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Wrestling Legends:
The Early Years

Day Date Time
Sunday Sept. 14  9 a.m.
Monday Sept. 15  4:30 a.m.
Tuesday Sept. 16 9 a.m.
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Wednesday Oct. 1 12 midnight
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Wednesday Oct. 1 4 a.m. 
Wednesday Oct. 1 5 a.m. 
Wednesday Oct. 1 6 a.m. 
Wednesday Oct. 1 4:30 p.m. 
Friday Oct. 3 7 a.m.
Monday Oct. 6 7 p.m.
Tuesday Oct. 7 2 p.m.
Wednesday Oct. 8 7 a.m. 
Wednesday Oct. 8 10 a.m. 

Wrestling Legends: The Early Years on iNDEMAND

See the final showdown for NWA supremacy between legendary champion Harley Race and the American Dream Dusty Rhodes from the Omni in Atlanta. Find out why Rhodes was one of the most popular stars in the world. See why Nature Boy Ric Flair proves he is a Jet Flyin', Limousine Ridin' Kiss Stealin' Son of a Gun. Plus, Jerry the King Lawler, Macho Man Randy Savage, Kamala the Ugandan Giant, Ravishing Rick Rude, the Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol and much, much more.

Hosted by Mean Gene Okerlund.

Harley Race (left) and Dusty Rhodes waged war over the NWA World heavyweight championship belt, shown being worn by both.

NWA Harley Race
National Wrestling Alliance World heavyweight champion)
American Dream Dusty Rhodes
ing former champion)

This is the final showdown between arguably the two greatest stars of their era. Harley Race won the NWA World heavyweight championship for a second time in 1977 and dominated the title for five years. He comes into this match having tied the record for most times winning wrestling most prestigious belt with his sixth victory.

While Harley Race dominated the title, Dusty Rhodes dominated the box office. The charismatic America Dream was the most popular star in wrestling. He had previously beaten Race for the belt in Florida only to be a stung a week later when Race won it back in a rematch.

Both came into this battle with something to prove. Race wanted to show he was the dominant wrestler in the sport. Dusty needed the belt to solidify his claim that he was the sport’s biggest star.

This night in Atlanta’s historic Omni will live forever. 

Dusty Rhodes conquers Japan and Country Music

Stardust, as Rhodes occasionally he liked refer to himself, was a star anywhere in the world and his celebrity crossed over to many worlds of entertainment.

In this special interview segment, Rhodes is interviewed from Tokyo. You have never heard Dusty Rhodes interviewed until you’ve heard him interviewed being questioned in Japanese.

Later, he takes the stage to appear with his close friend Willie Nelson.

Four Horsemen Destroy the American Dream

One group of people that weren’t Dusty Rhodes fans was the Four Horsemen. The combination of Nature Boy Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard, Arn Anderson, and their mentor Ole Anderson ruled WCW with an iron fist and weren’t above trying to extend their reign over the Rhodes. In this segment, the Horsemen perpetrate a brutal beating on the American Dream and afterward Ole Anderson delivers a chilling interview.

Nature Boy Ric Flair Up Close and Personal

Nature Boy Ric Flair was taking the World by storm in 1982 after winning his first NWA World heavyweight championship. Flair never made secret of the fact that his lavish standard of living was a major motivation in his amazing work ethic to be the best wrestler in the world. In this special feature, Flair gives fans an inside look at his jet-plane-flying-limousine-riding-kiss-stealing-son-of-a-gun lifestyle.

Jerry Lawler may have been a king, but a savage like Kamala had no respect for royalty.

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Kamala the Ugandan Giant

Before he became on institution on Monday nights as an announcer, Jerry “The King” Lawler was one of the top wrestlers in the world and the King of Memphis. Here he takes on one of his most fierce rivals, the 400-pound Kamala the Ugandan Giant. The 400-pound savage with uncanny agility cut a path of terror through the entire sport set out to destroy Lawler. Lawler would later go on to become a World heavyweight champion in his own right while Kamala would go on to give Hulk Hogan some of his most memorable battles.

Macho Man Randy Savage (left) brings his own special brand of intensity against Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol. (Austin Idol photo courtesy of Dragon King Press

International Heavyweight Championship
Macho Man Randy Savage

(Defending Champion)
Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol

Macho Man Randy Savage is best known to some as one of the greatest draws in wrestling, a multiple time World champion, and Hulk Hogan’s greatest rival. Others know him from the mega-hit movie, Spider-Man. Here he takes on one of wrestling’s most charismatic stars, the Universal Heartthrob Austin Idol.  Idol was the man to shave Jerry “The King” Lawler’s head and was the master of the devastating Las Vegas Leglock. Savage is seconded by his father, the great Angelo Poffo.

Gorgeous George vs Frank Talliber

Before there was Buddy Rogers, before there was Ric Flair, before there was Hulk Hogan, before there was the Rock…. There was the man who pioneered flamboyant ring style, Gorgeous George. George innovated so many of the things we take for granted in wrestling today like bleached blond hair, ring entrances with music, colorful robes, and preening before his match. At the time, no one had ever seen anything like "The Human Orchid", and George became one of the first television stars ever. See why he was so ahead of his time.

Ravishing Rick Rude (left) may have been a smooth operator but crafty veteran Dirty Dutch Mantell derailed a lot of superstars throughout his career.

Ravishing Rick Rude vs. Dirty Dutch Mantell

Ravishing Rick Rude had one of the most amazing physiques in the history of wrestling. His combination of power, athleticism, good looks, and sex appeal made him one of the biggest stars in the sport. He is one of the few wrestlers to ever beat the Ultimate Warrior, Sting, and Ric Flair. His feud with Jake “The Snake” Roberts is legendary. Here he is seconded by his valet Angel and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhardt against veteran star Dirty Dutch Mantell. Mantell’s craftiness and ring savvy earned him many championships over the course of his career and made him a dangerous opponent no matter who he stepped in the ring with. 

Outlaw Ron Bass (left) would do anything to keep the Southern heavyweight championship against former champ Mike Rotunda.

Southern Heavyweight Championship
Outlaw Ron Bass
(Defending Southern Heavyweight Champion)
(Seconded by manager JJ Dillon)
Mike Rotonda
(Challenging former champion)

Outlaw Ron Bass had beaten Mike Rotunda for the title a few weeks earlier thanks to the interference of manager JJ Dillon. This rematch would turn into bedlam thanks to the interference of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and the 500-pound One Man Gang.

WrestlingLegends: The Early Years on iNDEMAND

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