listed as promoter of Toledo, Ohio (June 3rd, 1958) but the promoter was Cliff Maupin. Cliff Maupin of Holland, Ohio, a former mat star himself, is the promoter of Toledo, Ohio and has been Toledo promoter since 1934, when he bought the franchise from Mrs. Murley. Toledo has a population of 300,000. Cliff features his matches at the 7,000-seat Toledo Sports Arena. The world's finest wrestlers appear regularly in Maupin's wrestling matches. Twenty-five years of successful promotion is a record to be proud of.

HONOLULU, Hawaii, Sunday, Oct. 19, 1958

Don Haggerty def Tiny Mills, Zivko Simunovich drew Jerry Gordet, Stan Kowalski def Dick Hrstich, James Blears def Juan Humberto, John Swenski drew George Kongozan. Reported by Don Jordan.

JACKSON, Miss., Friday, Oct. 24, 1958

Joe Gonzales def George Curtis. Reported by Don Jordan.

OMAHA, Neb., Saturday, Oct. 25, 1958

Verne Gagne drew Edouard Carpentier. Reported by Don Jordan.

HONOLULU, Hawaii, Sunday, Oct. 26, 1958

Don Haggerty def Stan Kowalski, Joe Blanchard def Tiny Mills, Jerry Gordet def John Swenski, Juan Humberto def George Kongozan. Reported by Don Jordan.

JACKSON, Miss., Friday, Oct. 31, 1958

Joe Gonzales def George Curtis. Viva Zapata def Jack Curtis Jr. Reported by Don Jordan.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah, Friday, Oct. 31, 1958

Roy Shires def Oni Wiki Wiki. Reported by Don Jordan.

BOSTON, Mass., Saturday, Nov. 1, 1958

Walt Kowalski def Emil Dupre & Ali Pasha, Billy (Haystacks) Calhoun def Mr. Moto & Kinji Shibuya. Reported by Don Jordan.

HONOLULU, Hawaii, Sunday, Nov. 2, 1958

James Blears & Joe Blanchard def Stan Kowalski & Tiny Mills, Don Haggerty def Jerry Gordet, Zivko Simunovich def Juan Humberto. Reported by Don Jordan.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Monday, Nov. 3, 1958

Jean & Joe Corsica def Yvon Roberre & Lenny Rossi, Tex Riley def Red Roberts, Ray Stevens def Ken Kenneth.

PHOENIX, Ariz., Monday, Nov. 3, 1958

Trotsky the Bear def Don Arnold. Reported by Don Jordan.

HOUSTON, Texas, Friday, Oct. 10, 1958

Tosh Togo def Pepper Gomez, El Medico def Dan McShain, Penny Banner def Kay Noble, Luis Martinez def Johnny Valentine DQ, Duke Keomuka drew Jesus Cardenas. Reported by Dorothy Dobbs.

FORT WORTH, Texas, Monday, Oct. 6, 1958

Rito Romero def Duke Keomuka, Penny Banner def Kay Noble, Danny McShain def Pepper Gomez, Tosh Togo def Jesus Cardenas, El Medico def Bob Corby. Promoter: Ken Moore. Reported by Dorothy Dobbs.

LONDON, Ontario, Wednesday, Sept. 24, 1958

Kalmikoffs def Whipper Watson & Frenchy Vignal DQ...Karol & Ivan Kalmikoff are the new "Canadian Open" tag team champions. (Whipper had pinned Karol K. for the count of three which made them the winner as they had taken two out of three falls, but apparently while Whipper was throwing Karol around, the other K. came up and really let the referee have it, knocking him out of the ring, and when he (the ref) returned to the ring, he disqualified Watson.) Bobo Brazil def Baron Gattoni, Maurice LaPointe def Lee Henning DQ. Attendance: 2,200. Reported by Marlene Green.

LONDON, Ontario, Wednesday, Nov. 5, 1958

Dick Hutton drew Whipper Watson (referee Bunny Dunlop did everything but pin Whipper for Hutton). Hans Hermann def Athol Layton. Hombre Montana & Dara Singh def Fred Atkins & Firpo Zbyszko. Reported by Marlene Green.

JOIN THE TIMOTHY GEOHAGEN FAN CLUB. For information write: Miss Marlene Green, Pres., The Official International Timothy Geohagen Fan Club, 18 Hume Street, London, Ontario, Canada.

JOIN THE PEPPER GOMEZ FAN CLUB. For information write: Dorothy Dobbs, Box 483, Benjamin, Texas.

ROCHESTER, New York, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1958

Roy McClarity def Dick Afflis DQ, Cowboy Bradley & Farmer McGregor def Sky Low Low & Pee Wee James, Ilio DiPaolo def Baron Gattoni, Masked Marvel def Tony Silipini. Reported by Donald Luce, Jr.

