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Wrestling videos with free clips

Wrestling videos are timeless! And there is no better evidence of that than in the WrestlingClassics.com professional wrestling videotape library.

All tapes are produced from either the original television master or the original 16 mm footage converted to videotape. You won't find higher tape quality anywhere.

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At one time the hottest debate in wrestling was who was the real world champion, Lou Thesz or Bruno Sammartino. Decide for yourself as both are featured in their primes in wrestling videos.WRESTLING VIDEOS

Speaking of world champions, here is the list that we feature in our different wrestling videos:

  • National Wrestling Alliance/World Championship Wrestling: Lou Thesz, Dory Funk Jr., Terry Funk, Harley Race, Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, Kerry Von Erich, Shoehi (Giant) Baba, Whipper Billy Watson, Pat O’Connor, Jim Londos, Bronko Nagurski, Gene Kiniski, Wildfire Tommy Rich, Rick Rude and Ronnie Garvin all in wrestling videos.
  • American Wrestling Association: Verne Gagne, Nick Bockwinkle, Jerry "The King" Lawler, Fritz Von Erich, Edouard Carpentier, Crusher and Dick the Bruiser all in wrestling videos.
  • World Wrestling Federation (WWF) stars include: Bruno Sammartino, Stan Stasiak, Ted DiBiase, Andre the Giant, Macho Man Randy Savage, Superstar Billy Graham, Ivan Koloff and Iron Sheik, all in wrestling videos.

In addition to champions galore, you now have an opportunity to watch dozens of the greatest stars of the last 40 years. You also get to see featuring  some great personalities, "before they were stars."

Wrestling videos in the WrestlingClassics.com catalogs are either the property of WrestlingClassics.com or licensed to WrestlingClassics.com. They are sold for private use only. No resale or broadcast of these tapes are permitted.

1998 Wrestling Classics: Frank Dusek, Mark Nulty
1998 Design: Jan Herod
Created: October 1998