ROCHESTER, New York, Wednesday, Oct. 1, 1958

Bobo Brazil def Hans Hermann DQ, Masked Marvel def Maurice LaPointe, Roy McClarity def Lee Henning, Baron Gattoni def Bill Austin. Reported by Donald Luce Jr.

BUFFALO, New York, Friday, Oct. 3, 1958

Hans Schmidt def Bobo Brazil, Masked Marvel def Tony Marino, Joe Tangaro & Guy Brunetti def Fred Atkins & Lee Henning, Ilio DiPaolo def Killer Kulaski, Roy McClarity def Steve Stanlee. Reported by Donald Luce Jr.

BUFFALO, New York, Friday, Oct. 10, 1958

Hans Schmidt drew Bobo Brazil, Cowboy Bradley & Farmer McGregor def Sky Low Low & Pee Wee James, Masked Marvel def Karl Kulaski, Dick Afflis def Dannyk Ferrazza, Ilio DiPaolo def Firpo Zbyszko. Reported by Donald Luce Jr.

BALTIMORE, Md., Tuesday, Sept. 30, 1958

Rocky Lee drew Jack Donovan, Sheik of Araby & Bull Curry def Chiefs Kit Fox & Big Heart, Country Boy Calhoun def Jack Terry & Danny Ferrazzo, Farmer Gregory & Cowboy Bradley def Sky Low Low & Pee Wee James. Reported by Arlene Edwards.

WASHINGTON, D.C., Thursday, Oct. 2, 1958

Sheik of Araby def Bolo Hakawa, Country Boy Calhoun def Jack Donovan & Danny Ferrazzo, Kangaroos def Big Heart & Kit Fox, Cowboy Bradley & Farmer McGregor def Sky Low Low & Pee Wee James, Bull Curry def Arnold Skaaland. Reported by Arlene Edwards.

WORCESTER, Mass., Thursday, Oct. 2, 1958

Argentina Rocca & Miguel Perez def Mr. Hito & Mr. Moto. Reported by Arlene Edwards.

NEWARK, N.J., Friday, Oct. 10, 1958

Ed Miller def Miguel Torres, Tony Martinelli drw Andre Bollet, Samuel Rivera & Miguel Perez def Karl Von Hess & Ludwig Von Krupp, Don Evans def Jose Quinones, Dan & Bill Miller drew Al & Enrique Torres. Reported by Arlene Edwards.

ORILLIA, Ontario, Monday, Oct. 13, 1958

Lord Athol Layton def Pat Flanagan. Reported by Allan Lewis.

HAMILTON, Ontario, Tuesday, Oct. 14, 1958

Hans Schmidt def Dara Singh, Ivan & Karol Kalmikoff drew Bobo Brazil & Frenchy Vignal, Lord Layton def Al Albertino, Maurice LaPointe drew George Pencheff. Reported by Allan Lewis.

TORONTO, Ontario, Thursday, Oct. 16, 1958

Ivan & Karol Kalmikoff drew Dara Singh & Ed Carpentier, Lord Layton def Legs Langevin, Joe Tangaro & Guy Brunetti def Fred Atkins & Lee Henning, Tim Geohegan drew Al Albertino, George Pencheff drew Tarzan Tourville. Reported by Allan Lewis.

OTTAWA, Ontario, Tuesday, Oct. 21, 1958

Whipper Watson def Gene Kiniski DQ, Andre Bollet drew Don Eagle, John Rougeau def Larry Moquin, Eddie Auger drew Red Lyons. Reported by Allan Lewis.

TORONTO, Ontario, Thursday, Oct. 23, 1958

Whipper Watson def Gene Kiniski, Joe Tangaro & Guy Brunetti drew Doc & Mike Gallagher, Verne Gagne def Al Albertino, Hans Schmidt def Maurice LaPointe, George Pencheff drew Tiger Tasker. Reported by Allan Lewis.

BUFFALO, New York, Friday, Oct. 24, 1958

Hans Schmidt def Masked Marvel DQ, Verne Gagne def Lee Henning, Ilio DiPaolo def Wally Greb, Joe Tangaro & Guy Brunetti def Baron Gattoni & Al Albertino. Reported by Allan Lewis.

AMARILLO, Texas, Thursday, Nov. 6, 1958

Sonny Myers & Larry Chene def Art Nelson & Bulldog Plechas (Myers & Chene won tag team championship & $2,000 purse), Red Donovan & Doug Donovan def The Bruiser (Otto Von Krupp), Dickie Steinborn def Rip Hawk, Jerry Woods def Ripper Leone. Reported by Bill Mobley.

BILL MOBLEY IS THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER for "Wrestling At Its Best" program in Amarillo, Texas. He's a top-notch photographer.

SUBSCRIBE TO THIS FINE WRESTLING PUBLICATION . . . Wrestling Life, Dick Axman, Editor, WAYLI, Inc., 817 West Grace Street, Chicago 13, Illinois ($3.00 a year)

SEND YOUR RESULTS TO: William A. Wilson, P.O. Box 7003, Country Club Station, Kansas City 13, Mo.


AMARILLO, Texas, Thursday, Aug. 21, 1958

Iron Mike DiBiase def Tokyo Joe, Art Nelson def War Cloud (sub for Danny Plechas), Hard Boiled Haggerty def Bob Geigel, Great Bolo & Doug Donovan def Tito Carreon & Al Kashey, Doug Donovan def Tito Carreon. Reported by Bill Mobley.

EDMONTON, Alberta, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 1958

Lu Kim & Johnny Foti def Chris & John Tolos, George & Sandy Scott def Jim LaRock & Jack O'Reilly, Dick Hrstich drew Reggie Parks, Danno O'Shocker def Mal Brenner. Reported by Don Jordan.

FOR INFORMATION ON MINNEAPOLIS WRESTLING NEWS subscribe to "Sports Facts," the official program for Minneapolis. Send $2.00 to help cover costs of mailing to: Sports Facts, 605 Dyckman Hotel, Minneapolis 2, Minnesota.

BOSTON, Mass., W-B-2 Studio, Sunday, Sept. 14, 1958

Frank Valois drew Larry Moquin, Emil Dupre def Frank Shields, Antonino Rocca def Joe Christie, Pat O'Connor def Soldier Barry, Sharpe Bros. def Enrique Torres & Guy LaRose. Reported by David Jekanoski.

HOLYOKE, Mass., Wednesday, Sept. 24, 1958

Nature Boy Ricco drew Wolfman Alexander, Alma Mills def Mona Baker, Antonino Souza def Killer Douglas. Reported by David Jekanoski.

ST. LOUIS, Missouri, Saturday, Oct. 25, 1958

Mighty Atlas def Sonny Myers, Bob Ellis def Angelo Martino, Lord Littlebrook & Brown Panther def Tiny Roe & Ivan the Terrible, Bob Orton drew Ray Villmer (Orton sub for Otto Von Krupp), Tiny Roe def Lord Littlebrook. Reported by Irene Baker.

LONDON, Ontario, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 1958

Kalmikoff Bros. def Whipper Watson & Lord Layton, Frenchy Vignal def Firpo Zbyszko, Lee Henning drew Tarzan Tourville. Attendance: 3,000. Reported by Marlene Green.

JOIN THE AMAZING JUDY GRABLE FAN CLUB. For information write to: Violet Smith, Box 54, Meadowlands, Pa.

WATCH YOUR MOVIE GUIDE FOR THE SCREEN picture of "Naked in the Sun," which has wrestler Don Eagle who acts under the name of "Alligator."

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Tuesday, Oct. 21, 1958

Enrique (Ricky) Romero def Danno McDonald, Danny Plechas def Dory Funk, Kay Noble def Penny Banner, Larry Chene drew Doug Donovan. Reported by Peg Colwell.

BOSTON, Mass., W-B-2 Studio, Sun., Sept. 21, 1958

Country Boy Calhoun def Judo Jack Terry & Frank Hickey, June Byers def Gloria Barattini, Frank Scarpa def Harry Lewis, Emil Dupre def Killer Douglas, Pat O'Connor def Guy LaRose, Verne Gagne & Argentina Rocca def Mr. Moto & Mr. Hito. Reported by David Jekanoski.

SPRINGFIELD, Mass., Friday, Sept. 19, 1958

Emile Dupre def Harry Lewis, Don Evans def Guy LaRose, Miguel Perez & A. Rocca def Sharpe Bros., June Byers def Mae Young. Reported by David Jekanoski.

BAKERSFIELD, Calif., Thursday, Oct. 23, 1958

Tony Morelli drew Matt Murphy, Joe Blanchard def Aldo Bogni, Sandor Szabo & Sweet Daddy Siki def Frank Jares & Fritz Von Goering. Reported by Maude Quinn.

BALTIMORE, Md., Tuesday, Aug. 12, 1958

John Valentine def Chief Big Heart, Great Scott & Kit Fox drew Larry Hamilton & Joe Hamilton, Skull Murphy & Steve Stanlee def Gregory Jarque & Don Leeds (Stanlee subbed for Eric Von Hess), Arnold Skaaland def Ludwig Von Krupp. Reported by Viola G. May.

KANSAS CITY, Kansas, January 29, 1959

Dick Hutton def Lee Henning, Cowboy Bob Ellis & Bobby Bruns def Wild Bill Longson & Mighty Atlas, Lord Littlebrook & Tiny Tim def Fuzzy Cupid & Bull Brummell, Rip Hawk drew Joe Costello, Bull Brummell def Tiny Tim. Promoter: George D. Simpson. Referee: Lou Kleine & Lou Spandle.

THE KANSAS STATE SCHOOL FOR THE BLIND of Kansas City, Kansas, is still winning in amateur circles. The school has one of the strongest teams in the country. They are top wrestlers.

THE HARLEM GLOBETROTTERS HAVE "broken the Iron Curtain" as they will play four exhibition games of basketball in Poland (in July), according to Abe Saperstein.

NORTH KANSAS CITY, Missouri, Liberty, Mo., Leavenworth, Kan., and Excelsior Springs, Mo., St. Joseph, Mo., Lafayette High School have recently entered the wrestling field. All of these schools feature amateur wrestling. Gust Karras, the fabulous booking agent & promoter said: "Wrestling is a great body builder, it develops the mind with its demand for constant alertness and improves a boy's ability to react quickly. It's great for anybody."

MATCHMAKER JACK GOTT of Joplin, Mo., has changed his wrestling cards in Joplin from Thursday to Tuesday nights to get better wrestlers. The former day conflicted with schedules of some of the top wrestlers. There were no matches Thursday, Jan. 28, 1959, due to Golden Gloves event in Joplin.

CALIFORNIA'S NEW GOVERNOR, EDMUND G. BROWN, may legalize wrestling in that state for the ladies. Lady wrestlers have not been permitted in the Golden State for a good number of years.

BIG HUMPHREY, 752-POUND WRESTLER from Georgia, nearly bankrupted a Pittsburgh hotel eatery. Seems as though they advertised a buffet luncheon "all you can eat" for $1.60. Big Humphrey's meal (daily) tab runs $40.00 or more. He eats seven meals a day. Big Humphrey claims a waist measurement of 85 inches. He loves to eat and loves to wrestle.

ST. JOSEPH, Mo., KFEQ-TV "Live", Sat., Jan. 31, 1958

Lord Littlebrook def Bull Brummell, Dick Hutton def Lou Klein (injured), Promoter: Gust Karras. Announcer: Bob Whyte assisted by Bobby Bruns (Dick Hutton was interviewed by Bob Whyte). Referee: Charlie Triggs. (Promoter Gust Karras flew to New York to try to sign Pat O'Connor to wrestle either Bob Ellis or Dick Hutton in St. Joseph, Mo.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla., Friday, Nov. 14, 1958

Kurt Von Brauner def The Great Bolo, Lord Clayton Littlebrook & Cowboy Bob Bradley def Bull Brummel & Tiny Roe, Mr. Sasaki def Jimmie Siksay, Pepi Pasquale def Spider Galento. Attendance: 3,784.

SPRINGFIELD, Mo., Wednesday, Nov. 12, 1958

Al Kashey def Kurt Von Brauner DQ, Pepi Pasquale & Al Kashey def Al (Spider) Galento & Kurt Von Brauner DQ, Pepi Pasquale drew Al Galento. Place: Eagles Hall.

NEW ORLEANS, La., Thursday, Nov. 13, 1958

Paul Anderson def Jack O'Brien, Nick Roberts & Al Massey def El Toro & Gypsy Joe, Fred Blassie def Don McIntyre DQ. Matchmaker: Joe Gunther.

ST. JOSEPH, Mo., Friday, November 14, 1958

Bob Ellis def Bob Geigel (Ellis won only one fall in the 60-minute rough bout), Mighty Atlas & Ray Villmer def Lee Henning & Ike Eakins, Big Bob Orton def War Cloud (Orton tore Chief War Cloud every way but loose, winning with knee drops), Joe Scarpa def Tito Carreon, Ray Villmer drew Ike Eakins. Promoter: Gust B. Karras.

LORRAINE JOHNSON, PENNY BANNER, LAURA MARTINEZ & KAY NOBLE had to return to Amarillo, Texas, Dec. 5, 1958 to appear for their trial. They had to travel 1,000 miles to appear for the trial for fighting outside the ring on the night of October 16th, 1958. All four girls pleaded "not guilty" when they appeared before the judge and the trial was set for Friday, Dec. 5, 1958. As soon as we know the outcome of this trial we'll print it . . .

KANSAS CITY, Kan., Thursday, Sept. 25, 1958

Otto Von Krupp def Suni War Cloud, Bob Ellis & Thor Hagen def Bill Longson & Bob Geigel DQ, Kay Noble def Penny Banner, Red McIntyre drew Tito Carreon. Referees: Bob Bruns & Lou Spandle. Promoter: George D. Simpson.

SEND YOUR RESULTS TO: William A. Wilson, P.O. Box 7003, Country Club Station, Kansas City 13, Missouri. (Signed) W.A. Wilson.